Gina Miller
Obama is not incompetent. He's malicious
By Gina Miller
May 14, 2013

You may have read, or seen a film version of, Richard Condon's deeply disturbing 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate. The story, set during the Korean War, is about a platoon kidnapped by the Chinese and Soviets, taken to Manchuria, exquisitely brainwashed, and then released. Sgt. Raymond Shaw, one of those kidnapped, becomes an unwitting assassin tool of the communists in their efforts to install their agents (Shaw's evil mother and his senator stepfather) in the United States presidency. Fortunately the coup attempt fails when Shaw's platoon commander, Maj. Bennett Marco, who was also captured, breaks through his own brainwashing and uncovers the hidden truth.

I have heard Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) compared to Raymond Shaw or called the Manchurian President. While some may scoff at this idea, can it truly be that far off the mark? Obama does not appear to be "brainwashed" in a Manchurian Candidate sense, but he was most certainly indoctrinated with anti-American, communist-Muslim ideology while growing up, and he is hatefully imposing his diabolical world view on the United States. Both Islam and communism are antithetical to the foundations and freedoms of the United States of America.

While Obama's leftist ideology is on display daily, it's getting terribly old hearing conservative commentators complaining that Obama and his administration are "incompetent" and that they are "mishandling" situations. They are not incompetent mishandlers. They are malicious. They are lawless. They are anti-American. It is plain to see that they are purposely destroying this nation's military and defense structure, its economy and the freedoms of the American people with assaults on our God-given rights to freedom of religion, association and self-defense. They are abolishing our borders. They are deliberately overloading the welfare, disability and other "entitlement" programs in order to break us (just as Cloward and Piven taught them), as they work to impose their communist agenda.

There is no doubt in the minds of those who are paying attention that our nation has experienced a communist coup of the federal government and military. This is not something that just happened with Obama's installation in the presidency in 2008 (although it has seen a nitrous oxide jolt since then). This has been a slow, steady infiltration over much of the last century. As the people of America have increasingly turned away from God's moral foundation and to an ever-growing selfish depravity, the communists have been able to more and more easily worm themselves into all our institutions – the schools, the entertainment industry, corporate entities, and our federal, state and local governments – these people are deeply embedded everywhere.

Not everyone wants to use the term "communist" in describing people like Obama, those in his administration and many members of Congress. I use it because it fits. While Marxists claim that communism means that the classes are abolished and there is common ownership of property and the means of production, in practical application, this is not true. Communist regimes abolish private property and collect only to the ruling class, ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and power over the people. The Marxist "utopian" vision of communism does not translate to the real world, except as tyranny.

So, now we are finally seeing last fall's September 11th Muslim murders of our Ambassador and three others getting some press and some hard looks from Republicans. That's fine, but what we have here is a situation in which the President of the United States – because it most certainly is on his damned head – ordered that our men in Benghazi be left to Muslim murderers. In doing this Obama gave aid, comfort and cover to our enemies in Libya. We have a name for this. It is treason.

We also have the administration hoping to distract us from Benghazi by throwing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) circus in front of our faces. This targeting of conservative groups by the IRS has been going on basically since the Tea Party was born. It's not new news. But, there is likely a method to their evil madness. Whether they're hoping to distract us from their Benghazi crimes or to do damage control for the IRS's image (futile though that may be), here is yet another example of Obama's high crimes, because the buck stops with him. This is Obama's IRS, and this kind of Stalinesque targeting of his political enemies is against the law here in the United States of America, as are many other things he and his administration have done.

No, Obama is not incompetent. He's an enemy of America who is occupying our presidency. He's malicious, and he belongs in prison for the numerous crimes he has committed before and after being installed in the White House.

It's far past time for Congress to bring impeachment charges and to convict the Manchurian President, the criminal fraud, "Barack Hussein Obama."

© Gina Miller


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