Gina Miller
Bank of America freezes account of gun dealer
By Gina Miller
January 10, 2013

Just like other Americans who understand why we have the right to keep and bear arms, I am puking-sick of the desperately ignorant, wholly belligerent campaign of the Left to demonize guns and lawful gun ownership. Even if the lemmings among the American citizenry do not understand the real reason for the diabolical desire to grab our guns by our "leadership" in Washington and some states, we do understand it. An armed populace is not easily subjugated, and there is nothing the tyrannical Left wants more than to subjugate the American people. In what is the antithesis of "public safety," tyrants throughout history have disarmed the people, so that the people are powerless against the dictates of the tyrants.

So, I read the infuriating story of a Scottsdale, Arizona gun dealership, American Spirit Arms, having its Bank of America account frozen because of its increased activity with the flood of gun and gun parts purchases it has had recently. On December 29th, CEO and President of American Spirit Arms, Joe Sirochman, posted the outrageous actions by Bank of America on his business' Facebook page:

My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms and I wanted to share my recent experience with Bank of America (which we have been doing business with for over 10 years). Everyone is familiar with the latest increase in guns sales, dealers selling out of inventory, Manufacturers back logged for months, large revenue all generated in the last two weeks. American Spirit Arms is no exception to the overwhelming demand. What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500% causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA. Well, this [threw] up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America. So they decided to hold the deposits for further review, meaning that the orders/payments that were coming in through the web (being paid by the customer and that were shipped out by American Spirit Arms), the BANK was keeping (UNDER REVIEW). As you could imagine this made me furious. After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for FURTHER REVIEW. HER EXACT WORDS WERE, "WE BELIEVE YOU SHOULD NOT BE SELLING GUNS and PARTS ON THE INTERNET."

I flipped the [****] Out and told them that they have no right to make up their own new rules and regs, that we are a firearms Manufacturer with all the proper licensing FFL (Federal Firearm license), SOT and that we follow all Federal and All States' rules and regulations on shipping Firearms and parts, and that we are also Audited by ATF and Homeland Security on a regular basis. She said that she understands that but that the deposits will be released After they have a Chance to review and clear them. I told her that This was unacceptable and [that] those deposits (that were a week old by now) needed to be released ASAP, that we are a small business and rely on the revenue to run and stay operational.

After that being said another Manager got involved and released one of the deposits (to help out). So far to date after Two weeks of sales only 1/3 of collected internet sales have been released.

He goes on to say that, of course, he is looking for another bank.

Here we go. In my last column about Hobby Lobby's fight against the unconstitutional Obama"care" mandates, I wondered how the Obama administration could force Hobby Lobby to pay the atrocious, utterly unreasonable 1.3 million-dollar-a-day "fine" for not complying with Obamacare's evil requirement for abortion drug coverage. I knew the answer, of course. For starters, the feds can easily seize a company's (or a person's) bank accounts.

We are moving through scary and scarier times. Thoughts of underground economies and "secret" markets come to mind. The chilling prophecies in the Bible about end times buying and selling being controlled by the forces of Hell come to mind. How can we stop the powers-that-be from seizing our assets? Good question. Images of mattress deposits instead of bank deposits come to mind, but even that is a less-than-ideal plan.

While we are focused on the communists in Washington and state governments, we should not forget that the banks hold a great deal of power, too. Bank of America's leaders are clearly in the wrong here, but that did not stop them from freezing American Spirit's account. This is not the first time Bank of America has acted aggressively against the gun industry. Last April, the Daily Caller reported on another company, McMillan Group International, which was told by Bank of America to take their banking business and ease on down the road, because part of its business is in firearms manufacturing.

This is just one part, and only the beginning, of the tyranny that's headed our way. How we can fight it is something we really need to be considering. The communist Left is determined to undo our right to keep and bear arms, as well as any other right they dislike. They will not stop until they get their way. We must not let it happen.

We are seeing this criminal fraud Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) threatening to illegally use executive fiat to further his tyrannical gun-grabbing goals. Now we have to consider the tyrannical actions of a mega-bank, as well. That's just great.

American Spirit Arms will likely be fine for now, as this case has brought plenty of publicity to its plight with Bank of America. With the exposure of this ordeal will come an even greater increase in supportive sales for American Spirit, and I'm certain Bank of America will lose customers, as well it should.

© Gina Miller


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