Gina Miller
Resist, we much!
By Gina Miller
January 3, 2013

"But resist we much... we must... and we will much... about... that... be committed."

That was Al Sharpton's eloquence-challenged statement against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's campaign to get a grip on outrageous union costs to the state's economy. For some reason, that unfortunate stumble has been echoing in my head lately, even though it has been almost a year and half since Sharpton said it.

Resist, we much! What else can we do at this point but resist?

It is astonishing to watch your country fall. It is a gut-twisting, sickening thing to see craven cowards (redundant, perhaps, but true) in the "opposition" Republican Party bend easily — almost gladly — to the tyrannical demands of a lawless communist. Yes, Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is lawless, and he is a communist. He and his handlers are following the same power-grabbing schemes of communist dictatorships before them. To take over a country, communists worm their way into positions of power, and then gather and increase the power of the centrally-controlled government, creating an oligarchy. They must nationalize the means of production. They must confiscate the wealth of the people. They must crush the freedoms of the people, and yes, they must disarm the people. Then, the commies' fun really begins.

So, we are seeing the communist Democrat regime in Washington hunkering down to "get things done" to further their evil goals. Evil goals? Yes, evil. I have been writing for several years now about the evil goals of Obama and his buddies. These are people who are the products of godless, communist indoctrination from way back. These are people who crave the power to kill our once-free Republic and replace it with a communist dictatorship. Some might say that we could never have a communist dictatorship here in the United States. Well, guess what! The communist bud really is blooming in Washington, and if you think it can't happen here, you'd better think again.

At this point, do I really need to go down the laundry list of lawless, freedom-robbing actions of Obama and his fellow-traveling minions in his administration and Congress? Those of us who have been paying attention already know them, and those who have not been paying attention will not likely be reached even if I cited every foul move Obama and the Democrats have made, with little or no resistance from the feckless Republicans.

We can see what's coming. We can see the rabid leftists drooling over the dead bodies of Connecticut children, because those bodies present An Opportunity. They can be used to whip the morons among us into an anti-gun frenzy. They can be used to sway ignorant Americans into believing their "guns are the problem" nonsense. These oligarchs are themselves worked into a maniacal lather with their mad desire to steal our guns, and resist, we much. Oh, yes, we much, and we most certainly will.

It's hard to write lately. I'm struggling against the awesome tide of ignorance and depravity that permeates the collective American soul — the ignorance of so many millions of deluded and dumb people who would vote for a man who hates this country and is determined to see it "transformed" from the free Republic it was founded to be, to a place where freedom is only a memory of the "old-timers." Even after four years, these people still cannot SEE who Obama is. Perhaps they never will see.

The question of how on earth so many people can be so stupid is, of course, a pointless one, but one I can't help but ponder. Then, I saw the news stories of Joseph Stalin's December birthday being celebrated — celebrated! — in Russia and elsewhere. I saw the news photograph of an elderly man kissing a bust of Stalin, proving that wisdom does not necessarily come with age. How Stalin, who was one of the most murderous tyrants in history, could be "celebrated" defies logic, but I realize that ignorance and deception are pandemic in the human race. It is the same ignorance and deception that leads millions of Americans to adore Barack Obama, who is perhaps the most lawless man to have ever occupied the United States presidency.

We are seeing our God-given freedoms fall under vicious assault from this communist regime in Washington. Are we just going to lie down and let them steam-roll us? Are we going to bow to the evil of "Obamacare" with its deadly mandates that we sacrifice our religious convictions on the altar of pre-born baby killing? Who would have imagined even ten years ago that our own federal government would FORCE Americans to not only buy a product we may or may not want, but also force us to pay for the slaughter of pre-born babies? Dark days of Hell are upon this nation.

These tyrants in Washington are also determined to disarm us, as tyrants throughout history have done (which is often followed by mass murder of the people by the tyrants). So, what are we to do? Resist. Resist. Resist. I will not willingly be disarmed, nor will I pay for Obama-"care" abortions. And, I will continue to speak against this purely evil Obama administration and Congress of hoodlums. But, I am convinced that unless millions and millions of Americans are willing to RESIST the tyranny of the Obama federal government, then our freedoms will be stripped from us in short order.

At this point, we have become subjects, not citizens. We are no longer members of a representative Republic. We have no representation in Washington, but we certainly have onerous taxation that's only going to get worse. With no one to speak for us in Washington, our only recourse is to resist the commies. And, resist, we much!

My thanks to Al Sharpton for giving that rallying cry to those of us who are still holding on to our sense of humor.

© Gina Miller


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