Gina Miller
Obsessive homosexual radical continues bogus attacks on MassResistance
By Gina Miller
December 27, 2012

We've all had those nightmares in which we try to run from the bad guys who are chasing us, but our legs feel like clumsy lead weights. It's a terrible feeling, and one that I can only imagine Brian Camenker of MassResistance must be enduring daily as he continues to defend himself and his pro-family organization against malicious, lying attacks by a radical homosexual convicted sex offender.

I have twice before reported on this ugly story; first, back in June when the homosexual activist, Adam Flanders, managed to find a judge to slap Brian with a senseless and bogus restraining order, and again in July when Flanders filed an utterly ridiculous, million-dollar lawsuit against Brian Camenker.

Brian lays out the background in his latest report on the new developments:

In 2006 Flanders wrote and distributed a public letter describing what really goes on at the "gay clubs" for schoolchildren run by homosexual adults in towns across the country. He described his own sexual relations with two 14-year-old boys and other horrible things (drug use, pornography, etc.) at the "gay youth club" in his town in Maine where he was an adult participant. He was later convicted and jailed for sexually molesting a teenage boy, along with other convictions, and is a registered sex offender in Maine.

At that time, his 2006 letter appeared in the local media, which Flanders had encouraged. But MassResistance is using this letter to warn parents about the homosexual movement's dangerous efforts to attract children — and this angers the homosexual radicals. So last year Flanders (and his unidentified allies) threatened us. And when we didn't take it down they began a vicious campaign to "punish" us and try to destroy us.

Over the past year, among other things, Flanders has: (a) filed a phony harassment order in Maine against MassResistance director Brian Camenker which was later thrown out by a judge; (b) threatened MassResistance's web host company with legal action, causing them to close down our website and threatening our subsequent host company; (c) threatened other web sites across the country and in Canada which reported on Flanders' actions; (d) filed two legal injunctions against Camenker, both of which were rejected by a judge; and (e) filed a $1 million "defamation" lawsuit against Camenker and MassResistance, which has been dismissed by a federal judge in Maine. (And recently there's been even more, described in Part 2 below.)

Flanders has been spewing a stream of defamatory statements and lies about Camenker and MassResistance to anyone who will listen, including lawyers, web host companies, and even in legal documents.

Flanders' vicious tactics are unfortunately being more commonly used by homosexual activists against pro-family groups they want to punish or destroy. The difference here is that MassResistance beats them in court and keeps going — which makes them furious!

Now, after Flanders' wicked efforts to destroy Brian Camenker have been soundly shot down in court, he decides to continue his deluded crusade against MassResistance by filing more false claims — this time going after Brian's lawyers and Brian for "copyright infringement." Again, this punk Flanders resorts to phony, slanderous accusations in frivolous legal actions against MassResistance in the hope that something — anything! — will stick. This is truly nightmarish, but Brian and his legal team at the Thomas More Society are not backing down from this evil, though ridiculous, assault by the obsessed Adam Flanders.

Brian writes about this latest round of attacks:

A favorite method of corporations, cults, and radical groups who want to get embarrassing material taken off the Internet is to falsely claim violation of a copyright (or trademark). Now the homosexual movement is doing it. Last week this became Flanders' latest tactic.

Unfortunately, they can take advantage of the
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMC Act), passed in 1998, which makes it relatively easy for posted material to be immediately removed and tied up for an indefinite period of time — maybe months or years — by almost anyone willing to make a false or misleading claim.

... Homosexual activists will to go to outrageous lengths. In Flanders' copyright infringement notice which he faxed to the hosting company, he states under oath that the following are materials copyrighted by him, and which we have posted illegally:

The public letter that he wrote in 2006 about his involvement in the homosexual clubs for children. [NOT TRUE: A Maine District Court Judge ruled that we have a First Amendment right to publish that document.]

The court filings that he wrote regarding the cases against MassResistance and Camenker. [NOT TRUE: Court filings are public documents.]

The criminal background check on him from the State of Maine. [NOT TRUE: It is a public document which is not copyrighted by him.]

His police department mug shot. [NOT TRUE: It is a public document which is not copyrighted by him.]

A photograph of him from his website. [NOT TRUE: This is clearly and unequivocally "fair use" per US copyright law.]

In addition to this baseless copyright infringement claim, Flanders is suing Brian's lawyers at the Thomas More Society for "defamation" and is filing a new "protection from harassment order" against Brian. Flanders is also now claiming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating Brian Camenker and MassResistance. Read Brian's entire report for the complete rundown of these latest infuriating developments.

The fanatical homo-radical Adam Flanders is the one stalking, harassing and slandering Brian Camenker, not the other way around! Brian's only role in this ordeal is having told the truth about Adam Flanders — truth that Flanders himself had already spread far and wide in his public letter. Homosexual radicals hate the truth about the terrible effects of homosexual behavior to be told and the goals of the homosexual movement to be exposed. Brian Camenker tells the truth about the real-world results of the militant homosexual movement in our schools and society, and this makes him a bright, neon target to degenerate homosexual activists like Flanders.

Brian is a shining example of a fearless culture warrior. There are far too few like him today. Too many conservatives are easily intimidated by tactics like those used by Adam Flanders and his unnamed handlers. When Flanders began his campaign to get his public letter removed from the numerous websites where it was posted, most websites quickly caved to his threats of legal action if his letter was not removed. MassResistance stood firmly against Flanders. Even editors of WorldNetDaily, normally fearless in their reporting, pulled two stories about Flanders' detestable actions against Brian Camenker after being threatened by Flanders.

Threat of lawsuit is a powerful tool of the radical homosexual movement, and they abuse it regularly. Who will stand with Brian Camenker? He needs fellow Christians who are not swayed by fear to help him defeat the false and vicious attacks of this homosexual zealot who is obsessed with destroying Brian Camenker, even though Brian has done nothing wrong.

Thank the Lord for the Thomas More Society, a public interest charity law firm, which is fighting alongside Brian against these vicious attacks that are intended to silence those of us like Brian who speak against the wickedness of the militant homosexual movement. They need our help. We can help by supporting Brian Camenker and MassResistance and the Thomas More Society in their costly defense. We should also send our powerful prayers to the Lord on their behalf.

© Gina Miller


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