Gina Miller
New Black Panthers' hell-born hate
By Gina Miller
August 16, 2012

God tells us in His Word that people who reject Him, and by default accept Satan, will fall under the sway of a reprobate and deluded mind. They will be deeply deceived and unable to perceive truth, because they first hated the truth. We see the reality of this daily in people all around us, but one stark example is found in the New Black Panther Party cult. We would be hard-pressed to find a more hellishly deceived bunch of idiots. They are the true representation of a racist, hate group.

These are the same goons who had two of their members engaged in blatant voter intimidation outside a polling place in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election. You may recall that the case against them was a slam-dunk default judgment, but then shortly after Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) was inserted into the presidency, his Department of Justice dismissed the charges against the criminal thugs.

For what it's worth (since this lawless Obama administration routinely ignores judicial rulings against it), last month a federal court found that political appointees of Obama did indeed interfere in the Justice Department's investigation of the New Black Panther case.

Now we have another story about these hoodlums. You may have heard the profanity and death threat-laden recordings of a couple of their leaders which were posted at on Tuesday. It is hard for many of us to imagine that there are actually people right here in America who hold such ignorant hatred for their fellow countrymen, but it is sadly so.

Here are some lowlights I have transcribed from the recordings as spoken by New Black Panther maniac Michelle Williams from Tampa on a "Black Power Radio" telephone conference call speaking about the "Republi-Klan" Convention:

"All power to the people, black power. To all the haters, to all the haters, to all the haters, to all the wannabees, to all the white folks who I've [p-sed] off, who I'm gonna stay [p-sin'] off. If you don't like what I'm sayin', if you're afraid that I'm gonna speak the truth, if you're mad because I'm speakin' the truth, I encourage you right now to hang up the damn phone, because this is no place for any babies suckin' [t-s] right now this evening. We 'bout straight power; we 'bout the evolutionary; we 'bout the revolutionary of the black community. If you can't handle the truth, get out the kitchen. Okay?

"... I'm not even gonna hold no punches. The brother already gave you the introduction of who's gonna be on the phone call. We gonna talk straight deliberate hatred that Republican National Party has for the black people in the State of Florida happening right now. In the City of Tampa, we are under siege by the Republican National Convention. Headers of this... collective-minded group of white people, TEA Partiers, tea baggers, people who hate black people. We are under siege right now."

She then goes on to tell about the shooting of a black teenager, although she does not say who shot him, and she makes a bizarre allegation that the police poured "some kind of bleach-like substance" on the boy's body, and she piles on by accusing the police of murdering the boy. Her narrative is extremely deranged, to say the least.

She seems to be implying that because of the Republican Convention, black people are afraid to leave their homes. No, of course it does not make sense. She neglects to mention that the gigantic majority of crimes against black people are perpetrated by fellow blacks. 93% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. Of course, blind, moonbat racists never let the truth get in the way of their vile, senseless hatred for white people.

She wraps up her ravings with more gems of brilliant lunacy:

"We are under siege in the City of Tampa all because of this Republican National Convention has everyone on edge, where black people have to stay in our homes; that they don't want any presence of anybody that looks like me, walks like me or talks like me to be anywhere near the vicinity of this Republican National Convention. The Republicans hate black people!

And to all the black people that are Republicans, I ask you on this day, this 12th day of August 2012, I ask you this day, when did you lose your dignity and lay down for these damned crackers who mean this black community no good? They've shown this. Their history has shown this.

So if white people are mad because I continue to call them crackers, on the day that you stop referring to me as a [n-], and [unintelligible] my black people as a [n-], and treating my black community as a [n-], [unintelligible] my damned pinkie toe let up off your honky asses, but other than that, you'd better believe my foot on your [g-d-] [m-f-'s] neck."

Well, that's pretty bad, and it's utter nonsense, but it's almost tame compared to the hell-born sentiments of another New Black Panther lunatic who said that his people are too "sissified" to go into the suburbs...

"... and drag some of these [g-d-], rusty-dusty-[a**ed] crackers outta they homes, skin they [a***s] alive, hang they [a***s] up by some damned rope in some trees, drag 'em up and down the street by [g-d-] trucks, sic the pit bulls on them, pour acid on their [a***s], dump them in the [g-d-] river, bring 'em back up, bust 'em in the head with rocks!

"We're just too [g-d-] scared to do any of these type of maneuvers, Brother Shawn. So, what has to happen is, the New Black Panther Party has decided that we have to now create a military that's really going to represent the entire organization as a whole. But hell, we gonna have to get out in these [g-d-] streets, and as I said on National Geographic — I said it, [g-d-it] — if you want to be free, you gonna have to get out here and kill some of these [g-d-] peckerwoods. You gonna have to kill some of these babies just born three seconds ago. You gonna have to go into the [g-d-] nursery and just throw a damn bomb in the damn nursery and kill everything white in sight.

"... We're coming to the mountain, and I would love nothing more than to come home with a cracker's head in my book satch."

This kind of sick hatred is breathtaking. And, these are the animals that dirty rat Barack Obama protects from prosecution! Where is the manly Janet Napolitano?! Oh, I forgot; she's busy running surveillance on America-loving, TEA Party patriots like me! These despicable enemies of our nation make me want to puke! These New Black Panther vermin are calling for murder! They're calling for raising a racist, black military within the United States whose goal is to kill white people! Again — where is Homeland Security?! Where is the FBI?!

As for these two degenerate vegetables spouting their murderous, lying hatred, their diseased minds and spirits will be their own undoing. There will be no good for them in this world or the next, unless they turn from their wickedness and embrace the salvation of Jesus Christ. Otherwise, they will only grow ever darker in their deluded thinking as their stone hearts petrify. And, as they continue to call for the murder of their fellow American citizens, I can't help but imagine that it will not go well for them at all.

© Gina Miller


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