Gina Miller
WND helps expose child porn scourge on Facebook
By Gina Miller
May 8, 2012

WND's Chelsea Schilling is a brave lady. She courageously took an assignment to go undercover on Facebook to expose the darkest, most sickening aspect of that social network: prevalent child rape imagery and video. The result of her gut-twisting investigation is a four-part series being published this week at WND. Part one, titled, "Kids Raped, Sodomized on Facebook Pages," was published on Sunday.

For the many millions of Facebook users, this is new information. As Ms. Schilling reports, not many people are aware that this side of Facebook exists. She is shining the light on this depraved, criminal enterprise, and it seems that the leaders of Facebook are not happy about it.

In her series overview column from Monday titled, "Let's End Child Rape on Facebook," she gives an introduction of her investigation. She opens the column,

"Just one month ago, I embarked upon one of the most challenging and heart-wrenching journalism assignments of my young career: Infiltrating the wicked underworld of child pornography on Facebook.

On my journey, I uncovered the most explicit photographs and videos of child rape anyone could imagine, all available on the ubiquitous social networking website 901 million users have come to know and love. Most Facebook users have no idea that this social network — a U.S.-based company making an initial public offering expected to value the company as high as $100 billion — is home to an enormous collection of unreported child pornography and sexual violence.

During the investigation, I developed several alias Facebook profiles of women who appeared promiscuous, bisexual and overtly flirtatious. Then I combed profiles for common indicators of pedophile interests — such as the book 'Lolita,' the movie 'Thirteen,' fan groups for incest, PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography) and 'Receiving nude pics.'

One by one, I 'friended' some of the most wicked and dangerous criminals on Facebook.

Once our 'friendship' was approved, I instantly had access to albums filled with child pornography. Graphic images and videos of children and sex abuse were reported to the FBI, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Facebook. (You can read more about that investigation here.)

The children posing provocatively and being raped in these photographs and videos were young, very young — almost all under the age of 12."

We often read stories about law enforcement entities uncovering online child pornography rings after months of investigation, and yet right here on the mammoth social networking site of Facebook, it appears that child predators are wide-open for busting. You would think the managers of Facebook would welcome this kind of exposure of the worst of people who take advantage of Facebook's free services to spread their hellish images, but that does not seem to be the case. As Ms. Schilling reports,

"Through my alias accounts, I made dozens of reports to Facebook. In some cases, I called and emailed the social network, but received no response.

In fact — after numerous child pornography reports to Facebook — the social network actually blocked my account due to 'security reasons.' In many cases, the photos I reported were months old and had been viewed and shared by dozens or even hundreds of pedophiles.

Facebook rewarded my diligence and conscientious reporting by shutting down my accounts immediately after I informed it of dozens of cases of child sexual abuse."

This is simply stunning. What kind of warped motivations could make the leaders of Facebook side with child rapists over a responsible, concerned citizen who is trying to alert Facebook to the child sex crimes being propagated on their network? Is this about protecting profits for Facebook, or what?

The website Stop Child Porn on Facebook also reports that Facebook has been uncooperative with law enforcement officials who are trying to catch child rapists.

From the homepage,

"So, the question is this: If Facebook has the human and technological resources to topple governments and shift human history shouldn't it be able to prevent sexually explicit and abusive images of children — some only newborns — from being placed on their system?

And why is it that law enforcement from State Police forces to the FBI report to us that Facebook is 'most uncooperative' when it comes to working with them to stop this criminality?

A $100 billion dollar IPO... and called uncooperative by law enforcement? Something is VERY wrong."

I really cannot get my mind around why the leaders of Facebook would not be willing to help law enforcement patrol their network for the most detestable of predators. This is not a "privacy" issue, because Facebook is a public place. Regardless of whether or not your Facebook page is set to be viewed by everyone or only the people you allow, it is still not private. Privacy online is an illusion, and these brazen pedophiles should know it.

If the reason for Facebook management's lack of cooperation is that they are concerned about Facebook's image, then that should be all the more reason for them to cooperate with law enforcement to purge their network of the most despicable people walking the planet — those who prey on children. Or, would they rather be seen as protecting pedophiles at the expense of the hearts, minds and bodies of innocent children and babies? Whatever the reason, it cannot be good.

I applaud Chelsea Schilling and WND, as well as those involved with the Stop Child Porn on Facebook campaign, in raising awareness of the prevalence of this detestable abuse of children on the Facebook network. Hopefully Facebook management will feel the pressure and do the right thing to help bring to justice these animals who prey on children.

As our world spins ever faster into hellish chaos, these kinds of reprehensible crimes will continue to increase. We were warned in the Bible of the heightened frenzy of evil in the last days, and I know we have not seen the worst of it yet. Satan knows his time is short, and he is lashing out at all of God's creation with a vengeance, especially our precious, innocent children. We must never tire in fighting to expose these demon-inspired, demon-possessed predators of children.

WND's exposé of bold, child-raping perverts on Facebook should also be a cold wakeup call to parents of young kids and teenagers who use Facebook and other social networking websites. These degenerate monsters troll Facebook for young victims. Parents must be aware of their kids' online activities and must teach them to be wise online, just as they are taught to be wise when dealing with strangers in public. The Internet is a public place, and it can be dangerous.

I recommend you visit WND to read Ms. Schillings four-part series on Facebook's ugly, dark side. Then, we can help spread the word to others to insist that the leaders of Facebook be held accountable for allowing these terrible images and videos to continue being posted to their network. Behind all of these images and videos are real children who are being violated in the most horrific ways.

We must pray for these children.

© Gina Miller


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