Gina Miller
Rush brings out stunning hypocrisy of the left
By Gina Miller
March 8, 2012

Because it is so predictable, by now we should not be stunned by the stunning hypocrisy of the Left, but it is still tough not to be. One way to get your mind around it is to remember that the whole ideology and political existence of members of the communist Left are based on lies. They not only live on lies, lies are essential for their political survival.

Let me explain why I call these people the communist Left or communist Democrats (and this also includes some who are fake Republicans). The very foundation of the Left's platform is an ever-expanding, all-powerful government and police state. The Left wants nothing more than to control every aspect of our lives, our means of production, our food and water supply, our financial sector, our money and our speech — everything. They want to be able to dictate to us how much energy we may use, how much of our earned money we may keep, how much and what kinds of foods we may eat, and essentially, how we are to live our lives. That program is the very definition of communism. These leftists are communists, period.

They cannot be honest about this, because right-thinking American citizens would reject it. Instead, they have to find increasingly creative and deceptive ways to disguise their intentions. They have to lie, and they have to demonize those who are wise to their intentions and who expose the truth of their evil agenda.

Thus we see their stunning hypocrisy on display daily. The latest, biggest example is the Left's completely made-up, nonexistent "war on women." Those on the Left are desperate to convince the American people that Republicans hate women — a stupidly false accusation that reeks of the Left's desperation. Oh, they're certainly desperate. The criminal, unconstitutional behavior of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) has proven to be an amazing wake-up call to millions of sleeping Americans, and we are staying wide awake.

What we are seeing lately is a ramped-up, frenzied effort by the communist Left to silence those prominent voices of conservatism that tell the plain truth about the Left's evil designs. Rush Limbaugh has always been a major target, and this past week, Rush gave the Left just enough ammo against him to launch an outrageous campaign against his advertisers.

This brings me back to the stunning hypocrisy of the Left. Rush slipped up when he called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute. He admitted that even though he was trying to illustrate the absurdity of Fluke's claims by using exaggeration and absurdity, he chose his words poorly. He said that he descended to the level of the Left, and that he knows better. Okay, fine. He apologized. End of story, right? Wrong.

With feigned outrage, the hypocritical Left went berserk screeching and squealing about what a woman-hater Rush is — a demonstrably false accusation, of course. Anyone who bothers to listen to Rush for any given amount of time knows full well that he has a great deal of love for America and the American people, and that includes women. But, that is not the point with the Left. They lie, and they lie all the time.

In our world, a sickening double standard exists that we have learned to expect. That does not make it easier to encounter, though, and because it is a given, that does not mean we should leave off putting the Left's shameful hypocrisy on display.

We see the Left, in a campaign led by Media Matters and other radical leftist groups, whipping their followers into a mania of feigned outrage at Rush's characterization of Sandra Fluke. They are behaving like rabid weasels over this insult in which Rush was telling the truth about Fluke's motives, even though he could have dispensed with the inflammatory descriptions of her.

So, where was the outrage when leftist talkers and television personalities have called Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann the worst names imaginable? As Michelle Malkin points out in her column from Wednesday, there actually is a war on women, but it's a "war on conservative women," and it is a vile one.

Her piece is loaded with numerous examples of the most hellish hatred from the Left.

She opens her column,

"I'm sorry Rush Limbaugh called 30-year-old Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a 'slut.' She's really just another professional femme-a-gogue helping to manufacture a false narrative about the GOP 'war on women.' I'm sorry the civility police now have an opening to demonize the entire right based on one radio comment — because it's the progressive left in this country that has viciously and systematically slimed female conservatives for their beliefs.

We have the well-worn battle scars to prove it. And no, we don't need coddling phone calls from the pandering president of the United States to convince us to stand up and fight.

At his first press conference of the year on Tuesday, the Nation's Concern Troll explained that he phoned Fluke to send a message to his daughters and all women that they shouldn't be 'attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens.' After inserting himself into the fray and dragging Sasha and Malia into the debate, Obama then told a reporter he 'didn't want to get into the business of arbitrating' language and civility. Too late, pal.

The fact is, 'slut' is one of the nicer things I've been called over 20 years of public life."

She goes on to list some of those things, and yes, they do make "slut" look tame by comparison.

Of course, it is not just a leftist war on conservative women; conservative men are fair game, too. Speaking of Rush, how can we forget, that detestable, hideous woman of whom I had never heard until she made the sickest of comments about Rush Limbaugh. She was the black comedienne, Wanda Sykes, who, back in 2009, a few months after Obama began his term, cracked a set of "jokes" at the White House Correspondents Dinner, at which Obama was present, in which she wished for Rush to die from failing kidneys. Obama laughed.

In an opinion piece at that time, posted at PJ Media, Leon de Winter wrote,

"Wanda Sykes isn't of any interest to me. The fact that the American president was five feet away from her and had to laugh about her joke was of interest. A comedian wishes a citizen dead and the president laughs?

The president didn't have the guts to leave, to correct Ms. Sykes, or to express his opposition. He laughed because he apparently was entertained by the idea offered by Sykes, that this critic, a right-wing radio host who openly disagrees with the president's plans, would die because of failing kidneys.

Afterwards, the president and his wife congratulated Sykes for her jokes. It seems plausible that he still doesn't understand that what he did was appalling and disgusting.

... The level of hatred directed against Limbaugh is so intense among certain groups in American society — especially among the left-wing intelligentsia which considers itself superior in morals, ethics, and eating habits — that a death wish didn't raise eyebrows among the events attendees. Not hating Rush Limbaugh means you are not really progressive and open-minded, liberal and PC. They ritually hanged him. And the president observed it — and laughed along with the excited crowd of media-apparatchiks."

That is far from the only time leftist celebrities and talk show hosts have expressed death wishes for high-profile conservatives, and we hear not even a peep of objection from the mangy rats in the media. For a little refresher on the bile that comes out of the mouths of those on the communist Left, you can read Michelle Malkin's column and another piece I found at the American Spectator for some truly cringe-inducing, actual hate speech.

All that has happened this past week with the phony uproar over Rush's one little verbal slip-up is that he has managed to once again bring out the glaring, almost criminal hypocrisy of the Left, which is so very desperate to get Rush silenced.

But, it's not going to work. In fact, I know Rush and his program will emerge even stronger and with a whole lot of brand new listeners and fresh advertisers. He is already getting new advertisers signed on to take the place of the cowardly ones that fled at the first few phone calls and emails from paid Media Matters hacks and their buddies.

Now, Rush says that a couple of those advertisers are already regretting their decision and want to come back. That ol' suddenly-plummeting stock has a way of speaking much more loudly than a bunch of loud-mouthed, leftist college punks sitting at a communist foundation phone bank. I would tell those wishy-washy advertisers (especially those with ties to George Soros organizations) to take a hike, thank you! There are plenty more good advertisers just a-hankerin' to buy ads on Rush Limbaugh's show.

© Gina Miller


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