Cliff Kincaid
Trump is a marked man
Needs a personal protection detail
By Cliff Kincaid
June 25, 2024

With right-wing parties making gains in European Union parliamentary elections, it is apparent that a global rejection of the status quo is paving the way for President Trump to win the U.S. presidency in a decisive manner. While some commentators are focused on whether Joe Biden can make it all the way to November’s elections because of his old age and senility, the real question is whether the communists and globalists may decide the time is right to take out Trump by any means necessary.

Communist groups are promising "Revolution Summer 2024," a series of protests targeting Biden and Trump, but Trump is clearly the main enemy of intelligence agencies here and abroad and is being "Marked for Death," the title of a new report from my group, America’s Survival, Inc.

The Marxist groups active in the Democratic Party believe their street protests can force Biden to step down, but Trump is a different story. That will require a sophisticated intelligence operation so that the fingerprints of the federal agencies that are supposed to protect Trump and the American people can be obscured.

As we can easily determine, political assassinations take place on both sides. The CIA has engineered plots to assassinate foreign leaders, a subject of congressional hearings, while Congress also investigated “Murder International, Inc.,” on how “murder and kidnapping” has been an instrument of Soviet and now Russian policy for decades.

Trump is considered a “grave threat,” as defined by the Financial Times of London, which also calls him a “convicted contender,” a reference to the legal terrorism unleashed against Trump by the Democratic Party and its allies. Democrats call him a Hitler-like “threat to democracy,” a charge that is designed to motivate would-be assassins.

Our new report examines the armed FBI raid on Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago, noting that while the Secret Service is supposed to protect the former president, it cooperated with the FBI in this assault. Trump desperately needs a personal protection detail.

We look at the cases of Pascale Ferrier, a radical woman who sent the poison Ricin to Trump; Nicholas John Roske, a pro-abortion extremist who was on a mission to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; and James T. Hodgkinson, who wounded Rep. Steve Scalise in an attack on congressional Republicans at a baseball game in 2017.

Who would benefit from the death of Trump? Clearly, one answer is the Chinese Communist Party. After all, the China virus was revenge for Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, and Trump has promised more tariffs if reelected.

Russia, however, also has a vested interest in keeping Trump out of the White House.

Biden, after he came to power, attempted to give Russia economic control of Europe through his approval of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to carry Russian gas. Trump had stopped that pipeline and warned NATO to get prepared financially and militarily to challenge Russia.

The pipeline was never built and in fact was sabotaged and Vladimir Putin then invaded Ukraine after Biden declared a minor “incursion” acceptable.

Russia had not invaded under Trump. Israel also escaped an invasion under Trump but its survival is now at risk under Biden.

The war in Ukraine continues with no end in sight, as Russia makes military gains and Biden restricts the ability of Ukraine and Israel to defend their nations.

Domestically, in addition to the actions of the FBI, the IRS is also a major problem and began to emerge as a major threat under President Barack Hussein Obama, who used it to harass conservative and Tea Party groups. It has been used under Biden to go after Trump and other big-name critics of the Biden regime. It, too, is a heavily armed federal agency.

Our new report examines the case of an IRS contractor who stole and leaked Trump’s tax returns. His actions were one phase of the “lawfare” against the Republican candidate.

We know that the former president is already the target of Iranian terrorists, who have promised retaliation for Trump ordering the assassination of Iranian general and top terrorist leader Qassem Suleimani. His terrorist organization was responsible for producing many of our dead and wounded warriors from Middle East conflicts.

Iranians also plotted to murder the Saudi Ambassador to the United States on American soil.

We examine the suspicious suicides of such figures as Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster, sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, scientist Bruce Ivins in the anthrax letters case, and homeland security whistleblower Philip Haney.

We examine how left-wing and Marxist assassins are groomed, including Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine turned Castro disciple, and how the Soviet-engineered assassination of JFK was covered-up by the CIA and FBI because of LBJ’s fear of a nuclear war with Soviet Russia.

Oswald was carefully trained and guided to the target.

By contrast, James Hodgkinson, the architect of the 2017 congressional baseball massacre, tried to kill as many Republicans as possible before being shot at the scene.

In the case of the pro-abortion would-be assassin, Nicholas John Roske, he got cold feet and turned himself into the local police as he was on the hunt for Brett Kavanaugh.

Anti-Trump fanatics and zealots like Roske, Ferrier, and Hodgkinson are all around us. However, in the words of ex-communist and former Romanian intelligence officer Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highly trained assassins are “programmed to kill.”

Don’t count on the professionals getting cold feet or getting caught, captured, or killed, as in the cases previously described. With backing from foreign intelligence services, such as Moscow’s “Murder International,” which still exists under KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin, the professional hit men can communicate through secret messages and cover their tracks back to China, Russia, or Iran.

Tragically, our own domestic intelligence and law enforcement agencies can become an American branch of Murder, Inc. and can do so openly, as we saw in the bloody sieges of Waco and Ruby Ridge. They murdered dozens of Americans, including innocent women and children, in these armed assaults.

It’s not stretching the imagination to think they could be programmed to kill the former president, if his enemies decide it is time for Trump to go.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

    © Cliff Kincaid


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