Cliff Kincaid
Why the Cultural Marxists are winning
By Cliff Kincaid
April 26, 2024

Christopher F. Rufo is the winner of the 2024 Conservative Book of the Year Award for his work, America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything. This talented young writer has discovered, belatedly, that communism has come to America through infiltration of our culture and institutions. However, his revelation about communism in America ignores another part of the problem—the conservative movement of which he is a part.

While posing as an enemy of Cultural Marxism, Rufo celebrates “gay conservative” Dave Rubin’s same-sex “marriage” and two surrogate pregnancies.

Call me old-fashioned, but fathering children through surrogates and raising them without a mother seems to me like a new form of Cultural Marxism. It was Marx, after all, who called for the abolition of the traditional family. And it was Harry Hay, a communist, who started the modern gay rights movement in America.

Indeed, the Communist Party (CPUSA) proclaims that it was Harry Hay “who brought communist theory and practice to the fight for gay liberation.” Our access to his FBI file confirms all of this.

Ignored by Rufo is the fact that the Republican Party has largely surrendered to the Cultural Marxists, as President Trump has abandoned his pro-life stand and his Catholic wife is raising money for a “gay” Republican group, the Log Cabin Republicans, based on the left-wing myth that Republican President Abraham Lincoln was a secret homosexual.

For his part, Rufo’s failure to identify his own role in the cultural collapse may reflect the fact that he works for an organization—the Manhattan Institute—which is funded by Paul Singer, who has been pumping millions of dollars into the campaign to normalize homosexual activity, even “gay marriage,” especially among Republicans. Singer, whose son is gay, is chairman and Rufo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Nine years ago, my group, America's Survival, Inc. (ASI), held a national press conference in the Zenger Room of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. titled “Crimes against Nature and the Constitution: Cultural Marxism and America's Moral Collapse.” Our warnings about the cultural decline of America were ignored by the conservative establishment. They defunded me for my principled conservative stand.

The speakers at our April 21, 2015, event included Dr. Alan Keyes; Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth; Matt Barber, constitutional attorney; and James Simpson, the investigative journalist.

Unfortunately, the videos of this great event were censored by YouTube.

However, our detailed report, “Cultural Marxism and America’s Moral Collapse,” exposed what was happening and is still available. It ties the homosexual movement to the decline of Britain as a world power and describes how America is following the same ruinous path.

At the time, we warned that a major effort was underway to destroy the winning Reagan coalition of social, economic, and foreign policy conservatives. “Some Republican Party elites are trying to marginalize and isolate traditional conservatives—as well as drive millions of Christians out of the Republican Party,” I said in advance of the event.

This has come to pass, as even some prominent MAGA Republicans have “gone gay” on domestic policy, forging an alliance with the “Log Cabin Republicans” and backing a Republican flip-flop on abortion, going from pro-life to “state’s rights.”

Call me old-fashioned, but I seem to remember that the right to life is established in one of America’s founding documents, the Declaration of Independence.

The successful Reagan coalition is being undermined in front of our eyes, as the presumed Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, is forced to defend himself in various kangaroo courts on dubious and politically-motivated charges.

He will never satisfy the forces out to get him.

While the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) hailed Rufo’s book as “an essential guide to navigating and comprehending” the changes in American society, his endorsement of the “gay conservative” agenda suggests he is leading people astray in even more insidious ways.

The conservative establishment that is represented on the ISI board can pat themselves on the back for belatedly recognizing there is a communist problem in America today. In my opinion, however, they are black-tie losers who dine on lobster dinners while America burns.

Things could have been different had our warnings been taken seriously. In 2008, before the election of Barack Hussein Obama as president, we disclosed documentary evidence, including FBI files, demonstrating that Obama had ties with extreme anti-American elements, including agents of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party USA.

At our 2010 conference on “Marxism in America,” we issued a call-to-action for the Republican-led Congress to bring back the House Internal Security Committee. But nothing was done.

In fact, when former Republican Rep. Steve King came under media attack for speaking out in favor of saving Western civilization, House Republican “Leader” Kevin McCarthy arranged to have King replaced on various congressional committees and orchestrated his defeat. King had supported a House Internal Security Committee to uncover communists.

King’s book Walking Through the Fire describes in detail how the GOP leadership, led by McCarthy, forced him out of Congress through lies and collaboration with the New York Times.

Howard Phillips, 1941-2013, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, was a visionary who started a third political party, now known as the Constitution Party, when the Republican Party began drifting away from conservatism.

The Constitution Party is meeting this week and could be on the ballot in 35 states, giving conservatives an alternative to Trump.

My observation from decades of involvement in the conservative movement is that the conservative movement has been terribly compromised by people, some of them well-intentioned, who did not grasp the political reality of what was happening in their own country. Some are slowly coming to the realization of what is happening, like Rufo, but his Damascus Road conversion to the truth about communism in America comes too late to make a significant difference.

What is worse, as we have seen with their embrace of homosexuality, they are waving the white flag of surrender while claiming to be bracing for victory.

Catholic writer Trent Horn has noted, in regard to Dave Rubin and his partner hiring surrogates to have their children, they have created “a relationship that is explicitly designed so that these children will not be raised by their mother, will not be raised in an environment with their biological mother and father.” Contrary to Rufo and other “conservatives,” he argues that it is nothing to be celebrated.

Writer Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says the “purchase” of surrogate babies clearly undermines the family structure and is immoral. By design, she argues, “sodomitic mimicry of intercourse is non-reproductive.” She adds, “All efforts to mimic intercourse and to obtain the fruit of such unions—including shopping for eggs as Rubin shared he did—by homosexuals are morally repugnant and selfish.”

Meanwhile, the demonization of Trump is obviously designed to divert attention from the Marxist takeover of the major institutions of government. And should he win, he is being advised not to seek retribution against the Marxists. Big mistake.

Trump could rally the America people if he were to declare that he intends to identify, isolate, imprison, and/or deport the Marxists. Nothing less will suffice.

In this context, in light of current events on the campuses, I recommend our 2016 book, Marxist Madrassas: The Hostile Takeover of Higher Education in America. The book, published 8 years ago, explained that the anti-Israel campaign emerged from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and its base on college campuses. This is the organization which sponsored the BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) economic warfare campaign against Israel.

“Jewish students tend to be targets in these campaigns and have been threatened and assaulted,” our book warned.

What we warned about has come to pass in a dramatic manner. Anti-Semitism is on the rise, not only in colleges and universities but globally, largely because of the propaganda campaigns and support from a nuclear-armed Russia and its client state Iran, now on the verge of attaining nuclear weapons.

I followed up with a report on the communist-organized “Free Palestine” rally in Washington, D.C. on November 4, 2023.

The hour is late and the Republican majority is slim, but House Speaker Mike Johnson could and should act on our request. Bring back the House Committee on Internal Security.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

    © Cliff Kincaid


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