Cliff Kincaid
Who wants President Trump dead?
By Cliff Kincaid
October 4, 2020

Cleveland Clinic, the sponsor of the presidential debate, admits that at least 11 positive coronavirus tests can be traced to members of the media or organizers of the event. This is either gross incompetence or malfeasance for a federally-funded organization supposedly specializing in health and welfare.

These mysterious people were “scheduled to work logistics/set-up in the days prior to the event,” the clinic says. Is it too outlandish to suggest that one or more could have been tasked with spreading the virus in such a way as to threaten the life of President Trump?

If there is a lesson the American people have learned about Trump in the more than three years he has been in office, it is that he has challenged the power of the Deep State. Nobody knows this better than Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, who once questioned why Trump would fight the intelligence agencies, since “they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

At a time when Netflix is running "Wormwood," a drama about the mysterious death of a military biochemist in the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind-control program, liberals and conservatives have got to agree that the intelligence agencies will stop at nothing to impose their will on those who resist their plans.

To this day, nearly 20 years after the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, the FBI has still not officially figured out who did it, perhaps because the anthrax was stolen from a U.S. lab and used by al Qaeda terrorists. The truth is just too difficult to tell.

The truth is that U.S. intelligence agencies are thoroughly infiltrated by the enemies of the United States, who also happen to be Trump’s enemies.

In the case of Trump’s infection by the China virus, which quite likely emerged from a Medical Deep State-supported Chinese laboratory, the City of Cleveland went into slightly more detail, issuing a statement about “11 [COVID] cases stemming from pre-debate planning and set-up.” It then added, strangely, that “the majority of cases” involved “out of state residents.”

To add more mystery, the city then said that because these cases “involve people in and out of state, some of whom may be continuing to travel,” it would try to interview and monitor them. They were “interviewed when possible,” which means some could not be located.

The clinic claimed, “It’s important to clarify the 11 people who tested positive never accessed the debate hall. These individuals were either members of the media or were scheduled to work logistics/set-up in the days prior to the event.” But it can just as easily be concluded that these people, whoever they are, had access to surfaces and spaces used by President Trump during the debate.

This is quickly developing into a medical scandal involving the life of the president and the fate of our Republic.

If President Trump is guilty of playing down the severity of the pandemic, as his critics say, in order to keep people as calm as possible about the nature of the virus, the Cleveland Clinic misled the president himself with disastrous consequences for the nation. It had claimed that “guests” at the debate, including the president and First Lady, had a “low risk of exposure” to coronavirus when they have subsequently tested positive.

Despite alternative theories, it seems likely that the president and First lady were infected at that presidential debate on Tuesday, September 29, where those 11 still-unidentified people with the virus were involved in debate preparation. Trump came down with symptoms later in the week and was whisked away to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, a place where some high-profile people such as anti-communist Senator Joe McCarthy met their demise. He went in with a knee problem and died of hepatitis.

Like McCarthy, Trump is a sworn enemy of those in charge of the “national security” establishment.

It appears that Trump was in worse shape at the onset than previously believed, and that he may have been given a hefty amount of the virus. But by whom? And how?

The FBI has not indicated it is undertaking any kind of investigation into the transmission of this disease. Perhaps the FBI is useless and can’t be trusted anyway. It may be the case that Trump supporters—and Americans in general—have to demand answers as to how the president was potentially poisoned by the China virus.

The media, through their fake news and phony polls, are trying to blame Trump personally for getting sick. The real issue is that the president has been targeted for personal destruction from the start of his presidency, and that getting the China virus may be how the communist regime and its friends and allies hope to get rid of the leader of the Free World.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters are worried about the White House physician giving the president doses of Remdesivir, an unproven and experimental drug that can have very harmful side effects.

One leftist, an advocate of “Green Power” to save the earth, hopes that Trump’s political future is finished and that Senate Democrats move to “deny Trump's corrupt appointment to RBG's pivotal Supreme Court seat.” That is in fact what Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is demanding. But rather than being corrupt, the appointment process is legal and constitutional, and the nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, is a Christian mother and legal scholar.

This is what Trump’s enemies really fear—the restoration of America as a constitutional republic.

Anti-Trump Pope Francis has just issued "Fratelli Tutti," a new encyclical on “fraternity and friendship” that attacks the greatest economic system the world has ever known. “The fragility of world systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom,” says the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He calls for building “the alternative social structures we need”—code for socialism.

The Marxist Pontiff ignores the leadership of President Trump, now fighting to survive against the China virus, in assembling private companies to manufacture the equipment and drugs we need to treat and save the victims.

Sinister global forces are thinking Trump is on his death bed and victory is theirs.

The debate itself was held in the Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion, a part of Case Western Reserve University and the Clinic's joint Health Education Campus.

The Cleveland Clinic, which was serving as “Health Security Advisor to the Commission on Presidential Debates,” said it had imposed a broad range of risk-mitigation strategies “to help protect everyone within the space” of the actual debate, including:

  • Adding distance between seats.

  • Incorporating personal health screening and safety measures.

  • Implementing disinfectant measures.

But with left-wing activists celebrating President Trump’s positive coronavirus test and hoping for his political and physical death, it would seem logical to examine what vetting process it undertook to make sure debate “organizers” and even “members of the media” were free of the disease.

Our media, exposed over the last three years as propaganda mouthpieces of the intelligence agencies trying to destroy Trump, are not interested in finding out what truly happened. Instead, this is another opportunity for them to bash the president and his supporters.

On the surface, the debate sponsors seem to have impressive credentials.

James Merlino, MD, was identified as the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at Cleveland Clinic and Chief Health Security Advisor to the Commission on Presidential Debates for the 2020 General Election.

The Cleveland Clinic claims to be “Leading the Way in Innovative Research for COVID-19 Patients” and says it maintains a “research registry of nearly 23,000 patients who have been tested for COVID-19 at Cleveland Clinic. These patients, the clinic says, have had positive and negative results.

It looks like the clinic may have been partly responsible for producing two high-profile COVID patients—the president and First Lady.

The Cleveland Clinic, which received $130 million in research funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2019, insisted that “everyone permitted inside the debate hall tested negative for COVID-19 prior to entry,” and that “Individuals traveling with both candidates, including the candidates themselves, had been tested and tested negative by their respective campaigns.”

After first refusing to comment on whether any proof was offered of negative tests, the clinic said it took the word of the campaigns that this was a fact.

The Cleveland Clinic got $199 million in federal coronavirus bailout money, the New York Times reported earlier this year. The paper added, “Last year, it had so much money on hand—its $7 billion in cash helped generate $1.2 billion in investment profits—that it paid investment advisers $28 million to manage the fortune.”

Yet, with all of this money, it still could not assure the health, safety, and security of the first 2020 presidential debate.

Rather than examine this scandal, Trump antagonists in the media like Chris Wallace of Fox News complain that Trump’s family did not wear masks while seated during the debate in Cleveland. But that was a distortion. Members of the family were shown wearing masks when they entered the venue. Once they were in physically distanced seats, some took them off. That was consistent with health guidelines.

The issue is whether Trump’s enemies could have somehow placed the virus in the vicinity of Trump or his family, exposing them to the deadly disease.

To cite the “experts” in the media, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says, “The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly from person to person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.”

The words “thought to spread,” and “mainly” are educated guesses.

Although some “experts” say that spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another, one review found a coronavirus can survive on a surface from 2 hours to 9 days. The National Institutes of Health says vaguely, “Viruses can live for a time on surfaces outside the human body.”

The president’s life is still in danger, and we know that many people, here and abroad, want him dead. Before it’s too late, we need to uncover what may turn out to be the most diabolical plot in American history. All of those involved in preparing the debate and the debate stage have to be identified and interrogated.

Even while praising his doctors at Bethesda, Trump may understand that his sickness is just the latest attempt by his political enemies to destroy him. We will find out soon if he recovers sufficiently to resume his fight-back mode. Many are praying and rooting for him. His enemies are betting that he will retire from the field of battle.

© Cliff Kincaid


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