Cliff Kincaid
The mask is falling off Joe Biden
By Cliff Kincaid
August 27, 2020

The fascinating book Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden, by Branko Marcetic, is written from the perspective of a socialist doubtful that the career politician can usher in a Marxist utopia. The subtitle reflects the failure of the Bernie Sanders campaign and the fact that the hard-core Marxists are now stuck with Obama’s former vice-president, a known plagiarist with brain problems, as their 2020 presidential nominee.

Appearing desperate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that she doesn’t want Biden to debate President Trump. She knows something many people suspect.

The selection of Biden as a front man for the socialist cause reminds people of the old saying, “He’ll do anything for the workers except become one.” His political career has included several episodes of plagiarism, suggesting that he is incapable of original thought and/or serves as a mouthpiece for others.

It’s incredible, when you think about it, that Biden was picked as Barack Hussein Obama’s running mate in 2008, after Biden had already been drummed out of the 1988 presidential race for plagiarism.

At the time, New York Times reporters Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny reported that Biden “quit the 1988 presidential race in the face of accusations that he had plagiarized part of a speech from Neil Kinnock, the British Labor Party leader at the time” and that “Shortly afterward, he was found to have suffered two aneurysms.”

The plagiarism has gotten some attention, but the failure during the current campaign to explore the impact of his life-threatening brain aneurysms suggests a far more serious and ongoing medical cover-up.

Were the Times reporters trying to imply that his brain problems accounted for the plagiarism? That didn’t make much sense because it was also discovered that Biden had been found guilty of plagiarism in law school. It also came out that Biden had lifted material from a Bobby Kennedy speech.

Last year, when it was possible that Biden might not get the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, there was some attention devoted to the aneurysms. On one occasion, Biden’s eye filled with blood on live television and questions were raised about his health. Now that he’s the nominee, all of those issues, from the perspective of the media, are irrelevant. They want to protect him.

But as children take classes and parents and teachers tell them that they are not supposed to cheat in their studies, how do you explain that they should be honest when somebody guilty of plagiarism is the Democratic Party presidential nominee?

Democrats are ignoring all of this because they know or suspect that either Biden will not last long, assuming he wins in November, and will be forced to step down, or he will stay in the White House as a figurehead. Pelosi’s comments against presidential debates reflect a growing realization that Biden will embarrass himself before “victory” is achieved.

In the name of the “united front” strategy—Democrats' only hope for taking power—communist Angela Davis is telling the Marxists to vote for Biden because he can be moved in their direction. She recently made these comments on Russia Today (RT) television. Strangely, those who were determined to portray President Trump as a Russian agent found no significance in Davis’s choice of RT as a mouthpiece for her pro-Biden views.

The moral bankruptcy of the Biden “choice,” from their own perspective, reflects the personal nature of Karl Marx, the scoundrel who inspired international movements for socialism and communism. There are two great books available on Marx’s attraction to Satanism—The Devil and Karl Marx, by Professor Paul Kengor; and Was Karl Marx a Satanist?, by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

For those curious about whether Marx was a Satanist or devil-worshipper—and the jury is still out on this—the repulsive facts about his personal life are enough to make you sick of the father of communism and the movements he inspired. One of the best books about Marx is by Colin Gumbrell and written back in 1983. He notes that Marx, who supposedly wanted to change people’s lives for the better, “was completely incapable of managing” his own affairs. His wife Jenny and her children “were dragged down with him into abject poverty, misery and squalor.” His daughter Eleanor committed suicide in 1898 and her sister Laura killed herself in 1911.

Gumbrell notes that Marx and his family survived on financial support he received from his wealthy associate, Friedrich Engels, first by borrowing and then by an allowance. Except for Engels’ capital (money), “there might have been no Marxism,” notes Gumbrell.

Similarly, Biden is drawing on support, financial and otherwise, from socialist Bernie Sanders and his “movement.” They unveiled a Biden-Sanders "unity platform," reminiscent of the “united front” strategy historically used by the communists to take power. “The reason I say that I think Biden has a chance to be the most progressive president since FDR is that is exactly what Joe Biden said to me,” Sanders said on PBS. He was basically saying that Biden was doing his bidding.

The term “progressive” also has foreign policy implications. During the 1980s, Sanders collaborated with Soviet and East German “peace committees” to stop President Reagan’s deployment of nuclear missiles in Europe, in order to counter a massive Soviet strategic nuclear advantage. Sanders had openly joined the Soviets’ “nuclear freeze” campaign to undercut Reagan’s military build-up.

The name of Bernie Sanders, a former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, even shows up on a list of speakers at a 1989 communist-front U.S. Peace Council event to “end the Cold War” and “fund human needs.”

Congressional hearings in 1982 demonstrated that the U.S. Peace Council was affiliated with the Soviet-controlled World Peace Council and run by the Communist Party USA. It was part of what the FBI called the Soviet “active measures” apparatus, designed to discredit the U.S. and support communist objectives.

“Bolshevik Bernie,” as analyst Trevor Loudon calls him, spent time on an Israeli kibbutz, or commune, associated with an Israeli political party favorable to the Soviet Union. Members admired Joseph Stalin until his death and celebrated May Day with red flags.

Sanders went on his honeymoon to the former USSR and supported the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.

All of this is fascinating, considering that Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional Democrats claim to be concerned about Soviet/Russian influence in our political process.

Perhaps Pelosi can stand in for Joe Biden in those presidential debates.

© Cliff Kincaid


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