Linda Kimball
The connections between Baphomet and why researchers are creating interspecies embryos
By Linda Kimball
April 25, 2021

Writer Calvin Freiburger reports on an alarming new development in biological experimentation:

    “…scientists have created a hybrid embryo comprised of human and monkey cells.” “Interspecies chimera formation with human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) represents a necessary alternative to evaluate hPSC pluripotency in vivo and might constitute a promising strategy for various regenerative medicine applications, including the generation of organs and tissues for transplantation,” reads the summary of the paper published in the journal Cell.” “We demonstrated that hPSCs survived, proliferated, and generated several peri- and early post-implantation cell lineages inside monkey embryos.” (Scientists Successfully Create Embryo From Both Human and Monkey Cells, Lifesite News, Apr. 23, 2021)

If you imagine, as these new pagan researchers and millions of Westerners do, that billions of years ago you were chemicals, then seaweed, then perhaps evolved fish, then turtles, then dogs, then apes, and then finally you had evolved into humanoids, it would make sense to imagine that conducting global DNA modification experimentation upon the people of the world via a massive Covid ‘vaccination’ campaign might prove useful. Then logically, you would further imagine that using,

    “…hPSCs to generate human-animal chimeric embryos provides an experimental paradigm for studying early human development and holds great potential for diverse applications in regenerative medicine as well as for producing human tissues and organs for replacement therapies,”

Moreover, if your mind is thoroughly enslaved by these mainly man-made myths of diabolical origin, you would find yourself eagerly looking forward to the coming of a messianic Space Brother, something on the order of Arthur C. Clark’s messiah character, the Overlord Karellen, the "Supervisor for Earth.”

Karellen supposedly seeded the earth with life billions of years ago and had been supervising the evolution of human beings ever since. Now the ‘creator’ of man has come down, not from Mt. Hermon as during the days of Noah but from deep space (the second heaven) and reveals himself as a 16 foot tall, horned goat-headed transgender demon with cloven hooves, leathery wings, horns, and barbed tail.

Karellan looks like the twin of Baphomet celebrated by modern wiccans, Satanists, and occult pagan Globalists and Western Ruling class elitists.

A little over four years ago the European ruling class, represented by German Chancellor Angela Markel, French President Francois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Liechtenstein Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern took part in the opening of the world's longest tunnel under the Swiss Alps. The occult ceremony was acted out under the gaze of the All Seeing Eye, the symbol of Ba'al/Osiris/Horus…the Divine Androgyne, god of death and the underworld.

As the European ruling class looked on, graphically sexual and blatantly satanic rituals were performed featuring a baby-faced Lucifer (winged Horus) and Baphomet (the soul of Osiris) – a horned, goat-headed demon, symbol of the Divine Androgyne.

The androgynous horned demon was adored by scantily clad figures repeatedly prostrating themselves before him/her. As the horned god appeared horrific wailing and screaming was heard over the audio system. Then the goat headed demon simulated sexual acts with several of the male and female performers, many of whom were androgynous. (Europe's top leaders watch bizarre satanic ceremony opening world's longest tunnel, Life Site News, Jun. 6, 2016)

In Aleister Crowley's explanation of the etymology of the name Baphomet, taken from one of his most important works, Magick Liber ABA, Book 4, Crowley describes Baphomet (Satan) as the divine androgyne: [1]

    "SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is Baphomet, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection" (Who is Baphomet? Vigilant Citizen)

    "Baphomet represents the Powers of Darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat." (The Satanic Bible, Anton Lavey)

From ancient times the emasculated androgynous-homosexual temple priest has been upheld as the sexual ideal. Mircea Eliade, an expert in comparative religions argues that,

    "...androgyny as a religious archetype appears almost everywhere and in every age in the world's religions." (The God of Sex, Peter Jones, p. 76)

Augustine in his City of God vividly describes the 5th century pagan games and androgynous (transgender) temple priests,

    " ...offered in honor of Tanit, the celestial "virgin" and mother of the gods. He also describes the public display of the goddess's homosexual priests. "They were seen yesterday, their hair moist, their faces covered in make-up, their limbs flaccid, their walk effeminate, wandering through the squares and streets of Carthage, demanding from the public the means to subsidize their shameful life." (The Body Politic is Queer, Dr. Peter Jones, truthxchange, June 26, 2015)

Ancient Mesopotamian texts in the 19th century BC recount that the condition of androgynous priests was due to their devotion to Istar, "who herself had transformed their masculinity into femininity." Istar (Ishtar, Astarte, Tanit, Isis of a thousand names) was the Sumerian Innana, the androgynous queen of heaven and Mother Earth.

At the heart of ancient and contemporary 'new' pagan and mystical pantheist spirituality practiced by Globalists and millions of Westerners is monism. Monism (oneness) is a pattern of thought stretching back to ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks in the West and to the Upanishads in the East. All pagan and pantheist systems – ancient and new – have in common monism (void/primordial matter) and some form of evolution plus transmigration or reincarnation whereby within the natural dimension man can attain perfection apart from the transcendent Creator God, the Word Who spoke all things into existence.

The important symbols of monism are the Ouroboros (the serpent biting its tail), and serpent power (animated evolution). Serpent power is considered to be a concentrated field,

    "...of intelligent cosmic, invisible energy absolutely vital to life beginning in the base of the spine as a man or a woman begins to evolve in their first incarnation." (The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, p. 343)

In other words, the Divine Androgyne is the substance and source of the serpent powered energy field (the void, abyss, Absolute Nothingness). [2] The Divine Androgyne is also known as the serpent, Lucifer, Azazel, Goat of Mendes, Ba'al, Baphomet, Siva, the All Seeing Eye, Satan and in Arthur C. Clark’s book, as Karellan.

From of old, pagan elitists have worshipped the void, matter, and energy and imagined their ancestors were serpents or other creatures. Thus their modern new pagan counterparts adore Karellan because he represents what they want to be: a perfectly evolved immortal. Karellen is a god. He/she is Mother Nature’s first perfectly evolved product. With him/her all distinctions such as either male or female, either animal or human, either human or god, either good or evil have been resolved and united in perfect ‘oneness.’ Karellan is perfect: a Divine Androgyne and Psychopath par Excellence and men want to be like him/her.

Just here we can truly discern the necessity of doing the work of 2 Corinthians 10:5 so that, the Lord willing, these deeply deluded, demonically overshadowed and lost people “may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by the Lord's servant unto the will of God.” Tim. 2:26


[1] Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America And Our Children, Linda Kimball

[2] Absolute Nothingness and Non-Self: The Reigning Worldview Of Global Power Elites And Western Ruling Classes, Linda Kimball

© Linda Kimball


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