Linda Kimball
Why transgenderism is being forced upon America and our children
By Linda Kimball
March 3, 2021

There is an almost unnatural push for transgenderism – especially for children- from the left recently and you have to ask why. democrats make it sound like utopia but it is anything but… professionals are using the myth that people are born transgender to justify engaging in massive, uncontrolled, and unconsented experimentation on children who have a psychological condition that would otherwise resolve after puberty in the vast majority of cases.”(The Push For Transgenderism Is FOR Something, But It Sure Isn’t For Children, Drjohn, Flopping Aces, Feb 27, 2021)

Behind the transgender push at the national level is the United Nations Human Rights office. Its officials firmly oppose all who uphold the traditional family and its religious – especially Christian – underpinnings. It is now mobilizing sympathizers to gather information on the moral opposition:

The conservative United Nations’ watchdog group C-Fam reports that the Human Rights office is calling for input mostly from LGBT groups and activists to report on politicians, religious leaders and organizations that oppose their “rights.” C-Fam fears the names may well be put on a blacklist by the UN office and make them subject to sanctions and intimidation.” (Will the UN Human Rights Office Blacklist ‘LGBTQ+’ Hate Groups? John Horvat II, Return To Order)

What motives are behind this push? Drjohn suggests two reasons, “activism and money.”

There is another not-so-obvious reason. It is esoteric. It stands in the dark, waiting for that moment when Christianity has finally been tossed into the dustbin of history and the ‘unnatural thing’ that has been waiting in the dark might finally emerge into the light of day. Read on.

The Queer Eye star, Jonathan Van Ness, owned the red carpet at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles on Saturday. The bearded Van Ness wore a strapless black minidress,

"...adorned with an elaborate mint green satin bow on the back, which trailed behind him as he sashayed down the red carpet with the rest of the Fab Five – Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Antoni Porowski." (Jonathan Van Ness Won the Emmy Awards Red Carpet in a Strapless Black Minidress With an Elaborate Mint Green Bow, Rachel Hosie, Insider, Sept. 16, 2019)

It is incongruous that Leftist Progressivism's highly evolved and much bragged about 'enlightened' secular Western civilization reaches back to the pagan and pantheist pan-sexual spirituality of the ancient world as well as to its dehumanizing evolutionary origin account, void, matter, and evolutionary energy:

"If only matter and its evolutionary forms exist, then man, too, is only matter, however complex and superior to other forms he may be. If he is not a reflection of the divine being, then he is in no sense sacred and final, and new forms of evolution may supersede him. In recognition of this, the search for such new forms has always been the ultimate quest of utopians (since man) as we have known him is now being overcome by the new evolutionary form...coalesced mankind." Utopia: The Perennial Heresy, Thomas Molnar

As the West and America embrace the occult spirituality of the Mysteries, our secularized civilization also assumes its depraved ‘man is only matter’ view of humanity together with spiritism, Eastern mysticism, reincarnation, karma, earth as goddess, celebration of Baphomet, the Sun God [1], the Void (nothingness, abyss) and unrestrained pan-sexuality. This wholesale return to the dark past is touted by ‘brights’ and their darkened kindred as a 'new' and supposedly 'enlightened' and 'scientific' evolutionary worldview in which the two-in-one, or transgender (Sun God/Divine Androgyne) is the ideal sexual norm.

Who is the Divine Androgyne?

In Aleister Crowley's explanation of the etymology of the name Baphomet, taken from one of his most important works, Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4, Crowley describes Baphomet (Satan) as the divine androgyne:

"SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade 'Know Thyself!' and taught Initiation. He is 'The Devil' of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is Baphomet, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection" (Who is Baphomet? Vigilant Citizen)

"Baphomet represents the Powers of Darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat." (The Satanic Bible, Anton Lavey)

From ancient times the emasculated androgynous-homosexual priest has been upheld as the sexual ideal. Mircea Eliade, an expert in comparative religions argues that,

"...androgyny as a religious archetype appears almost everywhere and in every age in the world's religions." (The God of Sex, Peter Jones, p. 76)

Augustine in his City of God vividly describes the 5th century pagan games,

" ...offered in honor of Tanit, the celestial "virgin" and mother of the gods. He also describes the public display of the goddess's homosexual priests. "They were seen yesterday, their hair moist, their faces covered in make-up, their limbs flaccid, their walk effeminate, wandering through the squares and streets of Carthage, demanding from the public the means to subsidize their shameful life." (The Body Politic is Queer, Dr. Peter Jones, truthxchange, June 26, 2015)

Ancient Mesopotamian texts in the 19th century BC recount that the condition of androgynous priests was due to their devotion to Istar, "who herself had transformed their masculinity into femininity." Istar (Ishtar, Astarte, Tanit, Isis of a thousand names) was the Sumerian Innana, the androgynous queen of heaven and earth.

At the heart of ancient and contemporary 'new' pagan and mystical pantheist spirituality is monism, a pattern of thought stretching back to the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, and Greeks in the West and to the Upanishads in the East. All pagan and pantheist systems – ancient and new – have in common monism (primordial matter) and some form of evolution plus transmigration or reincarnation whereby within the natural dimension man can attain perfection apart from a transcendent Creator God.

Monism means that there is just the natural dimension, an Ultimate Substance consisting of void (aka nothingness, abyss) matter and mechanical energies (evolution) working on matter pregnant with the possibility of life, spirit, and conscious awareness. In this way of thinking, humans are not persons created in the spiritual image of the One God in three Persons but rather uncreated dehumanized aspects or units of the evolving universe of matter and energy. Nor are they either biologically male or female but rather two-in-ones, meaning androgynes or transgenders as they are called today.

The symbols of monism are the Ouroboros (the serpent biting its tail), and serpent power. Serpent power is considered to be a concentrated field,

"...of intelligent cosmic, invisible energy absolutely vital to life beginning in the base of the spine as a man or a woman begins to evolve in their first incarnation." (The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, p. 343)

In other words, the Divine Androgyne is the substance and source (void) of the serpent powered energy field. The Divine Androgyne is also known as the serpent, Azazel, Goat of Mendes, Ba'al, Baphomet, Siva, the All Seeing Eye and Satan.

When the European ruling class, represented by German Chancellor Angela Markel, French President Francois Hollande, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Liechtenstein Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern took part in the opening of the world's longest tunnel under the Swiss Alps, the ceremony was acted out under the gaze of the All Seeing Eye, the symbol of Ba'al/Osiris/Horus – Divine Androgyne, god of death and the underworld.

As the European ruling class looked on, graphically sexual and blatantly satanic rituals were performed featuring a baby-faced Lucifer (winged Horus) and Baphomet (the soul of Osiris) – a horned, goat-headed demon, symbol of the Divine Androgyne.

The androgynous horned demon was adored by scantily clad figures repeatedly prostrating themselves before him/her. As the horned god appeared horrific wailing and screaming was heard over the audio system. Then the goat headed demon simulated sexual acts with several of the male and female performers, many of whom were androgynous. (Europe's top leaders watch bizarre satanic ceremony opening world's longest tunnel, Life Site News, Jun. 6, 2016)

Many contemporary global elitists and their confederates at national levels are modern Mystery Religion initiates and adepts who seek perfection by conforming 'self' to the satanic androgynous 'god' while we who are followers of the Way of Jesus Christ seek perfection by becoming more like Him while still retaining our created sex – male or female. For modern initiates and adepts perfection also means losing their souls because pagan monism is a,

"...mystical, unitive experience, a state in which distinctions disappear and opposites are joined. Androgyny, on a sexual level, reflects and confirms such an experience." (God of Sex, p.79)

In other words, in occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the merging of male with female, light with dark, good with evil, and soul with the Void – the way by which occult initiates attain perfection by becoming most like the Divine Androgyne. Modern occult elitists go further by merging Jesus Christ with Siva. (Isaiah 5:20)

Pandemonium: The Capitol of Hell

For global and national occult elitists, Baphomet is an esoteric symbol that represents the merging of opposites, and Jonathan Van Ness and other highly celebrated emasculated males, transgenders and drag queens represent the power and domination of global and national occult elitists over the West's ignorant masses, the Egyptian slaves living in bondage to sin within an occult regime.

In their turn though, global and national occult elitists and all who serve them are the walking dead, the demonically overshadowed citizens of Pandemonium, the capitol of hell on earth. There they slavishly follow the satanic course of this darkened world under the power of the All Seeing Eye – the Divine Androgyne, Satan. Satan is the spirit behind the inversion and reversal of America's demonically darkened condition. The serpent is the author of heresy, apostasy, magic, chaos, lawlessness, death, stench, obscenity, mass murder, terror, and hell that is at work in the sons of disobedience.

The Spirit of Pagan Monism

The United States was mainly founded on a Biblical worldview with uniquely Christian presuppositions and morality. Today however, pagan monism, the system of the Divine Androgyne, reigns supreme. The spirit of monism abhors the Triune Creator, particularly Christ Jesus. It hates His creation and creational structures, and promotes breakdown of the family, open borders, abortion, infanticide, and anything goes pan-sexuality.

The paganization of the church and our culture is aided and abetted by compromising 'churchmen' who pacify the spirit of monism by replacing the Genesis account with evolution and promote sexual diversity, inclusion, social justice, inter spiritual religious unity and other heresies. In time, compromisers will segue into ministers of the devil (Divine Androgyne) said Matthew Henry.

While most commentators identify the falling star as Lucifer, in his Concise Commentary Matthew Henry provides a second, human identity. Human falling stars are tepid, indecisive, weak, compromising, or apostate clergy who, having ceased to be ministers of Christ,

"... he who is represented by this star becomes the minister of the devil; and lets loose the powers of hell against the churches of Christ. On the opening of the bottomless pit, there arose a great smoke. The devil carries on his designs by blinding the eyes of men...putting out light and knowledge, and promoting ignorance and error. Out of this smoke there came a swarm of locusts, emblems of the devil's agents, who promote superstition, idolatry, error, and cruelty...the true believers...should be untouched (but) a secret poison and infection in the soul, should rob many others of purity, and....peace. The locusts had no power to hurt those who had the seal of God. God's all-powerful, distinguishing grace will keep his people from total and final apostasy." (Commentary on Revelation 9: 1-12)

This is no time for Christians to lose courage. We must unflinchingly affirm the Bible's worldview – beginning with the Genesis account ex nihilo – as the gospel:

"Knowing Bible verses is not enough. Unless God is Creator, Redeemer, and Consummator, and unless his character structures creation, there is no gospel to preach. Gospel reconciliation is reconciliation to God the Creator. Clearheaded preaching will include God's revelation concerning sexuality. For – the battle for our souls is being fought in the battle for our sexual bodies. "(Peter Jones, The God of Sex, p. 193)

The fallen, satanically darkened world is purposefully hostile to followers of the Way of Christ. Therefore we are to be "wise as serpents and harmless as doves." (Matthew 1016) Likewise, we are to cast "down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5) And we must always be sober and watchful for your "adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8)

And finally, be of good courage, for the Lord has rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son. (Col. 1:13) So do not fear, for the Lord goes before us and will not fail us or forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:8)


[1] “…the stone in the middle of the room has more to tell us. We may see it as an altar, empty not because there is no God, not because it is an altar to an unknown god, but because it is dedicated to the God whom man worships under many names and in many forms… There is an ancient saying that the sense of a vessel is not in its shell but in the void. So it is with this room. It is for those who come here to fill the void with what they find in their center of stillness." A Room of Quiet, The Meditation Room, United Nations Headquarters

Originally published as The Divine Androgyne, Pandemonium, and the Battle For Our Souls this is an updated version.

© Linda Kimball


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