Linda Kimball
The technocratic utopian world order: Why proclaiming Jesus Christ the word became flesh is offensive
By Linda Kimball
July 30, 2017

Citing recent polls, Dr. Peter Jones notes that most young people "have graded Christianity, and so far, the grades aren't looking good." Young believers do not want the name "Christian" because of "the baggage that accompanies the label."

The most ethical, humane movement in two thousand years of Western history is now covered in abject shame, and main-line churches, faced with a dramatic loss of members and funds, are redefining themselves through an intense engagement with the surrounding secular world,

" blur the boundaries between religion and the broader society." (1)

Faithful, orthodox Christianity is now despised because influential segments of the culture have converted in one form or another to religious paganism,

"... and have thus abandoned the fundamental worldview notions of orthodox Christianity." (1)

Large segments of American culture – especially the ruling class – have converted to religious paganism, and it is Technocratic Trans-Humanism's idolatry, Evolution "god," and Scientism that set the stage as long ago as 1850:

"Scientism rejects all philosophical, religious, and metaphysical claims to understand reality, since the truth it portends cannot be validated by the Scientific Method. Thus, science is the absolute and only access to truth and reality." (2)

Modern Technocracy and Trans-humanism are products of the utopian notion that science and technology can fulfill the utopian dream of ridding the world of evil by perfecting society and engineering a New Man through application of Darwinian science. The scientific engineering of a new man is based on the proposition that since man has evolved over millions of years from a sub-human past then logically he will evolve over time into something better or "post human." Furthermore, it is the Elect, the post-human god-men who can scientifically engineer our evolution:

"Transhumanism is the ultimate goal of Technocracy ... a meta-movement: the idea that the works of Man's hands can save Humanity – hence, technology and science forms the basis of a Technocratic society. Transhumanism takes this to its ultimate conclusion: The development of the post-human or neo-human."

"Based on the premise that evolution is true, Transhumanism looks to shape the human species through the direct application of science. In other words, by employing technology we can take hold of the evolutionary process and change it as we desire, thus becoming the masters of our future. To this end, advocates of Transhumanism ascribe to a multitude of possible options."

Dr. Martin Erdmann, who was a Senior Scientist at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, researched the ethical implications of Nanotechnology and Transhumanism. Erdmann concludes:

"Transhumanist philosophy promotes the idea of human enhancement by technological means. In its extremes, futuristic concepts like intelligence enhancement (up to "superintelligence") using techniques like genetic engineering, psychopharmacology, anti-aging therapies, neural interfaces, wearable/implantable computers, long-lasting internal organ replacement, mental uploading and so forth are propagated from prominent positions like the US Nanotechnology Initiative and the Oxford University philosophy department."

"...transhumanists urge the human race to seize control of its destiny, casting off the restrictive and pernicious dogmas of bygone eras, as they see it. It is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase."

The world is being actively transformed according to a philosophy called Technocracy, and it "is impacting every segment of society in every corner of the world." This wrenching transformation is sponsored and orchestrated by a global elite "led by David Rockefeller's and Zbigniew Brzezinski's Trilateral Commission." (2)

The tentacles of Technocracy include programs such as,

"Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Global Warming/Climate Change, Cap and Trade, Agenda 21, Common Core State Standards, Conservation Easements, Public-Private Partnerships, Smart Growth, Land Use, energy Smart Grid, de-urbanization, and de-population." (2)

Religious Foundations of Technocracy and Trans-Humanism

Trans-humanism is a dualistic neo-Gnostic religiously and spiritually pagan worldview consisting of a blend of revitalized mystery religions, Gnostic pagan and Eastern occult pantheist elements and magic science undergirded by a strong Darwinian impulse. Its conception of ultimate reality is philosophically monist. The parent of monism and evolution is the Mesopotamian occult worldview, the Babylonian mystery religion and its dying and rising Sun god that gave birth to all of the world's ancient and modern mystery religions. Thus today, the world's 'dying and rising' Sun god of a thousand names is the god of the UN Meditation Room mural, an asymmetrically arranged magic square symbolizing the Divine Energy Field, the singularity (symbolized by a serpent biting its tail) from which emanate evolving creative energies (serpent power) extending into the psyche of mankind. (5)

Dressed in the language of science, the Technocratic version of monism is holism. Like monism, holism is the view that ultimate reality is an energized unified whole, a machine of life and of the Universe itself that evolves toward,

"...ever more complex states, as if a ghost were operating the machine." Within this entire machine, man is a unit, a holon "controlled by other holons greater than it, all of which are in a continuous state of evolution to a higher, more complex form. Such a complete system of holons is...a holarchy." (2)

Within the philosophy of holism, all existing things can be described by a single system since mind and matter are formed from and reducible to the "ghost" (evolution/divine energy) operating the machine. With Darwinism for instance, God, mind, and spirit are reducible to the ultimate reality (energy field). In this scheme of things, divine energy emanating from the energy field operates within the neural complexity of the brain, meaning that divine consciousness (God reduced to divine energy) operates within the brains of the "enlightened" or "illumined" Elect, or Pure. This idolatrous way of thinking is in direct contrast to the Biblical teaching that though men are made in the spiritual image of God they do not partake of God's being or "ghost operating the machine." (Gen. 1:27).

Trans-humanism's worldview is grounded in a neo-Gnostic inverted exegesis that places the genesis of everything existing at the bottom, in a void, starting perhaps from a movement, and then miraculously evolving upward by the amazing powers of the "ghost." This evolutionary account affirms on one hand that living beings created themselves and on the other that their spirits are free, meaning untouched by the Holy Triune Creator, the evil demiurge responsible for trapping free spirits in evil matter. Hence the Trans-humanist desire to get rid of their "meat machines" by merging them with machines:

"...inserting technology into human brains is not the only thing going on. Some scientists also want to insert human brains into technology." (6)

The view that the material realm is a hell created by an evil demiurge (the Holy Trinity) is why a number of physicists and Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom, one of the founders of the World Transhumanist Association, put forward a 'scientific' theory that the world we live in is a computer simulation in the minds of Robotic Overlords who are using humanity as playthings. Within the context of this theory, the Holy Trinity is the expression of an ego-driven consciousness – a projection of artificial intelligence that has entrapped humanity through deceit and parasitism in a simulated world of matter to prevent human beings from remembering that they are divine spirits whose real home is the Divine Energy Field or Pleroma.

"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." Ecclesiastes 1:9, KJB

In "The Pagan Temptation," Dr. Thomas Molnar (1921-2010), a Catholic philosopher, historian, and political theorist, writes that from Plato to Plotinus it was held as axiomatic that the fall was not of man into sin but of divine sparks into the evil material realm. The fall was either inexplicable or explained as punishment in an earthly hell. At any rate it was a plunge from being as one with or an aspect of the monistic Ultimate Reality into the multiple, or binary. Binary means for example that before the fall good and evil were not distinct one from the other and rather than two distinct sexes, male/female was androgynous. Additionally, the androgyne (transgender) was not simply a combination of opposites, but a uniquely transformed being:

"Hermes called me the Sun and the Moon. Riplaeus called me the green lion. Our author called me hermaphrodite, but I pay no attention to that. It makes no difference. Nor does it matter what the sophists [philosophy teachers] call me, for they learn nothing for all their trouble except: I am One Substance, not two..." (Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon, translated by Mike Brenner, the Alchemists Closet)

John 1: 1-5 The Word Became Flesh

After the fall, good and evil are opposites and there are two distinct sexes. This being the case, the revolutionary impact of Christian teaching about two distinct and unbridgeable dimensions (supernatural and natural), the Incarnation, the Word became flesh, the Resurrection, the fall of man, two created sexes, Ten Commandments and Gospel of salvation was nothing less than a scandal to ancient pagan sages and completely unacceptable to their modern counterparts. Thus Karl Marx, a modern neo-Gnostic declares:

"The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." (7)

The Genesis account of creation ex nihilo is repugnant because if true meant the physical realm is not evil because it is of God's creation, therefore it does not pre-exist creation or come into existence by way of a Big Bang and evolver deity.

The Incarnation was utterly repulsive to pagan sages since for the Ultimate Reality (Psalm 115: 5) to incarnate within an evil body was as unthinkable as it is for Trans-humanists. In "Against the Christians" (frag. 77) Porphyry, disciple of Plotinus and Arnobius, writes:

"How can one admit that the divine should become an embryo, that after his birth he is put in swaddling clothes, that he is soiled with blood and bile, and worse things yet?" (8)

All of this is behind Trans-humanism's ferocious rejection of Jesus Christ, which by implication denies that there ever was a creation ex nihilo or real personal Creator. But the Word is also the "true witness" and the "Amen," and such denials will only be "unto their own destruction" (2 Peter 3:16)

Throughout the contemporary West and America Technocratic Trans-humanism's idolatry and Scientism with its Elect and exalted priesthood of scientists and social engineers is the only allowable source of truth about universal reality, earth (Gaia), and the nature of man – an evolving holon, making Trans-humanism's idolatry, Scientism, and Evolution "god" the West's three most powerful fortresses of mind:

"The gods of the nations are not creator gods and (as) Jeremiah puts it, the gods that did not create the world will perish, as indeed they have. In our own times idolatry, which was a universal substitute for the Creator God, has been replaced by the widely held theory of evolution. Both are substitutes for the concept of the Creator God. Just as the ancients and the heathen today deified and worshipped the creature as the for western secular man the modern theory of evolution deifies nature, and acknowledges it as creator of all we see around us...and in this way the God who made the world is as effectively shut out of the minds of those who are enjoying the blessings of His creation as He was by the false religions of idolatry. Just as the idolaters could not see the foolishness, indeed the stupidity, of worshipping gods (that) have no life nor purpose nor mind, so modern believers in the theory of evolution cannot see the foolishness of that theory. The Bible says that if we refuse to have the Creator God in our mind, God gives us up to a reprobate mind." (Dr. Broughton Knox, principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, 1959-1985, Creation Ministries International)

Technocracy is an utterly nihilistic, global religion and reigning superstition and madness-producing factory of the once-Christian West and America. It is promulgated by contemporary Western heirs of a rebellion against the Holy Trinity that emerged out of the Renaissance giving birth to an occult intelligentsia, open intercourse with spirits, astral plane travels, totalitarian aspirations, subjectivism (moral relativism), and Illuminism, a teaching of ancient mystery religions that holds that man,

"...can evolve, through initiatory steps, into a god state himself." (New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies," William Still, p. 27)

Today, Technocracy and Trans-Humanism are the foundational and all-controlling thought-systems dominating all of modern Western and American culture. Thus its evolution "god" and monism are taken for granted throughout college curriculum and strongly influence biological and earth sciences, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, law, the media, arts, medicine, and all other academic disciplines. And thanks to compromising Christian intellectuals, theologians and seminarians, for over one hundred years it has been moving into and subsequently paganizing the Christian church over and across the entire denominational spectrum. (9)

Technocracy: Contemporary Utopian World Order

In his masterful book, "Utopia: The Perennial Heresy," Thomas Molnar pointed out that in every age the utopian finds ample evidence for his belief that his age is a penultimate phase ready to usher in the last definitive evolutionary leap of being. (10)

But since utopian systems are illusory patterns of thought with their own logic, expectations, and interpretive mechanisms, reality and real data do not substantially influence the utopian thinker since he is able to fit the data, even the Word of God, onto the Procrustean bed of his desires and to find encouragement in the most evil events. Thus he dismisses realistic appraisals of his utopian schemes as from those who are against Progress, Evolution, Science, Peace, and Plenty. He remains indifferent to the suffering and death caused by application of his illusory patterns of thought because he rejoices over the existence of evil and chaos since out of chaos arises the new and perfected order. (10)

Modern utopianism has even invented new forms of evil such as genocide, concentration camps, mind-conditioning techniques and psychological warfare.

The 'patients' (mass-man) of psychological conditioning have a well-developed utopian consciousness. They know for instance that the Holy Trinity, if He exists at all, is evil; that global warming and climate change are real and present dangers and that Science and its priests are the only source of truth. Mass-man also knows that mankind is near the end of evolution and now possesses the inner resources for self-salvation. (10)

The exalted leaders of utopia are post-humans (demi-gods), the Pure Elect who are closer to the Super Consciousness (God) than mere mortals. Thus mass-man worships the Elect, the guarantors of salvation (complete security) because they lift responsibility from the shoulders of mass-man and allow him to sin freely and without guilt. Additionally, the Elect assume the burden of thinking, of decision making, and planning for the future and the building of a virtuous New World Order. The New World Order is virtuous because it prefigures the final fusion of mass-man awaiting its next cosmic-divine adventure.

Monistic thinking is unmistakable in all messianic utopian thinking, which considers Christianity an arch-enemy because the utopian message of salvation is utterly incompatible with basic Christian doctrine, that of original sin,

"...with its vision of history as the story of the Fall, and its denial of man's power to attain salvation by his own exertions. The dichotomies of soul and body, etc., stood condemned before the majesty of the oneness of Life and oneness of History..." (10)

But man cannot survive as man, that is, an individual soul with a conscience, when he is despiritualized and deprived of the only true Creator God and reduced to a holon or aspect of evolutionary energies:

"If only matter and its evolutionary forms exist, then man, too, is only matter, however complex and superior to other forms he may be. If he is not a reflection of the divine being, then he is in no sense sacred and final, and new forms of evolution may supersede him. In recognition of this, the search for such new forms has always been the ultimate quest of utopians (since man) as we have known him is now being overcome by the new evolutionary form...coalesced mankind." (10)

Despiritualized, coalesced mass-man, begotten by the Sovereign World State, existing in totalized society is regarded as a unit of the work force, a part of the whole, made for the whole, and relatively valueless in himself.

Utopianism has its basis in hatred of God and the world He created. In order for the utopian to assert his mastery over the world and mankind he must 'murder' or otherwise eliminate God, thereby liberating the Elect to define the deconstruction and transformation of creation and man under the sign of science.

Behind all of this is the burning ambition and delusional hopes of the zealot in his conviction that only the Elect have knowledge, which is power. It was against such temptation that man was warned under the Tree of Life. But the utopian wants to perfect the imperfect creation as an act of vengeance against the God who drove men from Paradise. (10)

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit following the tradition of men according to the rudiments of the world, and not in accordance with Christ." Colossians 2:8

Psychologically conditioned, confused, battered, and demonized, Christians have bought into a Big Lie that defines Technocratic Trans-Humanism's idolatry, Scientism, evolution "god" and utopian fantasy as "factual" science, therefore the only source of truth. Thus if Technocracy's utopian worldview is a fact of 'science,' then the personal Creator God, Genesis account and Gospel are not true, so why bother with Christianity if it has been scientifically invalidated?

The origins of our contemporary paganized culture plunge deep into apostasy, idolatry, nihilism, hatred of the Holy Trinity, madness, utopianism, the spiritually pantheist occult, and other evils while its future projects,

"... include the silencing of Two-ist Christianity altogether. It can only be countered by courageous Christian believers from this rising generation who are willing to engage the revolutionary intellectual "strongholds," the "arguments and "lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God," in order to "take every thought captive to obey Christ..." (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) with "transformed minds" (Romans 12:2) by understanding and imitating "the mind of Christ" (1 Corinthians 2:16). Just do it!" (Peter Jones)

@2017 Linda Kimball

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