Linda Kimball
Progressive liberalism's obscene obsession with sex: its sinister purposes
By Linda Kimball
February 28, 2010

In an article titled, "Survey Asks Students When They Lost Virginity," writer Bob Unruh reported, "A team of lawyers who advocate for parental rights is working with parents whose children attend Ventura High School in Southern California to raise a formal objection after teachers had students fill out a survey on sex with questions such as "Are you sexually active" and "If not, why not?" ( )

Many prophetic voices have tried to warn Americans that they and their society are quickly falling into the abyss of human and satanic decadence, madness, mayhem, and murder that engulfed Russia after the atheist-Gnostic Bolsheviks seized control of that civilization and transformed it into a flaming hell controlled by psychopaths. Later, Germany burned in a variation of the same hell.

After repenting of atheist Communism, Whittaker Chambers succinctly summarized the idea that animated Bolshevism (Marxist Communism), Nazism, and America's Progressive Liberalism. That idea said Chambers, was first suggested to Adam and Eve: "You can be as gods."

In speaking the truth, Chambers came under such a massive, vicious assault from highly placed, powerfully influential American Progressives, Communists, Socialists, Secular Humanists, and their fellow travelers that Chambers feared for his life and the safety of his family. These madmen now control our government, academia, and all of the highest corridors of power and influence, Chambers later observed.

Another voice of warning is that of social historian Ralph de Toledano. In his book, "Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring-Down and How It Happened," Toledano documents in chilling detail how a powerful cabal of treacherous 'man-gods' — intellectuals, educrats, politicians, and other power-players manipulated by a well-financed world-wide conspiracy, organized the strategy to undermine the Christian-based American system. Toledano identifies members of the cabal and meticulously details how this silent conspiracy — a massive betrayal of Americans — was carried out. His sources are Presidents, government and academic leaders, top-level intelligence operatives, Wall Street insiders, and the wreckers themselves in a never-told-before and in-depth account.

The strategy that evolved to "bring down" America wrote Toledano, was summed up by Jerry Rubin, vociferous leader of the Progressive "counterculture" which began trashing America in the 1960s and reducing it to moral and cultural impotence:

"We've combined youth, music, sex, drugs, and rebellion — and that's a combination hard to beat." (Cry Havoc! p. 40)

Note: for an updated version of Toledanos' expose read, "In the Shadow of Leviathan: America's Arising Fear-Based Society" here:

The great 19th century prophet Feodor Dostoevsky summarized this worldwide conspiracy by saying that the rebels — the 'man-gods' — are trying to raise up another Tower of Babel. They mean to destroy man's awareness of God and then to usurp His throne. They are mad, even possessed, said Dostoevsky. In their madness, they believe they have discovered the 'keys' that unlock the secrets of creation. By way of these keys, which they call their 'evolutionary science,' but which is in fact a grimoire of goetia — a 'scientism of magic and madness' — they will 'uncreate' man made in the image of God and then recreate a New Man — a soulless Golum — and an earthly utopia, which some today are calling the 'Kingdom of God" on earth. Read: "Evolutionism: The Dying West's Science of Magic and Madness" here:

Since the Biblical God designed man as male and female, then the two sexes must be "unmade." But then what is left? What is man if not either male or female? There is only one option: androgyny, the notion that man is both male and female. In today's politically correct parlance, androgyny is gayness. The pushing of gay rights and gay marriage bolsters both the destruction of the traditional family and the idea of androgyny, all of which promotes Transnational Progressivism's population control schemes. It all works together.

The Unmaking of Male and Female

It was in Bolshevik controlled Russia that so-called 'scientific' experiments were conducted on 'enemies of the state' and other 'human weeds' for a multiplicity of purposes, including that of conditioning males and females into accepting that they were gender-neutral. Since merging the two sexes is not biologically possible, experiments consisted of various mind-control techniques. Communist Russia's concentration camps were in reality, huge 'scientific' laboratories where brutally sadistic mind control experiments were conducted using mind-altering drugs, electric shock, and other forms of physical and mental torture.

Along with destroying man's awareness of God, a necessary order of business was to destroy Christian sexual ethics. Toward this goal, obscene pornographic sex-education 'therapy' was forced onto children who had been forcibly removed from their parents. Some researchers put the number of these children in the millions.

In every nation forcibly seized by these madmen, the same evils were committed.

The same goes for America. But here the take-over was to be conducted clandestinely. A long, slow, infiltration, take-over and radical remaking of America's seminaries, schools, colleges, judiciary, political parties, media, and arts — including music, written, and visual — would be conducted 'below the radar.' Progressive revolutionaries would 'capture' Christian morality, invert and twist it, and then proclaim this 'new morality' in the name of 'tolerance, gay rights, choice, fairness, diversity, progress, and peace,' among other things. Today this twisted, inverted morality is known as political correctness. As well, duped Americans were to be both divided against themselves by resentment and also kept in the dark. Only after the jaws slammed shut would Americans finally realize the trap they had fallen into. But by then it would be too late.

That America is a fetid-swamp of pornography is one obvious sign of the successful take-over of America. Another is the ever-deepening chasm between the progressively irreligious, atheists, Wiccans, Satanists, and other categories of 'true-believers' on one side and the ever-shrinking numbers of orthodox Christians, Conservatives, and fellow-travelers on the other side. Yet another sign is seen in the blatant power-seizures by George Soros Presidential sock-puppet and his gang of Chicago thugs who intend to force their will-and-way upon the citizens of this nation. Another sign is the obscene 'sex-education' now firmly entrenched in every school in our country. With that success, a further transgression was successfully committed with the embedding of Gay Lesbian Straight Education Networks in an ever-increasing number of schools. The unmaking of male-female sex norms is now well underway.

All of this has one sinister purpose: the destruction of Christian-based America and the West:

Western civilization notes Toledano, "...was made up of many mansions — the morality that derives from the Old and New Testaments, the traditional family, the respect for the past as a guide to the future, the restraint of man's baser instincts, and a socio-political organization which guaranteed freedom without license. Of these obstacles, the two greatest were God and the family." (Cry Havoc! p. 27)

Hedonism, pornography, and homosexuality are powerfully destructive energies. When unleashed, they strike at "the family and child-bearing," said Toledano. Early sexual activity by children "destroyed parental authority," and drugs "which stimulated the gonads became pandemic." (ibid, p.39)

Dostoevsky wrote that "if there is no (Biblical) God, then everything is possible." In the words of the dark prophet Nietzsche, if the Christian God is dead, then so too is unchanging, self-evident truth and universal morality. Man is no longer made in the image of the dead God, which means that not only is man's individual soul and mind dead, but so too the male-female dichotomy. With God dead, the Constitution is rendered meaningless and all of Western civilization collapses and dies as well. Welcome to the New World Order, a totalitarian utopia of soulless, androgynous, mechanical Golems.

Tragically, most people only learn the hard lessons of life after repeated mistakes with their consequent suffering. So often, naive hubris is the stumbling block to wisdom. In other cases, the stumbling blocks are adolescent rebellion against authority, the desire to be part of the 'in-crowd-at- whatever-the-cost,' greed, gluttony, ignorance, apathy, fear of the loss of status, popularity, and/or material possessions and other selfish reasons.

That said, the question is: Will we listen? Will we learn? Or is it too late? Have we fallen so far that we just yawn and scoff at yet another wake-up call? Must we learn our lessons by descending into the satanic horrors that engulfed Russia and Germany?

Further reading:

Cultural Marxism

© Linda Kimball


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