Cynthia A. Janak
The truth about the HPV vaccines or what they do not want you to know (Part 1)
By Cynthia A. Janak
June 9, 2010

In my last article I mentioned that I was part of an international group of women and we had a "listening session" with the FDA and presented our findings, based on scientific, peer reviewed and FDA and CDC documents. The presentation was held on March 12th of 2010 and the silence of the FDA to our findings is deafening.

What I am going to do is inform you as to what our findings are in a series of articles. The reason for this is because the presentation had 54 slides and there is just too much data involved for just one article.

To start with let me tell you about the women in this international group.

Karen Maynor from New Mexico is the one who got this whole thing with the FDA rolling when she sent them a letter. What ensued because of that letter was a series of conference calls with the FDA that led up to the webinar. The reason that the letter was sent in the first place was that she lost her beautiful daughter because of the Gardasil vaccine and wanted answers. Her daughter's name was Megan and she passed just before her 21rst birthday.

I am going to give you a few excerpts so you will get to know this beautiful young woman. The first is going to come from my memorial page at

Hello, My name is Melvin Gonzales, Megan's fiancé. Megan was a beautiful woman and full with life.

Family was a big thing to Meg she always wanted to become a mother that was her biggest dream. We were together four and half years and were high school sweet hearts. Our relationship felt like a love story you would go see in the movies. We loved being with each other every minute we had. That morning when I came home from work she was so happy. Not a worry in the world, making jokes to each other and just enjoying life. Megan gave me the most beautiful morning that I'd had ever had.

Thank you for the memorial you put up its means a lot to me and the family.

November, 2008, Megan Hild, age 20, Megan loved children especially her nieces and nephew. Her family was her life and she never missed an opportunity to spend time with them. She especially liked to be at home just hanging out with family and friends. Megan was a student at CNM working towards her Associates degree in radiology and general studies. Megan's beautiful smile will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

She was a very healthy and happy going to college young lady.

Here is an excerpt of an email I received from her mother.

On her death certificate it will read, Cause of death unknown. She's my daughter and I loved her!!!! I will never see her graduate college. I will never see her wear a wedding dress and hold her babies in her arms.

The one thing in common that four out of the five girls that I have featured is that the actual cause of death is unknown. How can that be? How can these healthy, active young women for no apparent reason just die? That does not make any logical sense to me. There has to be a reason because things like this just do not happen, period.

This is what she said during an interview with Norma Erickson who writes for the

Karen, I know you and your family have suffered an unimaginable loss, if it's not too painful, could you explain a little about what happened?

It is amazing the things we discover during a tragedy. Our tragedy has lead us to the establishment of

It all started with the death of our daughter on November 15, 2008, a week and a half before her 21st birthday. She had written a note on my MySpace page that morning telling me how excited she was to be turning 21 soon.

My daughter had always been a healthy child. Throughout her school days she very rarely got sick. She graduated from high school and went on to college. Her goal was to become a radiologist. Peering at the unborn was where she wanted to be. She was working part-time while attending college. When she started having severe bouts of fatigue, after her first two Gardasil shots, we thought it was due to her schedule. She began to have a multitude of health problems, including terrible headaches and severe stomach pains. We never thought about the possibility of them being related to the Gardasil vaccine. Then, she was gone.

This beautiful, vibrant, active girl whom we were all so proud of was suddenly gone and we were left searching for a reason. We needed to know how and why our beloved Megan was taken.

This is what was on slide 44 of the presentation to the FDA.

Why did my daughter die?

One less daughter, one less sister, one less aunt, one less niece, one less student, one less future wife, one less future mother; one less woman who will make a difference.

ONE LESS! ....................................................................

-Shanna Jojola, sister of Megan

Not a day goes by that our family does not mourn the loss of our beautiful daughter, Megan Hild. My oldest daughter, Shanna is traumatized by the fact that she encouraged Megan to get Gardasil.

I will not live with a cause of death unknown on her autopsy report. I will not tolerate the "expert's" who told me that Megan was ready to leave this life. I spoke with my daughter two hours before she died. She was vibrant, beautiful, healthy and embraced her life, her future — her family and her boyfriend.

Do not forget the guilt, grief and loss that the families are left with. They are the ones who carry the burden of a life unnecessarily taken or a daughter damaged from the HPV vaccines.

-Karen Maynor

Now Karen is on the board of directors of Truth About Gardasil. This is what she has to say taken from that website.

We all travel down roads through our lives and sometimes we can pick the road we travel, sometimes it is picked for us.

This road was picked for me and my family. On Nov 15th, 2008 our beautiful daughter Megan was found dead. She was on her way to being a happy 21 years old, a week and half away; however, that never happened. So, began the journey.

We were told that there was no cause of death found in our daughter. But we knew she had had the Gardasil vaccine and I started researching, I found that so many young girls had been affected, many others who had died with no cause of death. These poor parents they needed answers, they need help. I started contacting my representatives in my state of NM. I had meetings with them, wrote many letters. Many news articles had been done about the Gardasil Girls and their parents. I wrote to the FDA and I called them concerning my daughter and the many who have been injured and the road only widened. There are many on this road now. All are working so hard and working many hours to warn others to become educated about this vaccine.

I know that for me and my family there will be no peace until we can find the cause of Megan's death. There will be no peace until we see this vaccine investigated and removed.

Please know that while you are reading this, my hope for you is to become educated about this vaccine and I pray this road was not picked for you.

Let me tell you about Rosemary Mathis from North Carolina. She is the co-founder and Chairman of the "Truth About Gardasil" organization. Her 12 year old daughter became disabled after the third Gardasil vaccination. This is what she states on the website.

My 12 year old daughter was disabled by Gardasil. Her life as she knew it completely changed after her third vaccination. She could no longer attend school, go to church, or live a normal life. She was always in pain and we spent thousands of dollars and many hours going to doctors who could not help her. I spent countless hours on the internet researching how to treat and possibly help my daughter. I quickly learned that I was not alone and many other parents were doing the same thing.

Because of the tragedy that disabled her daughter, Rosemary has dedicated her life to see that these HPV vaccines are taken off the market in order to prevent any more harm to our children.

Another member of this international group of women is Freda Birrell from Scotland. She is on the board of directors of Truth About Gardasil.

When I first found out about Gardasil in January 2009 and the damage that was occurring, I felt an instant desire to do something about it. I joined the Lets Talk About Gardasil blog and through time got involved with some of the mothers. That is how I got to know Karen Maynor and we have been great friends since then, she is like my younger sister. I am a political person, believe in justice and especially when children are harmed I know I have to do everything I can to protect them. About the middle of last year I got to know Rosemary and we worked together on the first project to the FDA in September 2009. From that point we both had the same kind of vision and getting to know Marian, it became even more important to me that we succeeded in our efforts to have both Gardasil and Cervarix taken off the market. When I saw the harm that Gardasil caused Holly and Lauren, as well as dear Megan I knew I was in this for the long haul.

We also have Janny Stokvis from the Netherlands. She is also on the board of directors of Truth About Gardasil.

I am 48 and from the Netherlands. In September 2008 I got in contact with the father of Brooke Petkevicius. Brooke died from a blood clot after Gardasil vaccination. In our family we have a rare blood clotting disease. I have had a pulmonary embolism twice. My daughter was in the age group to get the vaccine Cervarix. After I did my own research I came to the conclusion that we in The Netherlands are not fully informed about the HPV vaccines.

I am an advocate because there is a big difference between the information that is given to the public and the reality. I have many contacts with Gardasil moms. Not only in the US. In Europe we also have Gardasil girls and now also Cervarix girls.

I decided to dedicate my energy, time and knowledge to help those who are desperately looking for what happened to their daughters and to help to bring out the truth about Gardasil and Cervarix so there will be no more unnecessary victims. I am a realist and know how to concentrate on facts. I have spent countless hours in the VAERS database, and also keep track of the AE's from The Netherlands, the UK and Germany. I feel very honored to be able to have contact with you, because I have a lot of questions about VAERS and the research on adverse events. And I hope you will be interested in how European governments misinform their population about adverse events that occur. That should be a point of concern to you, because the European countries get their information from the EMEA and EMEA gets their information from the FDA. The FDA is always the main point of information about the HPV vaccines.

Leslie Carol Botha is also a member of this dedicated group. Botha is a women's health educator, broadcast journalist, and internationally recognized expert on the relationship between women's hormone cycles and their behaviors. She was recognized in 2006 by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and was honored with the Edward R. Dewey award for her "pioneering work on female hormones and behaviors." Today, she hosts a radio show titled, "Holy Hormones Honey, The Greatest Story Never Told," and has a web blog with the same name. Botha and her co-author, Sandra H. Chevalier-Batik have published their first e-book titled; "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle," She is also part of a growing body of lay women and professionals through The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, an organization committed to providing education about the value of menstruation and its relevance to women's health and well being.

Botha was the first to question administering the HPV to adolescent girls during the paramenstrum. In 2008 she and Batik wrote an article Vaccinating Teens During Menstrual Phase May Increase Adverse Reactions published by the National Vaccine information Center. Indeed, her concerns are well-founded since many of the victims are been more severely affected when receiving the vaccines during that phase of their menstrual cycle. Many of the victims also suffer adverse reaction relapses during the paramentstrum.

She has been researching women's hormonal health for 30 years. Leslie's web site is

I must mention Marian Greene who was behind the scenes during this whole process. Her daughter's name is Holly. She received the HPV vaccination May 22 of 2008 and is now having severe health problems just like all the other Gardasil Girls. During the time we spent working long hours putting the data for the presentation together she kept up with the "Truth About Gardasil" website. She is also the co-founder and chairman of this organization and has dedicated her life to informing other parents about the HPV vaccines.

As you know, yours truly, was also part of this group. I have been researching the vaccine Gardasil since February 2007 and Cervarix since 2008. What I have found has changed my life forever. I no longer have the faith in the medical profession in regards to their oath "to do no harm." I believe that something happened along the way since my childhood when the family doctor used to come to your home to care for the sick.

The other thing that happened recently is that I am now disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I now have this condition because it was triggered by a black box warning labeled antibiotic that the doctor I had at the time told me "was okay" when asked. One doctor that I saw in regards to this condition told me that he could not understand why I was given this antibiotic.

Now my understanding of "New Medical Conditions" and my quest to see these HPV vaccines removed from the market has greater meaning. I now believe that before taking any drug or submitting to any vaccine you need to question and do your own research. I know I will not believe what a doctor tells me about a drug ever again. That is if I am ever forced by circumstances to need one.

Now you have all the people that were involved with this presentation. I must tell you that the cooperation, investigation and documentation took a lot of time and effort. I must also tell you that many of us have never met but have become sisters in this fight to remove these HPV vaccines that are causing harm to our children.

This was taken from slide 2. "We are a group of six women including a mother whose daughter died after receiving the Gardasil vaccine and another whose daughter suffered adverse reactions. Over the last three to four years we have offered our time to research, educate and communicate the potential dangers of the HPV vaccines. We represent a growing global community of parents, journalists, and researchers who are dedicating energy, time and knowledge to assist those families desperate to understand what happened to their daughters, and to bring out the truth about Gardasil and Cervarix so there will be "one less" instead of "one more" innocent victim."

"We speak on behalf of families around the world to bring justice to the thousands of adversely injured girls and the estimated hundreds of girls who have died from Gardasil and Cervarix."

Here is a list of the countries that we represent or have representatives in:

United States
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
New Zealand

"Not a day goes by that one of us receives an email from a parent whose daughter was affected by the vaccination. They all have so many questions. We are going to address what we feel are the most common and widespread concerns." Each concern will be addressed in its entirety in the upcoming articles.

The next article will address the global parental concerns and answer this question. "My daughter is now sick after the HPV vaccination and has warts on her hands and feet.

Is HPV really only an STD?"

The information that will be presented in this series on the HPV vaccines was not revealed to the public. This is what they do not want you to know.

If after reading this you want to do your own research into the HPV vaccines here are some places to start.

© Cynthia A. Janak


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