Cynthia A. Janak
The reality of the vaccine wars
By Cynthia A. Janak
April 18, 2009

In recent months we have been hearing from the PhD's, MD's, Dr.'s and others in the medical community telling us about the dangers of not vaccinating. They have even gone so far as to say that the pharmaceutical companies might even stop creating vaccines. They are saying this because a Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that state courts could hear cases involving alleged vaccine design defects.

You also have the same people telling us that more vaccines and drugs are better. Personally, I do not believe in better living through chemistry. I believe that I have this finally tuned machine of a body and when you put something in it that does not belong there you can have cascade failure.

What we have now is what I call the vaccine wars. Everyone is writing books about everything that they have found. Dr. Offit says vaccines are good. Others say that vaccines are bad. You have parents on both sides of this war and it is getting bloody.

What I am going to give you today is a spreadsheet that I created. I wanted to know what the world would be like if all the countries would follow the vaccine schedules of the UK and the US.

I am going to start with the main topic of conversation in the vaccine wars and that is the HPV vaccines Cervarix and Gardasil.

I used the numbers from this website. They are able to project population numbers. This is what I got for the 10-29 year olds.

This document only gives the ages in 5 year increments so I did the best that I could. The percentage for Cervarix I took from my article "Mystery Epidemic Hitting the UK after the HPV Jab." The percentage for Gardasil was taken from the same article. The column with the "New Medical Conditions" percentage was taken from the close-out document about Gardasil to the FDA dated September 12, 2008.

The numbers reflect the number of disabled and/or sickly young people each country could have if the vaccine is mandated and every young person in each country has received 2 or 3 shots or jabs as they call it in the UK.

When you are looking at this spreadsheet I want you to consider whether each country is going to be able to sustain each and every individual that is going to have to rely on aide for their medical bills. Do you think that the WHO (World Health Organization) will find it sustainable to have 833,264,331 young people requiring that they support them? I mean, I think that the WHO should support them and not their individual countries because it was their idea back in the early 1990's. Look at what the WHO is doing today. They are backing the implementation of this HPV vaccine program around the world.

Why would any country want to take the chance that either 19% or 12% of their female youth could be stricken.

Let's compare a few of the largest population countries. Multiply the percentage totals by $20,000 for care a year.

Now in this economy does this look like it is sustainable to you? I know it sure does not to me because I did the math and the health care costs for 12% of the female youth population affected at costs of $20,000 a year would be $92,874,057,600. I just cannot imagine adding almost $93 billion more dollars onto the trillions of dollars we already have as a deficit in the national budget. This is not sustainable.

There is even a larger issue in the vaccine wars and that is Autism. The medical establishment says that it is in the genes. The Autism community says that it is the inflated vaccine schedule and the neurotoxins aluminum and mercury in the vaccines. Who is right? You decide.

Back on June 6th of 2008 I wrote an article called "Are we over vaccinating our children." I showed our vaccine schedule in the US and compared it with other vaccine schedules from other countries. The results are in the facts as presented.

There has been another topic of 'what is going to happen when all the autistic children need special care that their parents cannot afford to give them?' As you probably already guessed, I ran those numbers today too. This is for the age group from 0-19 only. These totals need to be multiplied by $30,000 because that is approximately what it could cost per individual per year.

I am only going to reference the US and the UK because of the high number of vaccinations each child has to get in these two countries and the high rate of autism. The rate of Autism that I reference comes from a recent Cambridge University study. It states 1 in 38 British boys have Autism but you have to remember that 4 out of 5 children diagnosed with Autism are boys. I did not figure in the girls.

Could you imagine what would happen if every country decided to adopt the vaccine schedule like they have in the US (most vaccinated in the world) and the UK? This could bankrupt some of the smaller countries that do not have the industrial resources to pay for all this.

Here are the numbers of possible male autism cases if every country in the world were all on the vaccine schedule of the US and UK.

These are the facts and the numbers do not lie. I found all the data for my spreadsheets at the U. S. Census Bureau, International Data Base (IDB).

To finish I want to add a comment that Jenny McCarthy said on the Larry King Live show. She made the mention that we need to go back to the vaccine schedule we had in the 1980's which was effective and included the MMR vaccine. What do you think? Sounds reasonable to me and we would still be vaccinating our children against the major diseases that could cause them harm. My opinion is that we should do this until we have a safe method of vaccination.

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