Cynthia A. Janak
Does Autism exist? I say NO because it is brain damage!
By Cynthia A. Janak
April 5, 2009

As many of my readers know I have been focusing my attention on the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, manufactured in the United States by Merck Pharmaceutical Co. A similar vaccine, Cervarix is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and administered throughout Europe. I am a member of the most active Gardasil board on the Internet called "Let's Talk About Gardasil." It is because of interactions with the Gardasil Moms and Gardasil Girls that I have been able to come to this conclusion. Let me explain how and why.

I have spent hours on the phone with many of Gardasil moms. On one occasion a mom called and asked me to speak to her daughter because she was having a very bad day. This young woman is in pain every day but on this day was experiencing pain that was so intense that she had gotten to the point where she could not stand it anymore. She had told her mom that she wished God would take her already. Of course I told this distraught mother that I would be honored to speak with her daughter.

During the conversation I shared with this young woman how she has been an inspiration to her family, church and the other people on the Gardasil board. I spoke to her about what she will be able to accomplish in the future when she gets better. I also promised her that some day we will visit the White House and maybe even talk to the President. That made her chuckle and she said, "I would like that," in a quiet voice because her pain magnified all sound.

She then asked me "why did this have to happen?" It was then that I knew the answer and I told her that "the Gardasil Girls have given the silent faces of Autism a Voice for the first time in history. These children have not mastered speech so when they become autistic they cannot tell their moms they have a headache or that their stomach hurts or they cannot feel their legs or tingling in their legs."

It was at this point that all my research into Gardasil took on a new meaning, a new purpose and a new goal. My goal was to prove that autism does not exist. I wanted to prove by using the voices of the Gardasil girls that Autism is only brain damage because of excessive body burden of aluminum in vaccines.

I spent 10 to 14 hours a day over a period of many weeks researching everything I could to see if the information on vaccinations, aluminum and other heavy metals trackbacked to support this theory. I read personal stories of parents of autistic children and compared them with the stories of the Gardasil girls. I read hundreds of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports. I read articles about brain damage, reports about aluminum toxicity and all kinds of studies on these topics. I even went so far as to calculate potential toxicity from aluminum prevalent in the environment in combination with the toxic aluminum load found in single and/or multiple vaccines administered at the same time.

After I did all of this I sat back and looked at everything that I had researched with the documents, spreadsheets and graphs that I created during the process. The connection was there. Looking at the numbers and the side effects side by side, one could notice the direct relationship between the two — the higher the dose of aluminum — the more the severe the side effect.

I presented my findings to my colleague, women's health advocate and broadcast journalist Leslie Botha. Intrigued by the data, Botha suggested that I expose my findings on her radio show on KRFC FM , a community radio station in Fort Collins, CO, audio streamed at , 6:00PM Mountain Time. I proposed that the February 16 show be titled "Gardasil Girls Give the Silent Faces of Autism a Voice." Prior to the show, I alerted the Gardasil and autism communities through various organizations, Internet boards and chat rooms to make them aware of the upcoming radio interview and topic.

At my suggestion, during the first 15 minutes, Botha quickly interviewed five girls from around the country who were injured by what they believe to be the Gardasil vaccination. They stated their name, age, side effects and briefly spoke about how this vaccine changed their lives. It was amazing and distressing to hear all five girls describe the same symptoms that all appeared within a short time frame after receiving the injection.

Botha then interviewed the father of an 18 year old who became autistic at 2 ½ years old after a round of childhood vaccinations. Throughout this segment listeners could hear the uncontrollable and constant squawking sounds the man-child was making in the background as his father shared his story.

After that segment, I introduced my theory: what both the Gardasil girls and this "autistic" man-child were experiencing were adverse reactions due to the aluminum used in the vaccines and it was causing brain injury.

Now I was faced with the task of backing up my theory. I used data from the VAERS reports. I was able to describe the amounts of aluminum infants are exposed to and compared those adverse events with the data reported from the Gardasil vaccine. I referred to personal stories from the autism community and compared them to the stories from the Gardasil girls. I also used excerpts from peer reviewed articles and reports from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) on the safety standard set for aluminum exposure. Interesting to note, that each vaccine fits within the EPA standards for aluminum but when multiple vaccines are administered at the same time, the exposure levels supersede those limits. Add to that unknown amounts of aluminum in an individual's environment (household products, deodorants etc.) and the potential exposure levels exceed EPA standards. I do want to make note here that the EPA standard of 0.85mg applies to an adult vaccine and infant vaccine.

By the conclusion of the show I was able to ascertain that autism was a medical condition from vaccine-related brain damage and that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) the term used for infant death by "unknown causes" was the same as the autopsy reports of the Gardasil girls who passed from "unknown causes" shortly after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

This is important to state before some scientist creates terminology for the 'unknown medical condition' the Gardasil girls experience in an effort to cover up what we now know is brain damage. For far too long, the parents of autistic children who related their baby's neurological damage to the childhood immunizations were told that they were wrong. The medical community told parents that their children have a condition known as "Autism" and totally unrelated to vaccinations. We must not let this happen to the Gardasil girls.

The reason I am sharing all this is because of the April 3 Larry King Live show on CNN titled "No Scientific Link Between Autism and Vaccinations." Botha was the first to call and alert me that the topic of the show was about childhood vaccinations and autism. I am going to have to admit that I do not watch much television but I now know that many Gardasil moms do. I received phone calls from a few of them to tell me to turn on the show because a comment was made that the Gardasil vaccine will be pulled from the market shortly. After that we were all on the phone calling Gardasil moms around the country to let them know about the comment and the interview. Unfortunately by that time I missed a substantial part of the show, but I was able to record the replay.

I called several of my moms and gave them the news. One mom was almost in tears at the news about Gardasil. She said, "This is wonderful soon no more girls will be hurt." This was a great day.

You have no idea how happy this show made me. I felt as if I had just won a 30 million dollar lottery or something.

I listened to Jenny and Jim talk about Evan and how they brought him back. I was happy to hear them say on the air that they were not anti-vaccine but safe vaccine advocates just like me. It just warmed my heart but the comment that made me jump up and down in my seat was and I quote; "HANDLEY: Larry, we know with conviction that vaccines cause brain injury, it's on the Health and Human Services Web site. We're looking for something that's caused this epidemic. It went from one in 10,000 in the 1970s to less than one in 100 today in many states. "

My heart was just singing at this point and then further in the interview this was said, "HANLEY: The AAP doesn't listen at all, Larry. They never look at recovered children. They never look at recovered children. They rubber stamp every vaccine on the schedule. Dr. Fisher never answered why so few countries have picked up varicella, flu, rotavirus. Meantime, AAP rubber stamps every vaccine, like Gardasil, which is damaging teenage girls right now, which will likely be pulled from the market very soon. There is the AAP rubber stamp on that vaccine."

Listening to that statement brought to mind the girls and moms on the board and that there are only two thoughts they express. One getting their daughters treatment that works and stopping other girls from getting the vaccine because of the pain and suffering they are going through. I almost cried because of all the young girls and young women that can be saved. And I mean saved because if you have not experienced the sadness and pain that these moms and daughters go through daily, you cannot say that getting the shot is better than cervical cancer.

What gets me is that cervical cancer is preventable with early detection via pap tests. It is my belief that we need to focus on detection and prevention instead of putting genetically engineered vaccines into the bodies of young girls and women. As Dr. Harper said that we do not know what the long term side effects are yet and mandating this vaccine is nothing more than an experiment.

I want to bring up another point that was made on the show by "Dr. Bernadine Healey, former president of the American Red Cross. " I think one has to listen to the families of these children. I have always believed, you listen to the patients and the patients will teach. I think there are many legitimate concerns that families have. And I honestly believe that the focus that we have on autism today and the embarrassing recognition that we know so little about it, in terms of what causes it, in terms of how to treat it, in terms of whether it's dynamic, whether it's structural, I think that says that we have neglected this disease for all too long in the face of this growing epidemic.

"We have got to focus on it and we have got to listen to families. And I think that environmental triggers in the context of a genetic predisposition make a lot of sense. But we don't have the foggiest notion of what those environmental triggers are. Vaccines might be one of those components. Let's respect that and let's investigate it. And I don't think it's been fully investigated."

The families of the Gardasil Girls have been ridiculed by doctors; they have been told that their daughter's conditions are all in their head. Some doctors have even put girls in a psych ward. This inability of doctors in their listening skills is not only about autism but it is about Gardasil as well. I have heard stories from moms that would make you cry or angry because of the condescending attitude they have received from medical professionals.

I loved how Healey described this growing epidemic. If you look at Gardasil you will see the epidemic is not only the autism community. In the UK it was reported that 1,500 girls experienced an adverse event to Cervarix in the first 6 months since it was introduced to the market. This HPV vaccine contains 0.5mg aluminum. In the United States there are now over 15,000 adverse accounts of girls affected by Gardasil (with an estimated 1% of the population reporting). Gardasil contains 0.225mg aluminum and L-Histidine which is an amino acid. (I am presently looking at the possibility of molecular mimicry to this amino acid is part of the cause of the side effects.) These HPV vaccines are causing an epidemic around the world similar to childhood immunizations and autism. It is all brain damage and it is all vaccine related in my opinion.

Healey goes on to state that she does not know what those environmental triggers are. I thought I was going to fall out of my seat. This is not rocket science people. I found what could be the environmental triggers. Look at the amount of aluminum in our diet, our water, our vaccines, etc. You will see the trigger. It is as plain as the nose on your face. At least that is my opinion. Sorry, I get rather passionate about all this.

The next quote gave me pause because this is a subject that I have researched extensively and that is the approval document from the FDA on Gardasil. Check this out.

FISHER: We hardly rubber stamp any vaccine. The American Academy of Pediatrics listens very closely before a vaccine is recommended for use. It goes through extensive trials. It goes through extensive information. All of that information is reviewed very quickly. It's both efficacy and safety information.

There's never a rubber stamp. We work very closely before, while the vaccine is being tested to see if it works, it is safe? And only if it's been determined to be safe and effective is it recommended for use. It's not a rubber stamp.

In the official documents to the FDA on Gardasil there is a section in the initial approval document and the close-out document dated September 12, 2008 that has the heading "New Medical Conditions." I guess a vaccine is safe even when over 50 % of the participants had a new medical condition when the first document was presented. I also guess it is safe when 73.3% of the participants acquired a new medical condition in the first year per the close out document of 2008. It must be their opinion that the adverse events when compared between the vaccine and an alum or carrier solution are fine when the numbers are close. It must be safe then.

To me the lay person ¾ of the participants having a new medical condition means that ¾ of the vaccinees in the population will have a new medical condition. This is not rocket science. This could mean millions of young girls and women will have a new medical condition after receiving the Gardasil vaccination.

What is wrong with this picture? This does not make any logical sense to me. What about you?

You can listen to the audio of the radio show on my website Go to the KRFC FM archives button and it will take you to the page.

Also I want to thank Leslie Botha for having me as a regular on her show "Holy Hormones Honey, The Greatest Story Never Told." Visit her website at

This coming Monday, April 6th , at 6:00PM mountain time, we will be interviewing Samantha Mirable who was in the initial Gardasil trials 10 years ago and Dr. Arvey from Maximized Living who has been helping her recover from the ensuing side effects she experienced over the past decade.

I have now become a fan of CNN, Larry King Live, and now encourage everyone to listen to his show.

© Cynthia A. Janak


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Cynthia A. Janak

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