Michael Gaynor
Beware far left (ANTIFA included), ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief is back!
By Michael Gaynor
June 2, 2020

What’s at stake? A presidential election, another Obamagate, control of the nation. Those are things worth fighting over. The far left has activated plan B. Are you ready?

The death of George Floyd was as tragic as it was needless.

The peaceful protest that followed was appropriate and expected.

The arson, looting and attacks on police, police cars and even a police precinct that was vacated, probably in a good faith but surely in an erroneous belief that it would satiate the appetite of the people who violated the law instead of mourning and lawfully protesting, has been much worse than expected.

Different people react very differently to the arson, looting and violence.

Beware ANTIFA, ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief's hiatus from politics ended. She is back!

Yesterday morning I received this terse email: "It looks like it might be time to educate this new generation on what the leftist playbook really looks like. Sat out long enough. This is getting crazy."

Ms. MonCrief had gone to the internet and posted this critical message:

"Have you ever tried to run from a part of yourself only to meet it again in the future? For years I have tried to reinvent myself, humanitarian, disaster relief specialist, a soul on a spiritual journey. All are true and a part of me, but along the way I kept seeing that you can never outrun your past, defining moments that shape who you are.

"For ten years I was known as the ACORN Whistleblower. A title that felt oppressive and more of a burden at times. As a political operative, community organizer and fundraiser I saw parts of the elite left that most people will never see. I helped write their strategic plans and knew who their donors were. Down to the last dollar. I sat in on meetings and phone calls as crucial topics like union involvement, strategic visions, partner negotiations, and how to elect the first woman Speaker of the House and the first black President were discussed.

"I saw some things on the live streams of protests all over the country over the last few days that made me realize that it’s time to truly speak up. During my days on the far left they had a strategy for escalating protests. The green, yellow and red people.

"The green people were usually your true believers. They were sincere and cared about whatever cause made them pick up a sign. They could also be used as the mouthpieces. They knew all of the correct talking points and distracted the media.

"The yellow people were those who were willing to engage with law enforcement, yell, block traffic, disobey orders or even lock arms inside of a pipe to prevent their removal. They are the ones willing to be arrested."The red people are the operatives. They escalate situations by throwing molotov cocktails, bricks or burning things down. They then retreat into the crowd.

Using these classifications allowed organizations to steer an event in the way they desired for maximum effect.

"I saw this over and over as I became a trusted employee of ACORN and its offshoot groups. I organized in Washington, DC in some of the poorest neighborhoods and listened to the stories of people who never had a voice or anyone to talk to. They poured out their frustrations, hope and anger to me. I used this information to write political plans, craft narratives and steer donors to certain 'hot topics' that needed funding or attention.

Eventually, I would become a confidential source for the New York Times and testify in court and before Congress to expose the web of lies that included most of the mainstream media. I started to realize what was happening was not simply political campaigning, it was wrong and actually hurting people. It was no longer about getting a message out, it was intentionally inciting division and getting real people in real trouble. I could no longer stay in that position and became a confidential source.

"A lot of people are just waking up to the reality of Obamagate. Unfortunately, myself and my family are all too familiar with Obama’s love for domestic spying, and his merry band of thugs (disguised as activist groups and nonprofits). After I testified in December of 2009, ACORN disbanded and filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter. In reality, nothing ever stopped. I was there the night Nancy Pelosi was elected as Speaker of the House, I helped the Obama campaign illegally coordinate with ACORN during his presidential election campaign. I tracked the unmarked donations from The Open Society Institute (George Soros), the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundations. I celebrated as ACORN elected countless officials across the county who would continue their climb up the political ladder.

"Research the Working Families Party and how they got Hillary Clinton elected to the Senate. Look into who was responsible for raising the minimum wage in 2006 and ushering in the Democrat takeover that led to Obama’s election (hint: I helped write the political plans).

"Why does all of this matter right now? George Floyd’s death (while tragic) and the subsequent protests (most starting out as legitimate) are classic fodder moves from the ACORN and far left playbook that take real situations and amplify them to push an agenda. When I worked at ACORN we used racial tensions as sort of an “Operation Darkie Shield” (South Park nod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrh5YOQHvFw). So many agendas relied on us being able to use racism as a way to shut down anyone who questioned the true motives. "Conspiracy theory is a word people love to toss around regarding those who question the narrative. Demeaning and ridiculing alternate voices and lumping all questioners into the 'conspiracy theorist' category, is the fastest way to discredit legitimate doubts and suspicions that would unravel the choke hold mainstream media and its agenda based backers has on the public to maintain their control on the outcome. I am telling you…this is not some quack theory or personal opinion, but actual experience backed up by thousands of documents and plans. I was able to testify in court and before Congress under penalty of perjury with the wealth of info I could prove through documentation.

"Our nation is in the midst of one of the largest psyops in our history. One perfected after 40 plus years in black communities. ACORN started in Little Rock Arkansas in the 1970’s and helped a little known politician by the name of William Jefferson Clinton rise through their ranks and into the governors office. The same group elevated a community organizer from Chicago. You don’t think they could stoke the fires of racial tension to destabilize a government? What we do next is what matters, these agent provocateurs are highly trained and working for some of the most powerful people in the country. We can not play into their hands, we can not allow the divisiveness to change the way we interact with each other, with our neighbors, and colleagues.

"You may think I’m simply being overly dramatic, but I am telling you, as a friend and someone who helped create the playbook being used right now, this is not simply fed-up people acting randomly. I implore you to please stop sharing the media narrative. Please, stop fueling the anger. If you are genuinely concerned about the injustice within the POC communities (it is a real issue that can not be solved through rioting), act locally to make a difference…donate money and time to local education within communities in need, find ways to unite with the aim of gaining more than just a seat at an already corrupt table, opt-out of the system by finding ways to become sustainable and connect with like-mined individuals. I will post link in the comments for ways to opt-out of the technocratic state.

"What’s at stake? A presidential election, another Obamagate, control of the nation. Those are things worth fighting over. The far left has activated plan B. Are you ready?

"Update: Since some have asked me to make sure I let this be known, I also spent time on the far right after leaving ACORN. I ended up working for the Koch Brothers and walked away from activism and politics altogether after my experiences with them."

Politics isn't beanbag.

It is past time for Americans to know the whole truth.

Ms. MonCrief cares about all of them. She is very brave, very well spoken, very believable, a loving mother, black and proud. To those understandably concerned about Ms. MonCrief's safety, let it be known that Ms. MonCrief is brave, not oblivious, and chooses to stand on her feet instead of live on her knees.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I named Ms. MonCrief "the ACORN Whistleblower" during October 2008. The truth is the truth. Accept it. It's useless to fight it.

© Michael Gaynor


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