Bryan Fischer
Muslim no-go zones in America
By Bryan Fischer
December 12, 2015

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If we want police officers in America to be able to wear their police uniforms in their own cars without fear, we'd best do something about unrestrained and unvetted Islamic immigration.

France has 751 Muslim "no-go" zones, where ambulances won't go without a police escort, and where police won't go without backup.

Now we are finding out that Scotland Yard is banning police officers in the UK from wearing their uniforms in their own cars on the way to work, for fear that they'll get their heads cut off by followers of the religion of peace.

This is far from an unrealistic fear. Just two years ago, British army soldier Lee Rigby was killed as he was walking down the street in uniform in broad daylight by two Muslim men, who ran him down with their car and then hacked him to death with knives and meat cleavers.

Donald Trump yesterday pointed out the dismal reality that no-go zones are now a reality in the UK. "We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that police are afraid for their own lives."

For his truth-telling, a government-sponsored petition has been launched to ban him from entry to the UK. As of this morning, it had reached 250,000 signatures, the threshold for the issue to be taken up and debated by Parliament. Signatures are being added at rate of seven per second.

The hypocrisy here is glaring to a spectacular degree. If Trump advocates a ban on immigration, why, that's horrible, no good and very bad. When Parliament advocates banning him from immigration, why that's most excellent.

Trump has been blistered by British authorities who want to assure folks that there is nothing to see here, move along. Scotland Yard is insisting "Trump could not be more wrong," and Home Secretary Theresa May last night rejected his claims, insisting, "I can assure you that Donald Trump has got it absolutely wrong. The police in London are not afraid to go out and police the streets."

Chancellor George Osborne told members of Parliament, "I think the best way to defeat nonsense like this is to engage in robust democratic debate and make it clear his views are not welcome."

A candidate for mayor in London added to his version of "robust debate" by calling Trump "an appalling creature" and "one of the most malignant figures in modern politics." For good measure he added that Trump is "an utterly repellent figure."One MP said, "He's a hate preacher and therefore not welcome round here."

Robert Gordon University did its bit by stripping Donald Trump of the honorary degree it had bestowed on him.

I see. So the way the UK apparently engages in "robust democratic debate" is to tell Donald Trump to shut up and not show his face within a thousand miles of their shores. I see a lot of "robust" in that, but I don't see much "debate."

But alas for the head-in-the-sand Yard and the head-in-the-sand Secretary, and the head-in-the-sand Chancellor, police are telling a much different story, and backing Trump's claims to the hilt.

From the Daily Mail:

Serving police officers today backed Donald Trump's claim that some Muslim communities in the UK are no-go areas because of extremism.

Several Met officers have said the 'Islamification' of some parts of the capital requires 'extra vigilance' and they can't wear uniforms for safety reasons...

[O]ne serving officer said today Trump had 'pointed out something plainly obvious, something which I think we aren't as a nation willing to own up to'.

Another policeman said that he and other colleagues fear being terror targets and spoke of the 'dire warning' from bosses not to wear a uniform 'even in my own car.'

[O]ne serving officer in west London said: 'Islamification has and is occurring,' adding: 'You have to have extra vigilance in certain parts when you are working.'

A Lancashire Police officer told MailOnline: 'There are Muslim areas of Preston that, if we wish to patrol, we have to contact local Muslim community leaders to get their permission.'

One officer from Yorkshire said on the online forum Police.Community: 'I'm not allowed to travel in half blues to work anymore IN MY OWN CAR as we're 'All at risk of attack' – yet as soon as someone points out the obvious it's 'divisive.'

He added: 'In this instance he (Trump) isn't wrong. Our political leaders are best either ill-informed or simply being disingenuous.

'He's pointed out something that is plainly obvious, something which I think we aren't as a nation willing to own up to – do you think a US Police Department would ban officers from wearing their uniforms under jackets etc due to FEAR of their cops being killed by extremists?

'We implement half measures such as 'No-one is allowed to come into work half blues, even in your own cars because if you get beheaded it'll be your own fault.

'It would be seen as un-American, un-democratic, not the done thing... In the UK though we accept it'.

One female officer in the Met said if a police officer was attacked it would be written off.

She said: 'Even if one of us did get killed or dragged off in a van. It would just be reported as a 'one-off incident' and no reason to change the 'British style of policing...'

Another Met officer who resigned this year said: 'I was a PC in the Met for 11 years – I resigned as I couldn't handle it anymore.'

'Whilst provocative Trump's comments does carry some weight. PCs are not permitted to even come to work in 'half Blues' (just wearing trousers and shirt) for fear of attack whilst going to work. That is a directive from Scotland Yard.

'PCs have come out to find police cars having the brake lines cut and sometimes their own personal cars damaged'.

Another serving police officer agreed and said: 'Same here regarding the dire warnings of wearing half blues even in my own car and I'm not in London'.

The stunning reality is that there are Muslim ghettos in some British cities where the police are never called. Why? Because they handle everything internally according to the dictates of Sharia law. Who knows how many honor killings, or female genital mutilations, or sex trafficking of minors, or forced marriages occur there?

Tom Winsor, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary, said in 2014 (emphasis mine), "There are some communities born under other skies who will not involve police at all. I am reluctant to name the communities in question but there are communities from other cultures who would prefer to police themselves. There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called. They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own. They just have their own form of community justice."

"Their own form of community justice" is just a euphemism for Sharia law, which does not honor a single cultural value we cherish in the Christian West.

Because the police "get close to zero" calls in these areas, said Winsor, "They don't know what injustices are being perpetrated. It's almost a closed book because we can't go there so we don't know. It could be anything from low-level crime right up to murder..."

If we want to see where we in America are headed, we need only look at Europe. First it was in France, now it's in England. It doesn't take blinding insight to realize we're next.

Hamtramck, Michigan now has a city council that is majority Muslim. The call to Muslim prayer is broadcast five times a day over the entire city, with the first blast launching at 6 am every day whether Christian residents are offended by it or not.

Am I saying Hamtramck is a no-go zone? Of course not. Am I saying that if something isn't done, it will become one? If there is anything to learn from Europe, the answer to that question is an unequivocal yes.

Concern over untrammelled Muslim immigration is not bigotry, it's common sense. Anyone who loves America and is thinking clearly and objectively has reason to worry. This is not Islamophobia, for there is nothing irrational about our fear of Islamic fundamentalism.

No, it is Islamorealism. And whether you agree with Mr. Trump or not, it's time to bleed the mindless hysteria out of this debate. Name-calling is not debate, disagreement is not hatred, and the truth is not hate speech.

Bottom line: it already looks like England is not just a gun-free zone but on its way to becoming a brain-free zone to boot. Let's not follow them there.

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