Bryan Fischer
Politico is right: gay marriage will destroy the Republican Party
By Bryan Fischer
May 31, 2014

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Yesterday, Politico featured a David Lampo piece, Gay Marriage Will Destroy the GOP. Politico is exactly right that gay marriage will destroy the GOP, but for precisely the opposite reason Lampo imagines.

Lampo's argument is that if the GOP does not embrace gay marriage, it is doomed. The truth of the matter is exactly the opposite: embracing gay marriage will doom the GOP and consign it to the ash heap of history.

Politico wants us to believe the tide of history is inevitable, and the GOP either must get on board the gay love boat or get swept out to sea where it will disappear beneath the waves.

It would be one thing if Politico had the best interests of the Republican Party at heart, but it does not.

It's almost amusing to see these wingerleft extremists wring their hands and furrow their brows with such anxiety that the GOP might be harming itself. They care so much, you see, they are even willing to help their bitter political enemies with free, life-saving advice. If only the fools who wear the Republican brand would listen to them – they want us to believe – they would be saved.

The reality, of course, is that Politico wants to destroy the GOP and advance the cause of the homosexual agenda, so any advice it gives that appears to be in the best interests of Republicans is in reality toxic, if not lethal.

Accepting Lampo's advice would be as brainless as the 49ers letting Bill Belichick convince them to let him draw up their game plan before they play the Patriots in next year's Super Bowl.

But the GOP is either too dim or too cowardly to get it.

GOP leaders right now seem to be climbing all over each to see who can grab the rainbow flag the fastest. Three Republican officeholders meekly and publicly surrendered this week, including Sen. Orrin Hatch and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Nevada's GOP has already unceremoniously dumped natural marriage from its state platform, and is urging the national party to do the same.The GOP is now happily and proudly running openly homosexual candidates for office, and party chairman Reince Priebus seems either for gay marriage or against it depending on whom he's talking to.

The straight-up truth is that if the GOP accepts homosexual marriage, it will immediately become irrelevant. This is for the simple reason that supporters of natural marriage will abandon the party so fast it will give you a nosebleed. That giant sucking sound you will hear will be the sound of social conservatives bolting the Republican Party.

These are the ordinary, citizen-class Republicans who lick the stamps and make the phone calls and distribute the literature and organize party events and haul their friends to polling stations. While many of them don't have the financial resources to make large financial contributions, their contributions of time, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment are literally priceless. You can't buy that stuff anywhere, and without it, a political party is dead, dead, dead.

The GOP saw that in 2012 when four million conservative voters stayed home because they couldn't bring themselves to vote for Mitt Romney, a candidate with no deep social convictions.

These grassroots Americans believe that marriage is a divinely ordained, divinely defined institution that must be protected and preserved. If the party walks out on marriage, they will walk out on the party. The GOP will quickly discover how small a big tent can be.

It's particularly silly for the GOP to fall for the line that same-sex marriage is inevitable and simply too popular to resist. The party didn't see things that way with regard to slavery. Republicans fought against slavery at a time in our nation's history when half the nation was for it.

They were impervious to appeals to pragmatic capitulation, for one simple reason: they were right. They saw the moral imperative of fighting this monstrous, demonic institution, and fight it they did. They not only fought, they won.

Perhaps the national GOP should take its cue from Texas rather than Nevada. The Texas GOP is refusing to give the pro-homosexual Log Cabin Republicans a booth at its state convention, because the LCR is working at cross-purposes with the party platform. Good for the Lone Star state.

If the GOP takes Politico's advice instead, here's what will happen: social conservatives, the heart and soul of the Republican Party, will flee en masse, leaving just a few rich Chamber-of-Commerce types to serve as the husk of an empty, soulless organization.

Because many of these grassroots social conservatives are politically minded, and care too much about America to quit on her, they will coalesce in time around a new third party, a party which could, by the way, simply adopt the current but unutilized Republican Party platform. The current GOP has no real use for it – it's just window dressing – but this new party would actually believe it and in all good conscience seek to implement it.

So we will wind up with three political parties, the Democrats, a version of the GOP with lots of money and no people, and a third party with people and no money. Neither of these latter two parties will be effective politically for some time, which leaves the field of battle to the Democrats alone.

Now a third party can in time become viable. The UKIP in Britain has now become the most potent political force in English politics, but it has taken them 20 years to get there. America doesn't have that much time.

The only hope America has is for the GOP to find its moral compass, summon the moral strength that animated its battle against slavery, and unapologetically and unambiguously endorse natural marriage with no concessions and no capitulations. If it doesn't, the Republican Party will seal its own fate and that of America with it.

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© Bryan Fischer


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