Bryan Fischer
Obama deliberately weakens America by gutting military
By Bryan Fischer
August 2, 2013

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It is no secret that President Obama has a visceral dislike of America as founded. He believes that America is incurably, irredeemably racist in its very DNA. In his view, because this defect is a part of our national core, it cannot be fixed. The house must be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up according to his twisted utopian, socialist, anti-American and anti-Christian vision.

When buildings are imploded by demolitions experts, charges are placed at the base of weight-bearing pillars throughout the structure. When they are detonated, the entire building collapses under its own weight as each pillar crumbles, one by one.

One of the pillars of American society that must be imploded for Obama's dream to become reality is the American military, the strongest, mightiest and best equipped military in the history of the world. The military is the key to our security, peace and tranquility as a people.

If America is to be brought down, our military must be emasculated, neutered, feminized, and weakened beyond repair.

That process is happening at warp speed under the direction of our current commander-in-chief, and it is impossible to believe it is anything other than a deliberate strategy of sabotage on his part. He is Samson at the pillars, pushing with all his energy to bring the roof down on all our heads.

Here are just five examples. The convergence of these on Obama's watch cannot possibly be coincidental.

First, homosexuals have been forced into the military against the will of military leaders. Despite the fact that the heads of three of the four branches of the military testified that admitting open homosexuals into the military would compromise recruitment, readiness and retention, Obama did it anyway. He did not force gays into the military in spite of these consequences, he did it because of these consequences. This is what he wants: a military unable to recruit, unready for battle, and unable to retain its finest warriors.

Already the military is experiencing the sad and disturbing effects of homoexuals in the military. The majority of victims of sexual assault in the military now are not women but men assaulted by predatory homosexuals. This problem will only get worse.

Recruitment is rapidly going to become an intractable problem for our military because the military is being used for social engineering instead of to fight America's wars. Young Americans want to be soldiers, not lab rats.

Second, as homosexuals are being forced into the military, Christians are being forced out. Again, this is intentional on the part of this president, who has profound sympathies for Islam but none for Christianity. Chaplains are being censored, pro-family groups like AFA are being identified in military training sessions as threats to national security, and Christians who have a problem with open homosexuality are told to find another line of work. Since the more devout a Christian is, the more of a patriot he is, the military is being stripped of both its faith and its patriotism.

Third, women are now being introduced into combat. This will weaken our military as a fighting force and make it less able to defend our land and to carry out its mission. Women simply do not have the upper body strength or stamina to withstand the rigors of combat. Morale will be weakened, sexual problems will increase exponentially, readiness will suffer, and retention will go into the tank.

Fourth, there has been a noticeable and equally disturbing trend to purge not only Christians but experienced generals from military service. The number of generals either drummed out of the service or forced into early retirement since Obama took office is growing by the month. Some have been flushed due to sexual indiscretions on their part, but in other cases pretexts have been manufactured to cashier them. Many of these generals (for example, Carter Ham) were our most effective and experienced military leaders. By definition, these generals are being replaced by men with less military experience and less military wisdom.

Fifth, combat pilots are leaving the Air Force in an ever growing stream. This has now become something of an emergency, particularly since the military spends so much time and money training each pilot. The USAF is now offering bonuses that amount to several hundred thousand dollars in a desperate attempt to retain their services.

In all the stories speculating on the cause of this loss of pilot manpower, I have not read one suggestion regarding what I believe to be the true reason for the loss of pilot retention: this is not the military they signed up to serve. My educated guess is that the feminizing of the military, especially through open homosexuality and females in combat, has become the final straw.

The military once was an honored destination for the finest of young, virile American manhood. It's not anymore.

This is Obama's fault, and it is by design.

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© Bryan Fischer


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