Bryan Fischer
Big Sis kneecaps Obama on amnesty
By Bryan Fischer
March 1, 2013

Janet Napolitano just put a big dent in President Obama's plan to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens and secure a Democratic majority until the end of time.

She announced this week that, because of budget "cuts" that haven't even happened yet, it was necessary for her to release thousands of alien lawbreakers into an unsuspecting society. The law requires ICE to maintain beds for 34,000 detained illegals. Napolitano cut 9,000 of them loose, claiming that because of the wascally Wepublicans she can only afford three hots and a cot for 25,000 alien lawbreakers. She turned the key, and off they went, to who knows where. (I'm guessing we'll find out in short order as crime stats jump in the cities where they now roam free.)

The White House immediately recognized that this was a fright too far, and would do them more harm than good. All of Obama's clumsy, hysteria-inducing threats have been designed to create outrage at the Republicans for starving our children, gutting our military, robbing people of medical care, and in general bringing about the Mayan apocalypse. Even though, as Bob Woodward reminds us, this whole thing is his idea.

But Big Sis, by turning a whole batch of criminals out on the street, just made people mad at Obama. Oops.

To make things worse, Napolitano, whose intellectual acumen I have often had reason to question, told the nation that because of the sequester, our borders were now and henceforth to leak like a sieve. She wrung her hands manically over the loss of Border Patrol agents – about whom this administration has never cared since day one – and bloviated even about our insecure coastal borders since we'll have no Coast Guard to keep the bad guys literally at bay.

Now since the sequester is a ten-year deal, Napolitano, not smart enough to realize what she was saying, was declaring to the American people that we can forget all about border security for a decade. She in the recent past has not been able to stop yammering about how this administration has spent more money on security than any administration in the history of civilization, and how our borders have never been more secure, blah, blah, blah.

Well, from words that came from her own lips, you can forget all about that. Our borders, according to her, will be as porous as Swiss cheese for years to come.

This has out to almost immediately turned out to be a dim-witted, short-sighted scare tactic, since Obama's long range plan of amnesty for 12 million illegals was predicated on paying lip service to a secure border. Even Marco Rubio and the Amnesty Eight say they're fine with instant legalization just as soon as Big Sis certifies that the border is secure. Until yesterday, that certification was in hand. She couldn't stop talking about it.

But now that scenario is shot to pieces. Not only is Big Sis telling us the borders are not secure, and won't be for the forseeable future, she's admitting she loosed around 10,000 repeat offenders into neighborhoods all over the fruited plain.

Remember that under Barack the Benevolent and his de facto amnesty decree, illegal aliens have got to be convicted – not just suspected, detained or accused – of a minimum of three misdemeanors before Big Sis will even detain them. That means these thousands upon thousands of now-vagabond inmates are certified bad guys. All this will do, of course, is tick off an American public which is already agitated about languid border security to begin with.

The White House realized almost immediately they had stepped into a pile of waste product here, and believe it or not, is actually trying to blame this on Bush. Jay Carney stumbled around yesterday saying the White House was utterly clueless about what their underlings were doing and how all this was the result of the actions of sneaky, nefarious and untrustworthy "career officials" at ICE. Well, when exactly did these "career officials" begin their careers? The implication obviously: they all started before we got here.

The American people won't buy this pathetic blame-shifting. This is Obama's fault and they know it, and as a result, the Obama-Rubio amnesty plan has been dealt a fatal blow. And not a moment too soon.

© Bryan Fischer


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