Bryan Fischer
Democratic Party now the party of godless fundamentalists
By Bryan Fischer
September 7, 2012

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Both parties have their "fundamentalists." The core of the GOP is evangelical believers, who take seriously the concepts of God, self-evident truth, and transcendent moral standards.

But the Democratic Party has a fundamentalistic core as well. Its core is made up of secular fundamentalists, who oppose the public acknowledgement of God and believe all truth and morality is relative.

This dichotomy was on full display yesterday at the DNC, when the party, for purely abject political reasons, made an unintentionally hilarious, clumsy and dictatorial move to put God and Jerusalem back in the party platform.

God, with Barack Obama's full knowledge, had been tossed unceremoniously from the platform, making it clear that people of sincere Christian faith are as welcome in the Democratic Party as Katie Holmes at a Scientology picnic.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claimed it was all just a technological and completely inadvertent glitch, meaning apparently you had to pass it to find out what's not in it. Not even PIers Morgan was buying Wasserman-Schultz's swill. "It was an accident?" he asked incredulously.

What the God-glitch made clear is that the secular fundamentalist takeover of this once great party is now complete. God, as the prophets would say, has "been cast behind their back."

Louis Bolce and Gerald de Maio, writing for the National Affairs publication in 2002, describe the party of Jefferson and Jackson as "Our secularist Democratic party."

They point out that until 1972, the values planks of both parties was decidedly traditional. Both parties believed in God, believed abortion was wrong, believed in marriage as a sacred institution, and believed homosexuality was aberrant behavior.

But the secularist takeover of the Democratic Party began in earnest that year, as fully one-third of the delegates to the DNC were committed secularists. (In contrast to the public at large, of whom just five percent could be described as secularists.) Bolce and de Maio write that in 1972, "[T]he Democratic party was captured by a faction whose cultural reform agenda was perceived by many (both inside and outside the convention) as antagonistic to traditional religious values."

By default, the Republican party became the party of traditional values, not because it had become suddenly more conservative but because of the Democrats hardline lurch to the left. A chasm between the worldviews of the two parties developed that year, due entirely to "the pervasive secularism and cultural liberalism of the Democratic supporters of George McGovern."

Because the meanstream media consists almost entirely of rabid secularists, the values breach between the two parties is blamed on the rigidity of social conservatives. But Bolce and de Maio flatly disagree.

The polarization of the electorate on cultural issues has "less to do with traditionalists becoming more conservative than with secularists...embracing the progressive positions held by liberal elites."

In other words, the Republican faithful didn't change, didn't move, didn't lurch right. It was the Democratic party that lurched, hard and aggressively, to the far left end of the moral spectrum. Because the media travels with them, and their vantage point is the same, they have together fabricated the meme that it is conservatives who have moved away from the moral center. But if you are the one moving at warp speed away from the center, it will look like everybody who stays put is traveling away from you.

This explains, by the way, why so many older conservative voters remain stubbornly Democratic. They do not realize that the tectonic plates have moved and the ground has shifted under their feet. This is not your father's Democratic party. And a lot of Democrats are just finding that out.

The complicity of the media has papered over the ugly fact that secular fundamentalists have far more impact on the values of the Democratic party than evangelical fundamentalists do on the GOP.

Kicking God out of the party entirely is simply the logical and inevitable outcome of the relentless erosion which has been wearing away the moral foundation of the Democratic party for 40 years.

The more mindless antagonism one has for Christianity and Christians, the more at home he will be in this once great party. Said the authors 10 years ago, "[O]ver the past decade persons who intensely dislike fundamentalist Christians have found a partisan home in the Democratic party."

This is why the chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic party yesterday could say without fear of rebuke or contradiction that "fundamentalist Christians...want Jews to die."

Democrats have deliberately thumbed their nose now for decades at Americans who have a simple but sincere faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings. They have so alienated this huge demographic that they must, as a matter of political survival, pander to everybody else.

Wrote our authors in 2002: "Democrats must mobilize secularists and anti-fundamentalists without becoming too identified in public discourse as the party hostile to religion." Well, the Democrats ripped the mask off that hostility this week, and their utterly lame and embarrassing attempt to conceal their naked hostility to Christianity simply exposed to the eyes of everyone the animosity that has been seething just below the surface for decades.

Bottom line: the hostile takeover of the Democratic party by the forces of godless secularism is now complete. The message to values-driven Democrats: run for your lives.

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