Bryan Fischer
Rush's apology gets same results as Obama's apology to Muslims
By Bryan Fischer
March 6, 2012

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Rush Limbaugh's apology, over his use of the "s" word, has been flatly rejected by the left as too little, too late. In fact, his apology will only strengthen and empower his enemies. This is a huge notch in their belt. They will be gloating over this for years.

The dictionary definition of "slu*," by the way, is "a slovenly or promiscuous woman." The Georgetown law student whom Rush called by this word testified last week before a sham committee hearing hosted by Nancy Pelosi that she and her classmates are having so much random sex that they are going broke buying contraceptives. Therefore, they want Georgetown to be forced at gunpoint to buy protection for her and her randy colleagues so they don't wind up in the poorhouse.

So if the definition of "slu*" is "a promiscuous woman," then as ugly as the word is, it is lexically accurate in this case, by this woman's own admission. Rush didn't out her; she outed herself. The word is an ugly word because it describes describes ugly behavior.

The real scandal here is that a woman could without any trace of shame whatsoever give open testimony before the entire United States of America about how much promiscuous sex she and her classmates are having. What would have been a humiliating admission a generation ago has now, in today's twisted world become a badge of honor. She has been lionized by the left and apologized to by the most powerful man in media. In other words, this whole sorry affair reveals much more about America than it does about either this law student or Rush Limbaugh.

His apology won't appease or slow down the left any more than Obama's apology over the Koran burnings has appeased or slowed down Muslims. That's because secular fundamentalists want exactly the same thing Muslims do: total, abject surrender and capitulation from people who promote and defend Judeo-Christian values.

They won't be happy until every such voice has been silenced and removed entirely from the public square.

Leftists are pursuing their own caliphate in America with secular fundamentalism enshrined as their version of sharia law. As with sharia law, so Rush has discovered that any deviation from the secular version of sharia is met with fierce and unbending fatwas from the imams of the left.

Even the most prominent cleric of secular sharia, the man who sits in the Oval Office, joined this all-out attack on a private citizen.

Over the weekend, seven sponsors have dropped Rush's program, and some stated publicly that Rush's mea culpa was not enough to bring them back. The prospect of losing the sponsors that make his program possible is the only explanation I can find for his apology. He would never have backed down in the face of the yammering yobs on the left if this crisis didn't represent a clear and present danger to his broadcast career.

He has no interest in appeasing secular fundamentalists, but losing sponsors is another proposition entirely. They make it possible for his voice to be heard.

It will be fascinating to see what happens to these major sponsors. Dissing Rush as publicly as they have could result in a loss of business from Rush loyalists, and they have certainly forfeited the ability to advertise their wares to the largest audience in radio history. I expect to see the launch of some Facebook pages devoted to boycotting Sleep Number, Carbonite, Pro Flowers and the rest from folks who are inclined to stick up for Rush because he fearlessly defends their values.

Carbonite, by the way, still advertises on Ed Schultz's show, even though he called Laura Ingraham a right-wing "slu*." True, Schultz apologized, as Facebook followers reminded me, but so did Rush. It's also worthy of note that the CEO of Carbonite gave $2000 to Obama in 2008, so it's not hard to see where his sympathies lie.

And it will also be fascinating to see which sponsors step into the breach. Rush is a shrewd businessman, and I would not be surprised if deals have already been struck with advertisers eager to reach his 20 million member audience. In the end, this is likely to turn out to be a mere hiccup for him and the Rush train will roll right along. It likely will be the advertisers who jumped ship who will live to regret their knee-jerk reactions.

The sobering reality is that while Bill Maher can use the "c" word ad nauseum to describe Sarah Palin — a true smear if there ever was one — and brag about it, Rush's entire broadcasting career was put in jeopardy over his use of one ugly but lexically correct word.

This tells us one thing: secular fundamentalists don't believe one single, solitary thing they say about the precious value of freedom of speech. They want it for Bill Maher but not for Rush Limbaugh. The first sura of secular Koran is this: Free speech for me, but not for thee.

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