Bryan Fischer
A homosexual pedophile who deserves the death penalty
By Bryan Fischer
November 12, 2011

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Warning: strong and disturbing content

Jerry Sandusky faces 450 years in prison but deserves to die.

Sandusky is the former assistant coach at Penn State who has been charged with the sexual molestation of at least eight boys, some as young as age 10. Later accounts indicate that the toll may now be as high as 20, and that number is likely to grow as more details of this sordid affair come to light.

Despicably, Sandusky had access to these young boys through his charitable work with at-risk youth, a horrid abuse of trust and power.

Things began to unravel for Sandusky when a graduate assistant coach stumbled across Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in one of the Penn State shower rooms. This young coach told his father what he had seen, the father in turn directed his son to inform Joe Paterno, which he did the next day, and Paterno assigned follow-up to other university staff members.

On another occasion, a janitor came across Sandusky performing oral sex on another 10-year-old boy in the shower room. He was left so distraught by what he saw that his co-workers were afraid he might have a heart attack. He told a co-worker that he had "fought in the [Korean] war, seen people with their guts blowed out, arms dismembered... I just witnessed something in there I'll never forget."

Sandusky was not reported to law enforcement authorities, as required by law, but instead, according to numerous press accounts, was allowed to resign in exchange for Penn State's silence.

Now stories are circulating that Sandusky may have pimped out his young charges at The Second Mile foundation to high rolling Penn State donors, a story which, if true, will consign any number of people to one of the lowest circles in hell.

Heads have rolled at Penn State, as well they should. By failing to report this abominable criminal behavior, and allowing Sandusky to continue to work with young boys through his foundation, Joe Paterno and others allowed Sandusky to continue molesting young boys. This is certainly criminal complicity at the very least, and utterly reprehensible from a moral point of view and beyond any possible excuse.

Sandusky's reputation was evidently so well known on campus that a frozen confection, consisting of two scoops of ice cream and an upside down cone, was named for him. (It has since been removed from the menu for obvious reasons.)

The press has focused largely on Paterno and others in the Penn State hierarchy who covered up Sandusky's pedophilia, some of whom even committed perjury to keep his dark and dirty secret from being exposed.

But perhaps some of that press focus is diversionary, to direct the attention of the public away from one of the darkest pathologies associated with homosexual behavior: homosexuals molest children at ten times the rate of heterosexuals.

Homosexual activists will of course lamely argue that since Sandusky is married, he is not a homosexual. Fine, call him bisexual if you will. But his sex crimes are same-sex crimes, and 10-year old boys whose bodies have been cruelly invaded could care less what label homosexual activists want to slap on their abuser.

A study of 229 convicted child molesters in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 86 percent of offenders against males "described themselves as homosexual or bisexual." Despite comprising about three percent of the population, homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of all sex offenses against children.

You may think my call for the death penalty in circumstances like this is extreme. But put yourself inside the frantically beating heart of a ten-year old boy who is being cruelly sodomized from behind by a man he looked to for protection. Then picture two dozen other young boys and their panic and horror as they are victimized by the same abuser. Then imagine that one of those 10-year-old boys is your son. Then look me in the eye and tell me that such a monster does not deserve the ultimate form of justice.

Let me be clear. A heterosexual pedophile who committed such crimes against young girls should likewise be sent to the chair. Forcible rape of anyone used to be a capital offense everywhere in this country and should be so again. When the victims of such savagery are young and vulnerable and at risk the crime is even more heinous, and it matters not whether the abuser is of the same or the opposite sex.

But in the Penn State case, the abuser is a same-sex abuser. In my book, if he's found guilty, Jerry Sandusky deserves to die.

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