Bryan Fischer
Muslims in Texas to hold "festive" event at Six Flags on 9/11
By Bryan Fischer
September 6, 2011

Correction: The "Muslim Family Day" about which I wrote in this column took place on Sept. 4, the week before 9/11. The error is mine; I misunderstood the Houston Chronicle's article regarding the date of the event. My apologies for the error.

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Grotesque. Up to 3000 Muslims in Texas are expected to swarm a Six Flags amusement park in San Antonio on 9/11 for "Muslim Family Day."

Yes, you read that right. Muslims are going to hold a big party on the 10th anniversary of the Muslim attacks that resulted in the deaths of 3000 infidel American dogs.

This is about as bad as it gets. It's no different than if the Japanese who live in Texas held a big hoedown every year on December 7. At least the Japanese have had the decency to hang their heads in shame over a day that rightfully will live forever in infamy.

But the brazen Muslim community apparently knows no shame, and intends instead to rub our noses in the whole mess. In fact, according to the Houston Chronicle, organizers intend for this day to be a "festive" event. Their word, not mine.

According to organizers, the day will involve halal meals provided by local Muslim caterers, and the festivities, believe it or not, will include Muslim prayers. One can only wonder how many times the words "Allahu Akhbar" will be intoned by Islamic leaders and ordinary Muslims over the course of the day.

So on 9/11 there will be Muslim prayers in Texas, but no Christian prayers in New York.

This latter sad fact, of course, is due to Mayor Bloomberg's utter spiritual obtuseness. He tried to minimize controversy by banning prayer altogether at the 9/11 ceremony, and thus merely served to inflame the faithful all across the country.

Now, of course, organizers of the Six Flags festival contend that the purpose of the event is to show us how loving, caring, patriotic and non-threatening Muslims are. If that's the purpose, this is spectacularly insensitive and offensive way to go about it.

The event is sponsored by the Muslim American Society and the Council and American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), both of them offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood and therefore dedicated, according to the MB itself, to "eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

This is beyond grotesque. It is sick and bizarre as well as revealing. Islam is hardly the "religion of peace" of which Pres. Bush mindlessly spoke. The mere fact that Muslims would choose this very day, a sober and somber day of reflection and mourning for all Americans, to hold a giant party tells you everything you need to know about the religion of Islam.

The president of the local CAIR chapter said this event is important for the psychological health of Muslims. "It's also giving a boost to the Muslims for what they have been going through," she said, as if Muslims were the victims on 9/11.

For the politically correct among us who will attempt to defend Muslims for this event, do not miss this. For Muslims in America, 9/11 is not a day of mourning. It is a day for Muslim families to party down.

If their goal, as organizers say, is to show that Muslims are "peaceful and mainstream," then they wouldn't be holding this event in the first place.

If there are "peaceful and mainstream" Muslims among us, then certainly the very least that we should expect here would be for such "peaceful and mainstream" Muslims all across the fruited plain to raise howls of protest over this event and insist that it be canceled. If theirs is a religion of peace, then their voices should be much louder than ours. And believe me, our voices will be loud on this one.

We'll see. Perhaps enough Muslims will recognize this for the public relations disaster it is and press organizers to reconsider.

Bizarrely, a brain-addled Christian pastor defended this celebration on the grounds that "amusement parks have had special events for Christmas and other Christian holidays," and that it is "appropriate that a Muslim event be recognized." This is alarming to a mind-boggling degree. This pastor has essentially argued here that 9/11 is a Muslim holiday — just like Christmas! — and that Muslims ought to be able to celebrate it any old way they want.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has some vulnerabilities on the Islamic issue. Under his aegis, a curriculum was written for public schools in Texas that largely whitewashes Islam and minimizes its commitment to the use of violence to expand Shariah law over all the earth.

Here's a chance for the governor who wants to be president to lay some legitimate concerns to rest. This event is happening in his state. His condemnation of this event should be swift, firm and unambiguous.

Organizers claim that the purpose of this event is to "challeng[e] stereotypes." All they're managing to do is confirm them instead. Since Six Flags is not officially sponsoring this event, Americans won't be able to stop it; only Muslims can do that. Muslims, it's your move.

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