Bryan Fischer
Time to stop Muslim immigration to U.S. before it's too late
By Bryan Fischer
January 31, 2011

Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard is on trial this week for telling the truth about Islam (kudos to Sooren Kern for a well-researched article, which I've used throughout). I've repeatedly said that truth is now hate speech for wingers on the left, and Hedegaard's case illustrates that in disturbing detail. His "truth speech" about Islam could send him to prison for two years.

Hedegaard is not some yahoo blogger, but a distinguished journalist, president of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society. If he loses this trial, they're going to have to take the word "free" out of the names of both organizations, for the simple reason that there is no such thing as freedom of the press under Sharia law and in nations which are stupid enough to believe that Islam is a benign religion.

Hedegaard is on trial for "hate speech" and for "racism," even though Islam is not a race, it's a religion.

He is facing a prison sentence for correctly observing in 2009 that child rape and domestic violence occur at disturbingly high levels in Muslim families. Speaking from the heritage of a Christian worldview, he naturally says that's bad. The thought police have been on him like white on rice since then.

And Hedegaard is not the first Dane to run afoul of the thought police. A Danish politician, Jesper Langbelle, was found guilty last month of hate speech for observing, again correctly, that honor killings and sexual abuse take place in far too many Muslim families.

And get this: under Danish hate speech statutes, truth is no defense. All you need for a conviction is for someone to feel offended — "threatened, insulted or denigrated" to use the language of the statute — whether what you said is God's honest truth or not. Langbelle — a member of the Danish parliament — was given a choice: pay a $1,000 fine or spend 10 days in jail.

Free speech itself is on trial in Europe this week, for one reason: Europe has allowed virtually unrestricted Islamic immigration, and Muslims have brought with them their values: genital mutilation of baby girls, the rape of daughters by their own fathers, treating rape victims as criminals, and honor killings.

Trials similar to Hedegaard's have taken place or are taking place in Austria, Finland, France, Italy and the Netherlands (think Geert Wilders).

A woman by the name of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff could go to prison for three years in Austria for "incitement of hatred" and "denigrating religious teachings" after a series of seminars she gave in 2009 about the dangers or radical Islam.

Her trial — which just resumed on January 18 — was suspended for two months when the judge discovered that much of her "hate speech" consisted of direct quotes from the Qur'an. Whoops! So she's on trial for publicly repeating what Islam says about itself.

And Sabaditsch-Wolff has some august company, right there in Austria. Susanne Winter, a member of the Austrian parliament, was convicted of a crime for saying that Muhammad would be considered a child molester today since he married a six-year-old girl (whom he deflowered at the age of nine). The truth is that Muhammad should not be "considered" a child molester. He was one, plain and simple.

Winter was also convicted of "incitement" for saying, again truthfully, that Austria is facing an "Islamic immigration tsunami." She got stuck with a $31,000 fine. We now know the price of truth in dollars and cents in the country that spawned Adoph Hitler.

A politician in Finland got stuck with a $450 fine for "incitement against an ethnic group" for saying that Islam is a religion of pedophilia. But of course it is exactly that. Muhammad is the ultimate example for Muslims — whatever he did, they can do today and until the end of time. If Muhammad was a pedophile, they get to be pedophiles too. That's why we have stories out of Afghanistan about "dancing boys." When you bring Islam into the U.S., you are bringing pedophilia with it.

Once again, this is the horror that is Islam. Under Christianity, pedophilia is a crime. In Islam, it is an imitation of the blessed prophet, peace be upon him.

By the way, the Finnish politician was originally also charged with "breach of the sanctity of religion," essentially a "blasphemy" charge. The prosecutor was so outraged when this charge was dropped that he is appealing to the Finnish Supreme Court to have it reinstated.

A French novelist was dragged into court in 2002. His crime? He said the Qur'an was "badly written." He was fortunate to be acquitted, probably because the Qur'an is in fact badly written.

A Dutch cartoonist was hauled off to jail — the first time in 800 years that anyone has been jailed in the Netherlands for the crime of satire — for taking a poke at the Muslim practice of the genital mutilation of young girls.

Italian author Oriana Fallaci died in 2006, just it time to be spared the fate of a criminal trial in her own country for "defaming Islam." Her crime? Writing that Islam "brings hate instead of love and slavery instead of freedom." Since this again is a statement of truth, then essentially Islam is defaming itself, and she was just reporting it.

Former sex siren Brigitte Bardot, now an animal rights crusader, was convicted of "inciting racial hatred" in 2008 for demanding that animals slaughtered by Muslims be anesthetized first. (Animals — as well as infidels — have to have their slits while they are conscious for the meat to be considered halal. And of course the meat is dedicated to Allah in the process.) Bardot isn't slowing down apparently, and is still out there warning her fellow Frenchmen that they are eating halal meat (which is, of course, meat sacrificed to the demon-god Allah) even though nobody is telling them about it.

We are dealing right now in the U.S. with two honor killing trials. A father in Arizona ran over his daughter with his Jeep Cherokee for becoming too Westernized, and a husband in New York is on trial for sawing the head off his wife for planning to divorce him.

Now those kinds of things can, of course, occur even in a Christian culture. Here is the difference: Christianity condemns what Islam exalts. Sawing the head off your wife makes you a good Muslim, but it makes you a bad Christian. Running your daughter down with your SUV makes you a good Muslim, but it makes you a bad Christian.

Shooting a roomful of your fellow soldiers after shouting "Allahu Akhbar" makes you a good Muslim, but to do the same thing in the name of Jesus makes you a bad Christian.

Flying planes into buildings, killing thousands of innocents, makes you a good Muslim, but it makes you a bad Christian.

Evil people will do evil things, but when you have a religion that says such evil things are good, a religion which says its god, its prophet and its holy book command Allah's followers to carry out such atrocities, you are dealing with two religions that are as different as light is from darkness.

Do we really want to import people to our shores who believe that killing our daughters because they got raped is a good thing?

The Muslim population in the United States is expected to double by mid-century. They are out-breeding the Christian population in America, and demographics alone — let alone more foolish immigration — bodes ill for our future.

By the middle of this decade, more people in England will be attending mosque on Fridays than will be in church on Sundays. Think about that for a moment. It ought to send a chill down the back of your spine to the bottom of your feet, especially if you live there.

To Hedegaard's everlasting credit, he is not about to back down. He says, "We have made no bones about the fact that we consider Islam — as it is presently being preached by all influential clerics and ideologues — a deadly threat to all our freedoms, among which are freedom of expression. For this consistent stance we have been vilified and called every name in the book, but we will not budge." May his tribe increase.

Hedegaard won't budge, and neither will I. Islam is an evil and wicked religion, and unworthy of a Christian nation.

We will have to choose in America between Islam and a free press, because we can't have both. We will have to choose in America between Islam and freedom of religion, because we can't have both. We will have to choose in America between Islam and the truth, because we can't have both.

Bottom line: the less Islam there is in the United States, the better.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

© Bryan Fischer


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