Bryan Fischer
Next battle royale: immigration
By Bryan Fischer
April 27, 2010

Now that Arizona has passed a law making it state crime to be in Arizona without proper documentation, expect President Obama and the Democrats to move culture-busting amnesty legislation to the head of the queue. This is now going to be cause one in the great Obama crusade to kneecap America and turn it into a Third World country.

A poll taken Friday indicates that 70% of Arizonans approve of this bill. They know it will make them safer and will lower taxpayers costs for welfare, law enforcement, education, and health services.

But the president, who has never let piddly things like the will of the people, the rule of law, or common sense get in his way, is ready to force amnesty down the throats of Americans just like he did with health care reform. He's making it clear that, as far as he and the Democrat junta are concerned, this is no longer a government of the people but a government of leftist ideologues.

In the president's mind, the Arizona law cannot be allowed to stand. It smacks too much of America, too much of self-government, too much of the Constitution, too much of local control, too much of freedom, too much of liberty, and too much of the rule of law to be tolerated. No, the iron boot of the regime must be placed squarely on the neck of the Grand Canyon State and any other state which has the audacity to think and govern for itself.

The Amerophobic impulses of this president will soon be on display in all its florid ugliness. Expect ordinary Americans who believe in the rule of law and orderly immigration to be castigated as racists and bigots. We're all xenophobes now. Expect endless references to Jim Crow laws and the KKK. We must be demonized and dehumanized, just as Hitler did with the Jews, in an effort to intimidate us into silence and meek acquiescence.

Name-calling is the first and last refuge of a man without an argument, and since our America-despising boy president has no rational defense against the argument for secure borders, he and his acolytes will quickly paint us as Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. Get ready, because it's coming.

So far the Republicans seem to be holding steady, which is why the American Socialists need to get this done by November. Poor Lindsey Graham, currently fighting off accusations that he is a closeted homosexual, has not been able to find a single party colleague to join him in sponsoring amnesty legislation. Even his old friend in porous border talk, John McCain, won't jump on this sinking ship. He can read the polls like everyone else, and you don't get re-elected to the senate in Arizona by sticking your thumb up the nose of a supermajority of your electorate.

But don't forget that the Democrats didn't need a single Republican vote to wreck the greatest health care system in the world, and they won't need a single Republican vote to wreck the fairest and most generous legal immigration system in the world. We already naturalize around 630,000 immigrants every year, who play by the rules and wait their turn.

The one thing the president said with which we agree is, "Surely we can all agree that when 11 million people in our country are living here illegally, outside the system, that's unacceptable. The American people demand and deserve a solution."

What the presidents sees here are not people but votes. His re-election chances hinge on finding an entirely new batch of voters who aren't utterly disgusted with what he is doing to the country.

The actual number of illegals is more likely between 12 million and 20 million, but the president will pick out of his hat whatever number he thinks will best serve his PR purposes. But he's right. Things as they stand are "unacceptable" and the American people do deserve a "solution."

The problem with the president's plan, of course, is that it is not a solution at all. You expect a "solution" to, well, solve something, but the president's plan to give amnesty to 20 million lawbreakers will only make things far, far worse.

Ronald Reagan showed us that. He signed amnesty legislation in 1986 that legalized 3 million aliens. This was supposed to solve our immigration problem once and for all. Instead, it multiplied our problem four- to six-fold.

Can you imagine the wave of illegal aliens who will wash over our borders once the expectation of amnesty is in the air? We will be inundated with disease-ridden, drug-smuggling criminals slavering over the prospect of getting the ultimate free pass.

I'm sure the president will make some token effort to make people prove they were in American by such and such a date, but the black market in bogus documents will take care of that. That will be the one part of the economy that will come roaring back with a vengeance. And pity the poor bureaucratic flunky who tries to disqualify someone his Democrat betters want in.

The solution is simple: a fence and attrition. Let's build a fence all along the southern border, and then deport every single illegal alien who comes to the attention of law enforcement or any government agency. Those that remain in the shadows will at least have the incentive to behave themselves and stop being a drain on taxpayer-funded social services.

Strap it on folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

© Bryan Fischer


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