Bryan Fischer
News just keeps getting worse for homosexuality
By Bryan Fischer
March 18, 2010

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is not a part of the vast, right-wing conspiracy, religious or otherwise. It is tasked with disease control and prevention, and reports the stubborn facts about an array of health problems.

A data analysis released today by the CDC finds that homosexuals have an HIV infection rate that is more than 44 times higher than that of sexually normal men.

Forty-four times the rate of infection — for a deadly virus that kills its hosts.

Further, the rate of syphilis infection among men who have sex with men (MSM) is an astonishing 46 times higher than that among sexually normal men.

Says Kevin Fenton, M.D., of the CDC, "[T]his analysis shows just how stark the health disparities are between this and other populations."

The FDA, which again is not the research arm of the American Family Association or the Family Research Council, says that the prevalence of HIV infections among MSM is 60 times higher than in the general populace. It is for that reason that a man who has had sex with another man even one time since 1977 is not allowed to donate blood.

Don't miss this. For a man to have sex with another man poses so much danger to the nation's health that if a man has had sex even one, single, solitary time with another man in the last 33 years, he cannot be allowed to give blood. The risk of imparting a lethal infection through a tainted blood supply is simply too high.

The FDA reports that the second highest risk group for HIV/AIDS is found among intravenous drug abusers. Bottom line: homosexual behavior is even more dangerous than injection drug use. Neither should be accepted, promoted, honored, endorsed, sanctioned or given special protections in law.

The FDA also reports that since the AIDS epidemic began in 1977, an astonishing 91% of all afflicted males contracted it through having sex with man or through drug injection. "Heterosexual AIDS" is a myth.

If there was ever a sexual behavior that deserved to be militantly opposed, in law as well as in public policy, homosexuality is it. It is lethal, it is fatal, and it is the height of callous indifference to tell these men that not only is their behavior okay, we will punish anyone who dares to criticize it.

There is simply no genuine compassion in the hearts of those who would celebrate a lifestyle that consigns its practitioners to death.

Pro-family groups are the ones who are accused of lacking compassion. But note this: we are not calling for homosexuals to be put to death. We're calling for them to get help, and simply saying that homosexual behavior should not be legalized or normalized in any way. It's the same stance we take toward IV drug abuse, and for exactly the same reasons.

Homosexual activists, on the other hand, are handing out death sentences like candy by celebrating behavior that kills. Where is the compassion in that? Pro-family groups are promoting life while homosexualist groups are promoting death.

Zero compassion is being shown by those who cheer as homosexuals march off into the night to sign their own death warrants. The truest compassion is being demonstrated by those who stand athwart history and yell, "Stop!"

The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the homosexual community is so striking that even homosexual activists are getting the picture and once again claiming this disease as their own. Matt Foreman of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force said exactly that in 2008: "Folks, with 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi, we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease."

He added that homosexuals "have to own that and face up to that." Well, they're not the only ones who have to face up to that. Our entire culture does, including the military. The military is on track to normalize behavior that decimates those who engage in it. The potential impact on military readiness is clear.

The health care costs to infected soldiers will represent an enormous drain on taxpayer resources. Further, soldiers in combat situations must be able to donate blood to save the life of an injured comrade. This means that homosexual soldiers are non-deployable. No homosexual can be sent into combat because his donated blood could kill his fellow solider rather than save him.

It's insanity for our culture — including the military — to normalize such self- and other-destructive behavior. I daresay even the folks at the CDC and the FDA, if they allowed themselves a moment of honesty, would agree.

© Bryan Fischer


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