Tom DeWeese
The Green New Deal is being implemented in local communities across the country
Here is how we can stop it...
By Tom DeWeese
February 27, 2020

Do you fully understand the real force of tyranny that is destroying the very roots of our American culture? And do you know how we can stop it?

Several months ago, I predicted that the Green New Deal was a real threat to our liberty, our economy, and our way of life.

I was alarmed that Republicans in Congress were simply laughing at how outrageous it is. I warned that their lack of understanding of the true agenda behind the Green New Deal was a trap that they would soon fall into.

Well, I'm very sorry to report that my predictions are coming true.

While Republicans on the national level laughed, the powerful Non-governmental (NGO) forces began pushing Green New Deal programs through state legislatures and city councils.

These NGOs include the National Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties, the Council of State Governments, and the National Governors Association. The one thing each of these organizations has in common is that they work on the local level, changing local government. That's how they are quietly enforcing the Green New Deal outside of Congressional action.

As you know, the Green New Deal calls for ending the use of gasoline-driven cars. It attacks the ownership of private property. It demands that every single building in the nation be torn down or environmentally refitted to meet massive energy regulations. In addition, the Green New Deal calls for the end of beef consumption, and even demands a universal payroll system that will eventually make everyone equally poor.

Step-by-step this insanity is being implemented.

State legislatures are passing bills to eliminate single family housing protection, instead allowing high-rise apartments and public housing to invade such neighborhoods, destroying property values. Gas taxes are increasing. Property taxes are increasing. Landlords are facing rent controls and regulations that force them to rent to people whether they can afford the rent or not.

If we allow this assault on landlords and private property to continue, eventually the only housing available to you and me will be government housing. That is right out of the Green New Deal. And that is the plan!

NGOs are using government grants to pressure local communities to impose Form Based Codes, a program that forces all new buildings to comply with specific environmental standards that makes all buildings the same – right out of the Green New Deal and the Ideal Communist City that I've written about.

Across the nation, city councils and county commissions are being pressured by NGOs to impose International Building Codes that have their roots in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy. These codes are a one-size-fits – all straitjacket which fully enforce the Green New Deal.

In Texas, the drive is on to eliminate agricultural exemptions, which protect and help farmers afford the hundreds and thousands of acres they need to grow crops. Eliminating these protections will remove thousands of farmers from their lands. Other states are joining in, locking grazing lands from cattle growers. Locking away rural land is a major part of the Green New Deal.

Of course, California was first to begin enforcing its own version of the Green New Deal. The initial step was to mandate that all energy use would be wind and solar within the next twenty years. Virginia is attempting to follow with its own plan to force out conventional energy use by 2050. This one policy will destroy our economy, our culture, and our way of life. Green energy does not work and it will never supply our energy needs!

Right now, California is working on a plan to force homeowners to take in the homeless, based on how much room they have in their homes. That's right out of the Soviet gulag. Private property rights will be completely destroyed.

As they so easily enforce regulations which destroy property rights, industry, the economy, and the culture, they've also been destroying our children's minds for decades. Academic education has been morphed into mere behavior modification and thought control. True knowledge is disappearing.

Meanwhile these same forces are attacking the very structure of our election system, moving to eliminate the Electoral College and impose the National Popular Vote that will destroy the voting power in rural communities. That is the plan and it too is being implemented at the state level.

All of this is happening across America today. Yes, there are truly bad things coming out of Congress, especially the grants that drive so much of it. But the real action is happening right there in your local city council and state legislature.

The one thing all of these policies have in common is that they are all part of Sustainable Development – the policy of Agenda 21, now masquerading as the Green New Deal. All designed to destroy our American culture and economy.

How do we stop it?

The fact is, people put too much energy into electing a president and not enough at city hall.

Let me share this fact with you.

It is very difficult to affect change at the national level. That's because Washington, D.C. is a snake pit controlled by very few armed with massive amounts of cash. We can knock on congressional doors or hold rallies on the Mall. But that has little effect on actual policy decisions.

On the local level it is a far different story. That is where we can personally interact with our local representatives. The Founding Fathers meant for us to have the most influence at the local level.

That's exactly why the Left is using this local tactic to enforce the Green New Deal that Senate Republicans laughed at!

Using the right tactics, local residents can block these policies. We have a lot of valuable tools already in place. Right now, we can work to elect new legislators and city councilmen who could repeal all of these bad policies – almost overnight.

There is a federal statute in the 1964 Civil Rights Act that allows citizens to file lawsuits against individual representatives for enforcing policies that violate your civil rights. And If you win, they will be held personally accountable for their actions. They will pay their own fines and legal fees – NOT the taxpayers.

Do you think that might get them to listen more to the citizens than the NGOs who are dangling the money in front of them?

You and I do not have to sit here and be victims! There is action we can take to change things and reinstate our Republic – right on the local level.

That's why I have worked so hard to develop my Five Point Action Plan.

Here is what I have learned in my 50 years of grassroots activism. In order to be successful, you must build your efforts from the bottom up. That is the only way to build a reliable, stable movement.

Start with your own community first. That means showing up at council meetings. Get involved in local elections, eventually getting the freedom candidates elected. They can then begin repealing the bad legislation.

That's how you make your city a "Pocket of Freedom."

These efforts will eventually be noticed, first on the county level and then on the state level as more follow your successful example. More of your people will get elected to the various levels of government, including Congress. That's how you will finally affect the national level.

These are the tactics that I have prepared for in my Five Point Action Plan and this is why I am working so hard to promote it and raise the funds desperately needed to make it reality.

Imagine training classes across the nation, perhaps in your own community. We will teach local activists and your best elected representatives how to work together to build a powerful force to expose those NGOs, rejecting their money and sample legislation! We will work on both the community level and from inside city hall itself.

Keep in mind, those NGO groups only have power because our elected representatives give it to them. We are going to teach you how to take that away from them and send them packing – right out of town!!

But this Action Plan cannot happen without the necessary firepower – the money. We need funds to prepare the information packets, documents and manuals. We need to pay for the meeting rooms for training and for travel. I'll need more staff and experts to teach the various tactics. I know some great ones, but it takes money to make it work.


We are up against NGO forces that are armed with millions of dollars in their war chests. Right now, they can blow us away with very little effort. But I don't need to match them dollar for dollar. I just need the funds to pull these plans together.

This is a plan that needs to start now. In fact, we have already had the first mini session on teaching the tactics of the Civil Rights Section 1983 suits. It's a start. We learned from it and we need to do more research including preparing a much-needed teaching manual that will show every activist how to do this.

To save liberty in America, the Green New Deal and Sustainable Development must be stopped!

The American Policy Center is the only national organization that has dedicated its entire mission to defeating this threat.

We can win this fight. We must win! I look forward to hearing from you.



1. Taking Them to Court – Section 1983 Direct Action

For years activists have faced arrogant, condescending officials and bureaucrats who ignore our attempts to discuss or oppose policies that destroy property rights and individual liberty. This happens because these officials suffer no consequences for their actions. That's because they have been able to hide behind the protective curtain of government privilege. Even if a citizen is able to sue the city over damages, the officials who actually imposed the policy don't pay the fines and legal fees. Taxpayers do. That is about to change. APC has discovered a little-known section of the 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act called Section 1983. This section provides a means to actually sue the offending officials personally. If the suit is won, the officials will be held personally accountable for their actions.

This isn't just a pie-in-the-sky idea. APC has now provided an entire weekend of training to the incredible activists in Virginia who are fighting the state's governor and his drive to enforce a massive gun confiscation policy. APC is now working on a comprehensive training manual to teach activists and lawyers how to use this tactic to regain control over local officials and their policies. Along with the manual, APC will create training seminars for activists, lawyers and elected officials. Now we plan to take it nationwide for cattlemen, landlords, property owners and many more.

2. National Training Seminar

This will be a gathering of national leaders, activists, and elected city councilmen, county commissioners and state legislators who are already working to stop Agenda 21 policies in their jurisdictions. The training seminar will consist of two simultaneous sessions occurring over a two-day period – one for elected officials and the other for local and state activists. This will not be a conference where attendees sit in an auditorium and listen to speakers. This will be a series of working sessions.

First, elected representatives (city councils, country commissioners and state legislators) will meet in sessions to network, and to create a comprehensive, multi-pronged legislative agenda designed to cut the size, cost, reach and power (SCRAP) of government. The planned agenda will focus on creating multiple legislation initiatives rather than a one-size-fits-all anti-Agenda 21 bill (which has been tried unsuccessfully in many states).

Meanwhile, activists from across the nation will meet in a concurrent session to learn new organizing tactics and tools for effective ways to fight SD programs at the local and state levels. They will also learn how to provide necessary support to elected officials when they introduce pro-property rights/anti-Sustainable Development legislation. In addition, activists will learn to use new methods to create precinct organizations to build a permanent infrastructure to support and elect candidates who oppose Agenda 21.

The bottom line for both of these sessions: create a legislative plan of action, complete with constructive language to introduce effective legislation and prepare strong support from local activists to assure said legislative agenda is passed. Along with building a successful, permanent local precinct structure for local and state-wide election victories.

3. Website Clearing House listing Anti-Agenda 21 candidates, organizations and activists nationwide

How do activists know which candidates to support in an election cycle? Politicians are constantly attempting to persuade any group they are addressing by saying what is most popular. But all too often, once elected, they do the opposite when faced with policy decisions. The American Policy Center will create a special web site to act as a clearing house for such information on candidates across the nation, at every level of government. There are state and local activist organizations across the nation that send out questionnaires and polling to provide such information. But there is no central clearing house that activists can trust to access that information. This effort will require one dedicated person to research and gather the information for posting.

The site will also list the contact information for activists and organizations in states and local communities so that those concerned with fighting such policies can easily connect with like-minded activists. It will also list any recent activities taking place in each state.

Up-to-date information and hidden details are key to exposing Agenda 21 and proving our position. It is imperative that APC have the very best sources of information to feed to the media, elected officials and the public in general.

4. Information Packet to every elected official

The information packet will include a 15-minute video prepared specifically for elected officials entitled "Your Actions Have Consequences." This video will be narrated by elected officials and designed to speak directly to their elected counterparts. It will provide a comprehensive explanation of the dangers of planning programs that are being used to change our American system of government and the consequences of the sustainable development programs they are enforcing. The packet will include documentation on the history and roots of Agenda 21 policy; examples of how its failed policies have damaged property owners and local economies; and the dangers of creating non-elected regional boards and accepting federal grants. The information packet will be sent to every member of Congress, Governors, state legislators, mayors, county commissioners and city councilmen in the nation. Proponents of Agenda 21 have buried our elected officials under tons of information to promote their agenda. Yet, many elected officials still say they have never heard of Agenda 21. Worse, many of those who have heard of the policy fail to understand it. The issuing of this information packet will be supported by an aggressive media blitz through news releases and appearances on news programs.

5. Reaching out to the general public with our Stop Agenda 21 Message: A national advertising campaign to show how Agenda 21 policies are being enforced in every city in the nation

Americans have been emotionally moved by the Animal Rights Movement through their ads on television depicting the plight of neglected dogs and cats. However, there is much more unseen suffering taking place across the nation by human property owners. Shattered dreams, destruction of homes, families, businesses, even whole industries, are the result of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policies. Yet most Americans remain ignorant of such disasters. Rarely does a news program discuss the plight of property owners. By making the American public aware of this plight, we can gain a lot of support in our fight to stop Agenda 21. To that end, the American Policy Center plans to produce a series of ads for television, radio and print similar in tone to the animal rights ads, complete with a depiction of the victims and original music that tells the story. If successful, such awareness should open the door to additional funds to keep the ads running.


© Tom DeWeese


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