Curtis Dahlgren
Very scary lefty quotations -- a few words more
By Curtis Dahlgren
November 14, 2010

"IF THE VERY OLD WILL REMEMBER, THE VERY YOUNG WILL LISTEN." — Native American saying (Chief Dan George)

I'm very old. I can remember the 1960s, sorry to say. This is another chapter in a series of columns on the 60s hippies and famous quotations by infamous left-wingers. This isn't just "old news" or "ancient history" because many of the hippies and fellow-travelers of the "Youth" revolution now hold important positions in the judiciary and executive branch of the federal government, not to mention the incestuous "news" media. One election (Nov. 2, 2010) isn't going to make them go away or cry Uncle Sam.

To understand how they think in 2010, we need to examine their "thinking" during the 1960s! A very lame-duck Congress is about to convene, and in their minds, the will of the People just doesn't matter!

President Johnson (LBJ) once said, "If it's really going to work, the relationship between the president and the Congress has got to be almost incestuous." That IS the situation until the 112th Congress begins in January. Of course, by "working," LBJ meant moving the nation ever leftward! President Obama will utilize the incestuous 111th Congress until January and then switch over to Executive Orders and "Administrative rules" by his czars to continue their unrelenting long march of "revolution."

THEREFORE, I soberly submit the following lists of "famous quotations":


"When I appear in the Chicago courtroom, I want to be tried not because I support the NLF [the reds in Vietnam] — which I do — but because I have long hair." — Abbie Hoffman

"Our crime was that we were beginning to live a new and contagious life-style without official authorization." — Tom Hayden

"When the sexual energy of the people is liberated they will break the chains." — Julian Beck

"The object is for everyone to do their own thing, but the thing is to make one's thing the Revolution." — Eldridge Cleaver

"We tell ourselves we are a counterculture. And yet are we really so different from the culture against which we rebel?" — Jon Landau

"Eat leaden death, reactionary business administration majors!" — Students for a Democratic Society [volume 1, #2; 1969]

"A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery . . . Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun . . . All reactionaries are paper tigers." — Mao Tse-tung

"The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it." — Hoffman

"Until you're prepared to kill your parents, you're not really prepared to change the country." — Jerry Rubin

"The most exciting things going on in America today are movements to change America." — Mario Savio

"The only ones who make things change are fanatics. If you're not a fanatic around here, you can't cut it." — Cesar Chavez

"When school children start paying union dues, I'll start representing the interests of school children." — former president of National Federation of Teachers


"Revolution is a trivial shift in the emphasis of suffering." — Tom Stoppard

"The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level." — Norman Mailer

"I have often been accused of putting my foot in my mouth, but I will never put my hand in your pocket." — Spiro Agnew

"The function of liberal Republicans is to shoot the wounded after battle." — Eugene McCarthy

"The most persistent of all attractive illusions in our country may be that racism can be ended by one single blow." — McGeorge Bundy

"I'm sick and tired of black and white people of good intent giving aspirin to a society that is dying of a cancerous disease." — Ralph Abernathy

"To like an individual because he's black is just as insulting as to dislike him because he's not white." — e.e. Cummings

"I don't care if the cat is black or white, as long as it's a good mouser." — author unknown

MISCELLANEOUS QUOTATIONS (thought-provoking, or just plain interesting ones):

"Being a comedian is like being a con man. You have to make 'em like you before you can fool 'em." — Flip Wilson

"It's been a struggle for me because I had a chance to be white and I refused." — Richard Pryor

"A man sufficiently gifted with humor is in small danger of succumbing to flattering delusions about himself, because he cannot help perceiving what a pompous ass he would become if he did." — Konrad Lorenz

"The NAACP is a wonderful organization . . . But do you realize if tomorrow morning we had complete integration, all them cats would be outta work?" — Dick Gregory

"What we mean by integration is not to be with them, but to have what they have." Julian Bond

"The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to protect the country they stole from red people." — HAIR, the "musical"

"To strip our past of glory is no great loss, but to deny it honor is devastating." — Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

"In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law . . That would lead to anarchy." — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and white notes together." — Richard Nixon

"It's possible to dazzle a crowd if you really work at it. But that is no qualification for leadership. Hitler was a master of crowds." — George McGovern


The conservatives of the 1960s had more in common with Martin Luther King than he would have had with today's brand of liberals — who won't let 'racism' die, who accuse good people such as Glenn Beck of anti-Semitism (while they themselves try to rip the rug out from under the Israelis). One more quotation:

"There are two books that should be in the White House to read. One is the Constitution of the United States and the other is Dale Carnegie's book How To Win Friends and Influence People." — Sam Ervin

And just one more thing, ma'am. As Zig Ziglar says, "Some say truth can be denied, but it cannot be avoided. We can say the same thing about moral/ethical values. Eventually, they must be followed, or we end up on the horns of a dilemma."

Someone else once said that "Americans always do the right thing — after all the other alternatives have been tried."

P.S. Speaking of chronological "contemporary history," this was the week of another G20 economic summit. Also, there was a missile launch off our Pacific coast (at least according to all the people who saw it), and all government authorities at first said that they didn't know what it was. However, in subsequent days it has probably been described as everything from an airplane to swamp gas to an optical illusion to northern lights.

Speaking of northern lights, I hope that oodles of people will watch the Alaska show on TLC Sunday night. You can see previews at .

One of the big recent news highlights was the end of the "Chicago Climate Exchange" (on which Al Gore made nearly 18 million dollars when it was sold six months before its demise). Here's an excerpt from:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gore Pocketed ~$18 Million from Now-Defunct Chicago Climate Exchange

Although the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) collapsed and shut down this week, Al Gore's Generation Investment Management LLP pocketed approximately $17.8 million on it's 2.98% share of the exchange when it was sold to the publicly traded Intercontinental Exchange a mere 6 months ago . . . .

[That infamous "global warming hockey stick graph" has gone flat-line, or even downward. One more quotation:

"The fact is we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't" — climatologist Keven Trenberth (Oct. 12, 2009)

Gasoline is now over $3 a gallon due in part to these "environmentalists," and it's just killing the economy right now!

More to come.

© Curtis Dahlgren


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Curtis Dahlgren

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