Madeline Crabb
Christians' role in Election 2016
By Madeline Crabb
October 30, 2016

In less than two weeks, Americans have the opportunity to once again vote for who's going to lead our nation for the next four years. Since Christians are supposed to make a difference while here on earth, that means we should also make a difference in the quality of leaders we choose for America. So what exactly is the role of Christians in Election 2016? Before we discuss this, perhaps we should go back a few years to the last presidential election.

In 2012, our choices for president were not ideal. We were stuck with Democratic candidate Barack Hussein Obama, a man many believed then and now to be ineligible for the presidency. That matter is now moot since he indeed has been our president for almost eight years. The Republican candidate was Mitt Romney, a Mormon.

Obama's Muslim background, and his family and personal relationships with socialists and card-carrying communists should have derailed his candidacy in 2008. He shouldn't have been eligible for a security clearance, let alone be the president armed with nuclear codes. He was basically unknown, had little experience, and was a community organizer/agitator. And during his short time in the U.S. Senate, he had the most liberal voting record. The Democratic Party put forth one of the most liberal, anti-American presidential candidates they could find in 2008, and nobody really thought he would get re-elected in 2012. Ha! Guess the joke's on us.

Since the Republican Party promoted Mitt Romney, a Mormon, one must wonder if it was a done deal that Obama should win re-election. Republican leadership had to know that Romney's Mormon beliefs were a problem for Christians.

Was Romney's faith fatal to his candidacy? There were 20 million Christians who stayed home rather than vote for Romney, according to Pew Research. They just couldn't reconcile themselves to vote for the Republican candidate, even after four years of tyranny under Barack Obama. Not voting is bad enough, but Christians also voted for Obama.

Pew reports that 42 percent of Protestants and 50 percent Catholics, and even 20 percent Mormons voted for Obama in 2012. He won by just over 3.5 million votes. In other words, Christians could have, and should have made a difference.

So here we are again in another presidential race with one candidate who should be nowhere near the White House or nuclear codes, and the other an outsider and the most unlikely of people to run for the presidency. And instead of asking the Lord about this curious phenomenon, many Christians condemn Donald Trump because he's just a regular flawed human being, not a saint.

First of all, America in general has become openly hostile to serious Bible-believing Christians. Look at how Christians have been persecuted during Obama's time in office. While Mr. Trump was raised a Presbyterian, he only recently became a Christian. (Yes, it is possible to sit in church pews our whole lives and still not be Christians.) So instead of being judgmental towards Mr. Trump, we should be praying that he grow in Christ, as each of us wants to do.

Regardless of what we think or feel, Mr. Trump is the Republican candidate for president. Ours is not to question, but to pray that God's will be done. Scripture tells us, "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts," says the Lord, "and My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine." (Is. 55:8 NLT) So, shouldn't we consider God is doing something new, even remarkable with a man who has not been tainted by corrupt politics?

In fact, Mr. Trump's battle isn't just against Hillary Rodham Clinton, it's against a massive, corrupt political machine. Most of those in office are career politicians who have used the system, on the backs of American citizens, to gain power and wealth for themselves. After being in office for a while, these politicians have too much power and wealth to be beaten. Clinton is among the worst of all times! During my research I just discovered that she has a "war chest" of $2 billion. With a B! Is it any wonder no other candidate would go up against her in the primaries?

Folks, the system is so utterly corrupt that it's a wonder God has allowed us to remain a nation. We Christians are responsible when we vote scoundrels into office. And sadly, Christians are indeed responsible for Obama being in office and achieving his goal of fundamentally transforming America. Additionally, remember Obama chose Clinton as Secretary of State, providing her a platform to sell out America, and enrich her family.

If we think the last eight years have been bad, we should think again. If we are indeed living in the Last Days, as foretold in the Bible, then things are going to get rapidly and exponentially worse. In fact, if our nation doesn't totally collapse in the near future, it will be a miracle.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would essentially be the third term of Obama. She wants to expand on what he's done, which should be enough to cause us to stop her in her tracks.

Scandals have followed the Clintons for 40 years. Hillary and Bill have been selling America to the highest bidders for decades. They don't care about us, but only for themselves and wealth. HRC should be in jail for any number of reasons, except that nobody is brave enough to prosecute her. Apparently even the FBI fears her. Also, it seems people who get too close to the Clintons either become road kill, or get "suicided."And, of course, there are still over 900 FBI files illegally acquired by the Clintons that can be used to blackmail government officials into submission. So then, the only apparent way she can be stopped is if we don't elect her. Of course, God could finally remove this evil woman from the scene, but perhaps He wants us to do the right thing. At least we should be praying this evil be stopped. And yet, how many Christians instead are planning to vote for her?

Dear Christians, perhaps God sees Donald Trump as the one person who is unafraid of the Clintons, or any of the other corrupt politicians. (Actually, he should be afraid. Something happened to Mike Pence's plane today. We should be fervently praying for all who are on Trump's team.)

If we can't find any reason to support Mr. Trump except his stance on abortion, then that is ample reason to vote for him. And no, we shouldn't care about his thoughts from 20 years ago. With age comes wisdom. All of us have changed our minds on many things during our lifetimes, particularly after getting saved. What we do need to remember is that the Bible tells us to choose life. (Clinton stands for death.)

Further, Mr.Trump wants to abolish the "Johnson amendment," which has paralyzed pastors and church leaders into silence over the past 40 years. Lyndon Johnson wanted to silence his opponents, and is responsible for religious leaders fearing the loss of tax-exempt status for their churches if they talk about politics. In other words, pastors' first-amendment rights have been stifled. Mr. Trump is the first candidate to ever discuss remedying this problem. Amazing.

Or perhaps we should just think on these words: "God deliberately chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise." (1 Cor. 27 NLT) So, we should be careful to question God about this matter. Again, the fact that Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for president tells me that God has allowed it. Mr. Trump has been exceedingly successful, and has actually built things, and hired/managed people. With 100 million people out of work, he has the skills to provide the environment in which jobs can be created. BTW...this is exactly what the Federal Government is to do. It doesn't exist to make jobs, or provide welfare for the people. It is simply supposed to create an environment whereby Americans can pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (God-given rights.)

Obama is a direct result of we Christians not doing our duty – stopping what many warned would bring doom upon our nation. HRC is Obama on steroids. If we allow her to be president, will our nation be left standing in four years? I seriously doubt it.

The mere fact that media, Wall Street, banks, and the Establishment of both political parties are against Mr. Trump should speak volumes about who is the right candidate. Mainstream media is responsible for colluding with corrupt politicians, and covering – up for them... particularly for the Clintons. Wall Street is the vessel by which corrupt, greedy politicians gain their wealth, and thus, their power. Mr. Trump wants to stop the corruption – Drain the swamp. We should be applauding him, and yes, supporting his campaign!

Our role as Christians in Election 2016 is to slow the destruction. Could a President Trump buy America and the Church a short reprieve? Absolutely! Then shouldn't we be voting for him? To anyone willing to hear....

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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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