Madeline Crabb
Another Clinton presidency--insanity!
By Madeline Crabb
October 18, 2016

Picture this: The last act of the Clinton co-presidency in 2001 was a low-class, trailer trash act of stealing furnishings, followed by vandalizing of the White House itself. After they left, much of America voiced an old adage: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Fast forward to 2016 where we are watching in disbelief as one of the most crooked, sleazy, dishonest, ruthless, and shameless couples in political history attempts to move back into the People's House they previously trashed, looted, and vandalized. What are we thinking?!

OK, for those of you who have short memories, here's a recap of the Clinton's moving day. Even though they were broke, according to Lying Hillary, they needed furniture to fill their new mansion in New York State. (Funny how people can be broke and yet, afford a mansion. I know what happened but will allow you to do your own research.)

So, for such an entitled couple, it was nothing to grab a few furnishings from their temporary furnished government housing. They took furniture, china, silverware, paintings, presidential seals, door knobs, and who really knows what else. According to the General Accounting Office, the vandalism to furniture left behind (not good enough for their new digs) and structure amounted to about $20 thousand. Some of the furniture left behind probably needed to be fumigated because of what transpired on it.

For those of you who were too young to know what happened, Bill Clinton had dalliances with women in the West Wing of the White House – you know, the place where important government business is conducted. His sexual trysts have been reported by numerous people who worked there, including FBI and Secret Service personnel.

The latest expose', Crisis of Character, is written by former Secret Service officer, Gary Byrne. FYI...You may hear from MSM that he has been discredited. This is a lie. He is saying the exact same things that have been reported for over 20 years by people such as the late Barbara Olson and Gary Aldrich, to name a couple of stellar investigative writers.

Eventually, the Clintons were forced to return some of the furnishing belonging to We the People. They apparently had no idea White House furnishings weren't theirs to take. While they did pay a small amount of money for items they wanted to keep, as usual, they got the better end of the deal, while the true owners of the furnishings got ripped off. George W. Bush did not want to draw undo attention to the scandalous actions so early in his administration. So, the Clintons skated. Again.

Of course, the Clinton's White House looting was only a small scandal compared to all the others that happened during their eight-year reign as two-for-the-price-of-one co-presidents.

Hillary wanted more power than she was given. After all, she "wears the pants in the family." (Maybe because Bill is always taking his pants off.) One of the first family's WH rifts was over Hillary not being given Al Gore's office. Everyone should have understood he was just the vice president, and she was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Overall, Co-President Hillary wielded enough power that people feared her. No nominations or appointments were made without her vetting and approval. Further, we know about Hillary Care, Hillary's attempt to take over the nation's health care system. Because it was such a debacle, the 1994 mid-term elections resulted in what was called the Republican Revolution. For the first time in 40 years, the Republican Party overwhelmingly won both houses of Congress.

While Bill and Hillary tell us about their great accomplishments as co-presidents, we must remember that after just two years of the Clintons, and Hillary's proposed health care plan, Republicans regained control of Congress and averted any major damage being done to the country.

One of Hillary's most distressing scandals is Filegate, where around 900 FBI files were illegally obtained to use against Clinton adversaries, mostly from the Republican Party. According to WND, and many other sources, the scandal "was first detected by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. The committee found that the FBI files had been improperly accessed by Craig Livingstone, a former bar bouncer Hillary had hired to work in the White House Counsel's Office. However, Hillary called the whole affair a 'completely honest bureaucratic snafu.'" Really?

Among the illegally-obtained files were those belonging to Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp. (Willey was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Tripp was a witness in impeachment hearings against Bill.) And according to Judicial Watch, courts found that the privacy of these two women was violated, and that Hillary was linked "directly to the center" of the controversy.

If anyone has ever wondered why the Clintons can get by with so much, consider the fact that no politician knows whether Hillary has his or her FBI files. As stated in my last article, many of our "public servants" are no longer men and women of integrity. They have been corrupted by power, greed, sex, and can be blackmailed by people who "know things." Holding FBI files grants Hillary massive power and control over others. She basically has carte blanche unless someone without sin, or who doesn't care about being found out, challenges her.

Also during the first Clinton co-presidency, the IRS was openly used to attack adversaries of the Clintons, whether individuals or organizations. This tool is still being used today. Or how about Chinagate – the selling of high tech secrets to China? And what about the nuclear secrets supposedly "stolen" from Los Almos by Chinese on the Clinton's watch. Because of greed and the quest for power, the Clintons, aided and abetted by Al Gore, took money from the Chinese and in turn allowed them to obtain secrets that can destroy our nation some day. My source for this research comes from numerous books, but condensations of information are available from WND and Judicial Watch, among other online sites.

I'm including a link to the biggest scandals surrounding the Clintons. Any one of the listed scandals is enough to disqualify this couple for another stint in the White House – the People's House. Aren't their actions upon vacating said house enough to disqualify them? Doesn't this event show how classless and greedy they are?

Bill wants to be "big man on campus," and bed any woman, any time, even if it's against their will. And Hillary the "fixer" will make certain the women keep quiet about their encounters with Bill. At any cost.

What does Hillary want? Power...again, at any cost. For about 40 years, the Clintons have sought power – but Hillary isn't satisfied with one term at the pinnacle of power. She wants to sit at the president's desk in the Oval Office. She's put up with all her husband's affairs, trysts, assaults, and yes, even rapes. She's lied, covered-up, bullied, and threatened the women unfortunate enough to get involved with Bill.

But the fact remains that without Bill, she wouldn't have gotten anywhere. In fact, she still needs him to campaign for her because she's not likeable. Dinesh D'Souza's book, Hillary's America, explains how while at Yale Law School, Bill and Hillary decided to become partners because of their shared desire for power and influence. According to D'Souza, Hillary had a problem in that nobody liked her, whether they were male or female. "They considered her ugly, petulant, and bitchy." She couldn't change because this was and is her personality. Even in high school she had the nickname, "Sister Frigidaire."

Now, fast forward to 1974 when she served on the House Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate. She was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jeffrey Zeifman who called her a "liar and much worse," according to WND. Zeifman said, "She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, and conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality." Remember that nobody liked her at Yale, she graduated in 1973, and was fired from her job on the Watergate committee in 1974. She lied then, and has been lying ever since. And lest we forget, the late William Safire called Hillary a "congenital liar."

She was disliked in high school and college, and has been disliked by almost everyone ever since. Or, feared by most everyone since the days of power with Bill in Arkansas where a trail of dead bodies has been left in their wake. And we want these people, Bill and Hillary Clinton, back in the White House? And yes, we are talking about both of them. Hillary has already told us she has plans for Bill. So, it is another twofer. What a bargain.

Bill Clinton disgraced the office of President in the 90's. He made us a laughing stock around the world. He was impeached, although not convicted, and lost his law license. And because he's such a "good time Charley," scores of Americans let him skate. We re-elected him despite his low-class, despicable sexual behavior. And the couple got by with numerous crimes that would have sent any of us "common folk" to jail.

So, if we elect Hillary, sending her and Bill back to the White House, we are truly insane as a nation. We will have totally lost our ability to reason, and probably deserve whatever we get. And the consequences this time will be much more serious than in the 1990's. I don't want to live through another four to eight years of these people, do you? If not, then let's start warning everyone we know of the dangers we're facing. The ultimate danger is the death of America. More on that next time. To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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