Madeline Crabb
What America needs most--self-control
By Madeline Crabb
September 22, 2014

There's a run-a-way train barreling down its tracks and heading towards a heavily populated city center. Whether the engineer is "asleep at the wheel" or simply doesn't care, he is not using the train's brakes or taking other necessary steps to evade the unavoidable collision and resulting calamity and destruction. This out-of-control train is America.

Like the train operator, our nation's leaders are not using the appropriate mechanisms to stop the inevitable destruction that will happen when America crashes and burns. To stop our proverbial train wreck, what does America need most? We need self-control.

For those of us who are awake and alert, we recognize that America is already in the beginning stages of our crash, and yet, our so-called leaders are doing nothing. (Kind of reminds me of old Nero fiddling while Rome burned.) So instead of applying brakes to the massive, destructive power of our out-of-control government engine, our leaders are applying even more pressure to the throttle in an attempt to quicken our destruction. There has been exponential acceleration towards our destruction since Barack Hussein Obama became our president. And frankly, it looks as though there is no stopping this man from obliterating America. Destruction of the America we have known is THE plan – the destination of this out-of-control train.

Dear Americans, the tools we were given by our Founding Fathers to prevent such calamity have either been ignored, or have been altered to a barely recognizable state. The tools are the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Yes, there are some of our elected representatives who may still care about preserving our freedoms, but because of massive corruption within our federal government, the "good guys" usually don't stand the proverbial snowball's chance of accomplishing anything worthwhile.

A friend of mine, and former U.S. Congressman, once told me that trying to undo the damage, and accomplish anything in Congress is akin to beating your head against a brick wall. What's happened is that we elect people to Congress who get a taste of power, and then will do just about anything to keep that power. Instead of remembering whom they represent, and are supposed to serve, they become mere politicians who begin to tell we sheeple whatever they think we want to hear, and then proceed to do whatever they want or need to gain more power. They lie. They cheat. And they steal. Why? Quoting Lord Acton, it's because "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." People with the kind of power many of our nation's "leaders" have assumed, and the correlating corruption are of the killing magnitude. This out-of-control power is killing our nation.

But why and how have things gotten so out of control? In America, we have a Representative Republic whereby the elected officials are supposed to represent our ideals and beliefs. In a nation of over 300 million people, it is hard to believe the ideals of a majority of these people are communist/socialist ideals. They aren't mine. Are they yours? As a matter of fact, for those of you reading this column, how many Communists or Socialists do you actually know? I don't personally know any. Now, because I live in the home city of Indiana University, I can assure you there are hordes of Socialists and Commies here. I must associate with many who have leftist leanings, because of where I live, but they aren't my friends.

But since most Americans are not Socialists or Communists, how then is it that our nation has gone from being a Representative Republic to a socialist nation? How is it that we have allowed a Socialist/Communist to become our president? Even worse, how is it that after watching four years of utter destruction under his so-called leadership, we elected him for another four years? Where is the resistance from the millions of freedom-loving Americans?

Oh, there are some pockets of resistance. And guess what? People associated with those groups have been put on terrorist watch lists. If you don't believe this, research it. A perfect place to start is with an article by Michael Snyder at Some people might be surprised about whom our government considers potential terrorists – folks like Evangelical Christians, those who believe in End-Times Bible prophecy, believers in individual liberties and states' rights, and even returning veterans. Because of my beliefs, I'm a possible domestic terrorist – I fit into over half of the listed designations. By the way...radical Islamists aren't on the list. Go figure. It's probably because so many within our government are so enthralled with radical Islam, like our pro-Islamic president, or his Muslim Brotherhood buds within the Executive Branch of our government.

So, it is understandable why many spineless, fearful folks would rather just go-along to get-along than fight for their freedoms. Of course, if there isn't overwhelming resistance to the tyranny under which we now live, it will get even worse. Then the word "freedom" will be an antiquated term in America. And if there is no freedom in America, there won't be any hope for it in the rest of the world. We are the beacon of hope to the world because of the liberties outlined in our Declaration of Independence – of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Unfortunately, far too many Americans are only concerned about the "happiness" part of the Declaration of Independence. They want to be happy, happy, happy, with absolutely no worries or responsibilities. Therefore, we Americans have had way too much time on our hands, and created all sorts of new ways to corrupt ourselves and others. There apparently is no limit to the extent of our debauchery. Dr. David Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries says, "Our entertainment industry consists of vulgarians amusing barbarians." Isn't this true? Sadly, this is apparently what makes us happy. And consequently, this means that not just our government, but individual Americans are out of control.

Obviously, if Americans are consumed with seeking pleasure more than keeping their freedom, it is no wonder our government believes it has carte blanche to do whatever it pleases. The "bread and circuses" that helped occupy the citizens of Rome while that empire collapsed have achieved the same results here. And those of us who are trying to sound the warning alarm and educate the dumbed-down masses about reality and our eminent demise, are mocked and ridiculed. And yes, even put on government terrorist watch lists.

In case you don't believe me about Americans being out of control, and consumed with pleasure, perhaps Dr. Reagan can convince you. He has written a booklet titled, "A Prophetic Manifesto," which is a sobering look at America's self-destruction. In the "Death of America" section of the booklet, he explains that:
    We constitute only five percent of the world's population. We spend $2.8 billion dollars per year on Internet pornography, which is more than half the world total of $4.9 billion.

    Our rate of cohabiting partners has increased tenfold since 1960, totaling over 12 million unmarried partners today. Our divorce rate is the highest of any nation in the world. Forty percent of our children are born to unmarried women.

    We spend over $100 billion per year on gambling. Our number one drug problem is alcohol, producing over 17.6 million adults who are alcoholics or who have alcohol problems.

    Our nation has become a debt junkie, leading the world in both government debt and personal debt.
Does it all begin to make sense? Our government is out of control because Americans are out of control.

In this series of articles, we have been discussing some of America's most serious problems and the solutions. We are nearing the end of the series, and it is my hope that Americans reading these words will take them to heart and share them with others. Most Americans are either too stupid, lazy, or self-absorbed to undo the massive damage done to our nation. And make no mistake about it...we have done this to ourselves. Yes, our government is out of control. And it is WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible. In our form of government, it is OUR responsibility to govern ourselves. If we can't even govern our own lives, how can we make responsible choices in those we choose to represent us in various government positions? We must get control over our actions, or give ourselves over to a dictatorship or Communism. (Or are we already living under a dictatorship?)

There are four pillars in all societies: Government, business, family, and religion. It is obvious the government pillar is riddled with so much corruption that it offers little support to our society.

Business has been terribly weakened by government over-regulation and taxation, bailouts, illegal immigration, and unions. And with Obama's biggest socialist program – Obamacare – increasingly more businesses will fail, causing increasing unemployment among citizens. So, another societal pillar is "biting the dust."

The pillar of family has been weakened by divorce, and the high rate of illegitimate childbirth. If we can't even learn to get-along with one another in marital relationships, how on earth can we make good decisions regarding the leadership or our nation? And can anyone truly say that the high rate of children born out of wedlock is anything but totally irresponsible?

The last pillar, religion, is the most important of all. We will discuss it in our next article. But know that it, too, has been all but obliterated in America. With our societal pillars in shambles, how much longer can the nation stand?

In reality, all of the destruction to our nation is because we, as a people, are totally out of control. If we, as individuals, don't learn to grow up, become responsible human beings who care about people other than just ourselves, and develop self-control over all our urges, wants, and desires, then we are surely doomed. And guess what? We deserve our demise. The Bible says, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be required." (Luke 12:48 NLT) America and Americans have been given much. God requires a lot more in return than what we have given.

Dear friends, if you don't yet know Jesus, seek Him while He may be found. (Is.55:6) If you already know Him, pray for forgiveness in areas where you may have fallen short, and guidance in what He wants you to do. Don't you agree that it's past time for all of us to get right with God while there is still time. To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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