Madeline Crabb
America, land of unreality
By Madeline Crabb
July 26, 2012

Up is down and down is up. Wrong is right and right is wrong. Three plus one equals five. Truth depends on the definition of is — ask Bill Clinton. Enjoying the fruits of our labor is condemned while being a deadbeat living off OPM (other people's money) is celebrated. Everything is topsy-turvy. This is the environment in which we now live. Welcome to America, land of unreality.

Millions of American citizens have been scratching their heads in amazement about the current state of our democratic republic. Is this really the America in which we grew up? In today's transformed America, common sense and cool heads no longer prevail. Decisions are based more on emotion than on careful thought and deliberation. Hey...why devote careful thought and deliberation to anything when we have the government, particularly Comrade Obama, to dictate to us. Am I suggesting we live in a dictatorship? You betcha!

The recent decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Obamacare is just one more perplexing move by our Federal government. Multitudes of Americans were dumbfounded the Court did not declare this health care bill unconstitutional. We were even more puzzled that the strict Constructionist justice, John Roberts, was the deciding vote. Making people buy government-approved, government-sanctioned, government-regulated services is perfectly constitutional? And if we don't obey, the government-controlled police in IRS attire will attack us. Oh yeah, this makes perfect sense, in a dictatorship, where citizens are told exactly how they will comply with government directives.

How is it that the Rule of Law by which our nation is to be governed, the U. S. Constitution, can be so twisted and contorted to mean the government has the right to foist this abomination upon us? The answer is, the same way ALL branches of our federal government have been shredding the document for over 100 years.

There have always been factions working within government to undermine the freedoms outlined in our founding documents. There have always been forces of evil at work to undermine our belief in, and worship of God. After the past few weeks spent in prayer, Bible study, research, and contemplation, I've concluded the Obamacare decision is another wake-up call for America — particularly Christians.

We the People have created this mess we are in. Far too many people have been too lazy or apathetic about the state of the union. says that 19 million Evangelical Christians didn't bother to vote in the 2008 election. These folks tend to be pretty serious about their faith, but apparently not so much about preserving their God-given treasures — like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These careless folks — yes, many Christians included — take for granted that elected officials will do the right thing. Big mistake. Furthermore, they never educated themselves before voting for said elected officials, and therefore didn't scrutinize the character or qualifications of these people. Others vote strictly from emotion because of their ties to particular parties. And still others are brainwashed by the pretty words, smooth delivery, and pie-in-the-sky promises of today's slick, polished politicians. Admit it... "Hope and change" was a good "hook," as they say in the advertising business. And did Obama ever hook people! As a matter of fact, Americans are so hooked that their great grandchildren will still be paying for that terrible decision long after this generation has been forgotten. That is, if we survive as a nation that long — which is doubtful.

But one of the major problems Americans have is that we want everyone to like us, and to think we are doing the right thing. Yes, we will even be shamed into doing the so-called right thing so we can feel good about ourselves. Consequently, politicians have manipulated us like puppets for decades.

Political campaigns are simply advertising campaigns. Liberals generally play to emotions, while conservatives play to common sense. Today's brainwashed, manipulated, and something-for-nothing masses will respond most favorably to the former. As we get lazier and lazier, we simply don't like having to think too much about such things as politics. And yet, politics affects every aspect of our lives. Consequently, Big Daddy Government takes a huge part of our income — that is, the income of the 50 percent of Americans who actually earn a living. Then they make too many laws that all too often go against the will of thinking, conscious Americans, to control pretty much everything we say and do. Hey, they even want to control what we eat and drink — ask New York's Michael Bloomberg. And some idiot people — yes, I called them idiots — actually agree with Comrade Bloomberg. And who said this could never happen in America? Oh how naïve we are.

Like obedient little children, we obey whatever Big Daddy tells us. Peeeeeople, wake up. Big Daddy doesn't care about you. Those of us who work are a means to an end for Big Daddy. We supply the money for the giveaways that keep Big Daddy powerful.

Our forefathers had solid reasons for constructing the founding documents as they did. They studied history. As Edmund Burke once stated, "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." The Founding Fathers attempted to remove all the guesswork of how to operate our democratic republic. All We the People had to do was adhere to the well-reasoned, well-constructed directions. But no...we couldn't do that. We are so much wiser than they were. And what a mess we have created! Reality clue: God says, "Destruction is certain for those who think they are wise and consider themselves clever." (Is. 5:21 NLT) Further, the New Testament says of the self-appointed wise, "claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead." (Rom. 1:22 NLT)

The Supreme Court is the most-trusted arm of the three branches of our federal government. But the question is, why? They took prayer from the schools — what First Amendment? They then banned Bibles in schools. Oh, how about when they began removing the Ten Commandments from schools, courtrooms, and public places. We can't have people reading about God's expectations from us — it might affect our behavior, like not killing, stealing, lying, committing adultery and so forth. So our children can't pray, read Bibles, or see the Ten Commandments, but they can be taught about how to have sex, use condoms, and that homosexuality is good. Again, welcome to unreality.

Oh yes, one of the Court's biggest accomplishments was deciding it is a woman's constitutional right to kill her unborn child. This "right" is NOT in the Constitution, but was fabricated out of whole cloth. Of course, we can't call it murder — such an ugly word. We call it "right to choose." Ahhh, that is sooo much nicer. But isn't the killing of our children, born or unborn, more like human sacrifice? I'm just sayin...

Let's not forget that We the People are also responsible for the nine oh-so-wise judges. We almost put them on pedestals equal with God. Well actually, many people consider them gods. But they are not. And the people we elected to do our bidding, to govern our affairs — those who nominated them (presidents), or gave their advice and consent (senators) — are the flawed men and women we voted for. So while everyone is pointing fingers at somebody else, the blame rests on us. Big Daddy Government has become a huge monster. You see folks, while we are thinking all those nice, warm thoughts about how people like Obama are so concerned about the "little people," behind the scenes they and their minions are plotting how to get even more control over us. And we have been warned about power. As Lord Acton once said, "All power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad." God's Word explains why: "The human heart is most deceitful and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?" (Jer. 17:9 NLT)

Folks, the Bible says, "Destruction is certain for those who say that evil is good and good is evil; that dark is light and light is dark; that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.(Is.5:20 NLT) In our current land of unreality, this scripture describes exactly the way things are. And if we don't WAKE-UP, get back to REALITY, we are doomed for destruction! To anyone willing to hear....

© Madeline Crabb


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Madeline Crabb

Madeline Crabb is a Christian, a Constitutional Conservative, and a patriot. Holding a degree in journalism and public relations, and training from the Leadership Institute, she has been a columnist since 2000, and has written for various Christian newspapers around the country. As a “watchwoman” on the wall (Is.62:67), Madeline calls all citizens to awaken, arise, and act in restoring one nation under God.


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