Paul Cameron
History’s biggest con? The trans scam
By Paul Cameron
June 4, 2023

If one “homosexual can pollute a government office” as per a 1950 US Congressional Committee, will society be degraded by accepting homosexuality? Homosexuals existed long before our society accepted them, but, as with drug addicts, lived in the shadows as same-sex activities were illegal: homosexuals had no ‘right’ to demand they be part of the curriculum or that movie characters reflect their sexual tastes and lifestyle. Legalization changed all that.

Christian tradition warned legalizing homosexuality would result in an existential threat. It holds that those participating in homosexuality are usually insanely attached to it (all homosexuality, all the time), often putting it above any other cause or motive. In evidence of this belief, gay members put homosexuality above empiricism in the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations to normalize homosexuality, a gay put it above sales at JC Penny, and gay legislators devote most of their efforts toward expanding homosexuals’ power. Today, the trans spin-off from gays’ cross-dressing has grown into the greatest con in history.

The greatest scam – ever?

Indeed. We have advanced by being empirically minded; ignoring what witch doctors or medicine-show hucksters claimed in favor of ‘I won’t believe it until I see it.’ When it comes to trans many have trusted ‘experts’ rather than look and see it as it is – a scam. Because upon close inspection – that is, examining the body before and after, without clothing and makeup and under good lighting– just about anyone can see that not a single supposed ‘sex change’ has ever happened. Not a single one. Yet, even though every one of its products is visibly defective, even though carried out in plain sight, the con is marching on.

Scams cost the victim his money and/or his health to fraudulent claims that line the pockets of the scammers. In the trans scam, the bodies of tens of thousands of children and even more thousands of adults have already been mutilated and the scammers have assured those on whom they have worked their ‘magic’ that they are now the opposite sex! But they are not – instead, they are still the sex they were born, but mutilated in ways that often result in result in ugly features (as missing breasts or fake vaginas) and/or sterility. Unlike patent medicine hucksters who made a few bucks, the trans scammers have pocketed billions. Although supposedly creating ‘sex changes’ – they produce ‘women’ who can’t get pregnant, and ‘men’ who can’t get erections, and the victim has the same DNA he started with. The fraudsters ask ‘are you going to believe us experts or your lying eyes?’ As a rule, people won’t open their eyes and ‘just believe!’

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a scam worthy of ‘the biggest in history.’

Acceptance of homosexuality as ‘a legitimate lifestyle’ is much of the reason trans is being supported by the intelligentsia, most institutions of higher learning, and the President of the United States. Because of the trans scam, Supreme Court justices can’t define ‘woman’ (‘she’ could have a penis), and males are competing in women’s sports. Legalizing homosexuality led to HIV, STD, & monkeypox epidemics, and started and fueled the trans scam. Christian tradition (and homosexuality’s growth) assure that even more problems are on the way.

Homosexuals frequently try to look and act like the opposite sex. Gays’ partners often sport opposite-sex items. Starting in 1952, gays averred they could go beyond drag and change their sex. This supposed ‘sex change,’ and the growing professional support of it, is causing millions to believe they could become the opposite sex. The whole of it is a life-ruing, money-making delusion. Some gays may enjoy having a fake vagina, and others are so into their sexual feelings when wearing women’s things that ‘legitimately’ cross-dressing is ‘worth the mutilations.’ But most have to decide whether to live a lie, since you know you are not the opposite sex, instead you’ve been mutilated and ‘look odd’ undressed or undressed. If you go along with the scam, you encourage others to be scammed, but gain a status that may force others around you to ‘use your pronouns,’ and maybe even hire you. If you expose the con, you also reveal your gullibility. A tough choice: enough to make you very, very angry or suicidal.

Mental Health Professionals Put Money Ahead of Kids

Mental health philosophy now holds that even a young child can sense that he needs to have, and will only be truly happy if he gets, the sex organs, fat, and hair distribution, etc. of the opposite sex. Common sense believes children are born ignorant and learn fitfully at best. As it takes many years for a child to learn to dress, eat correctly, or read; it is bat-crazy-stupid to believe he can ‘sense’ that he has the wrong body. If he believes such nonsense, he learned it from parents, teachers, the media, etc., not through his senses. Incidentally, if kids who ‘know’ they are in the wrong body will not be happy unless they get the right one, because no one can make kids’ into the opposite sex – are these kids doomed to unhappiness?

We are told (and increasingly by law, ordered) to aid trans by pretending they are ‘real’ members of the opposite sex. We might be fined unless we address them with the pronouns they wish, hire them as though they were the opposite sex, and pay for the disfiguring surgeries if they join the military. We must curtail our freedom to accommodate the mad or well-conned to keep the scam going even though not a one of them gets the opposite-sex body they sought!

The American Medical Association Goes Woke

Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, to be inaugurated as the first gay president of the American Medical Association (AMA) on June 13, said his association “stands for guidelines that we know lead to better outcomes for patients” and so wants “the removal of sex as a legal designation on birth certificates.” Not to be outdone, Scientific American’s editor opined that “Sex is not binary.”

A study JAMA published [doi:10.1001/jama.2023.7688] in May illustrates how accepting homosexuality and its trans offshoot is distorting science. From 2014-2018, all births under Medicaid were compared with births under a private insurer. Table 1 follows the AMA’s choice to bolster the trans scam by distorting our language with “Birthing Individuals” instead of ‘mothers.’

The investigators may have started out thinking they were going to harvest a treasure-trove of differences between trans mothers and regular mothers that would tend to support the notion that ‘discrimination/non-acceptance/rejection’ would severely mentally disrupt the trans, and that their bodies (and their babies’ health) would follow suit. Polls show that most adults think trans are ‘mentally off.’ So, while we don’t know for sure, it is likely that mothers calling themselves trans or ‘men’ got more ‘discriminatory’ treatment.

Since our species’ survival depends on babies, female bodies should be ‘good’ at nurturing and having their baby irrespective of whether the mother pretends to be a man or is ‘upset’ by the discrimination against her ‘real trans self.’ On the other hand, if you believe the heated rhetoric of the AMA, the mental health experts, the Democrat party, or trans activists, you might expect the ‘discrimination,’ ‘disrespect,’ ‘social pressure,’ etc. against trans to result in more frequent difficulties for both trans mothers and their newborns.

Row 1 of Table 1 shows there were 1.26 million births by normal- and 256 by trans-mothers on Medicaid v 1.465 million births by normal- and 1,651 by trans-mothers on private insurance. Medicaid mothers, whether normal or trans, more frequently had an adverse condition and their babies were more apt to be born preterm. This finding jibes with most studies that report that those with more health issues are poorer and use Medicaid (and/or poorer members of our society have more health issues and use Medicaid).

But, within insurance groups, other than the usual finding that trans were more apt to exhibit anxiety or depression, there was essentially no difference in outcomes of the mothers or the health of their babies. Indeed, since the investigators used two independent samples, the investigators had 2 tests of the 19 variables they looked at (all are not shown in Table 1). Even so, they got only a few statistically significant findings. With large numbers of subjects, a few small differences, and many ‘going the wrong way’ to suggest that trans mothers were having more negative outcomes, this study essentially found no reason to believe trans mothers’ outcomes or their babies’ outcomes were different from those of regular mothers or their babies!

When you think of “minority stress and stigma” that is supposed to account for most, if not all, of the untoward scores of trans in study after study, this had to be terribly disappointing for the investigators. But ‘the body’ didn’t appear to ‘know’ about ‘minority stress and stigma’ or ‘care about’ whether the mothers were more anxious, depressed, or what they called themselves.

The only finding that sticks out is that 27% of Medicaid trans mothers (that is, 68 of the 256 trans, or 5/100,000 Medicaid mothers) called themselves ‘men’ as compared to 82.5% of trans mothers with private insurance (or 1,362 of the 1,651, or 93/100,000 private insurance mothers). That’s an enormous 17 times more trans with private insurance said they were men. This finding suggests that the more well-off and more educated were more frequently being ‘conned and captured’ by the trans scammers.

One of the reasons the trans scam is getting so much negative publicity right now (and so many Republican states are legislating against it) is because it appears to be disproportionately hitting the kids, especially the girls, of the middle and upper classes. At least for this scam, more resistance to being conned and captured seems to reside in the lower classes.

And let us not forget that Drag Queens Storyhour also seeks to scramble children’s development of gender. It extends homosexuals taste for weird femininity into every family whose child gets read to, supposedly because the readers want to help educate children – and, of course, they are. Increasingly it appears that children need to be taught firm rules of ‘boys/men look and do X,’ ‘girls/women look and do Y’ if they are not to be conned and caught in the trans scam. And having weirdly attired men ‘teach’ in an approved setting, whether school of library, is well designed to confuse kids’ rule making about how men are to dress and act. Currently, according to Google News from 2012-21, about half of the US victims of adult child sexual have been molested by those who engage in homosexuality. The more homosexuals can get around children, the more likely they will be able to score a molestation and potentially tip a child toward a homosexual taste.

As the Christian church has found over its history, and as the news stories continue to prove today, if homosexuals are not excluded from the clergy, they will molest children and teens. Moses did not point to homosexuality as being the pivot upon which a society’s life or death hinged in error. Homosexuals seek to convert our children by every means at their disposal, and, no matter their protestations, from a Christian perspective, they are the cutting edge of the evil one’s sword. Homosexuals cannot be eliminated, but their same-sex sexual activities should not be legal and they should be scoured from children’s growing up to the degree possible. E.g., Never invite them to your home, never let them take your kids anywhere, never let them be your child’s teacher, never go to see them, travel to or with them, etc.

True, left to themselves, some kids will develop homosexual sexual interests. But eliminating adult homosexuals and the entertainments they generate (as Disney, drag shows, Pride Parades) from their lives will reduce the likelihood of either a homosexual or trans outcome.

© Paul Cameron


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Paul Cameron

Dr. Paul Cameron was the first scientist to document the harmful health effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. He has published extensively on LGBT issues in refereed scientific journals. In 1978 he predicted that equal treatment of homosexuality and heterosexuality would strongly favor growing homosexuality and shrinking heterosexuality. His prediction is coming true.


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