Timothy Buchanan
You’re being robbed
By Timothy Buchanan
November 23, 2020

I was raised in Columbus, Ohio with solid Midwestern ideals of right and wrong and respect for legal authority. These values were reinforced by my military service. So an assignment to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was something of a culture-shock for this former Buckeye.

When crime began escalating in the New England state, and in order to reconcile the state’s paranoia-inspired gun restrictions with public safety, it was not uncommon for police officers to advise citizens to flee their homes in event of a robbery and let the burglars ransack their homes in order to spare their lives. Democrats and their media co-conspirators are presenting similarly foolish advice today in regard to the presidential election.

In what may be the most audacious criminal conspiracy in U.S. history, the nation is being burgled. President Trump is the victim’s face in this robbery attempt, but the American people are the homeowners who are being ill-advised by news media to accept the loss and quit claims for justice. Additional pressure is provided by Biden team announcements of cabinet selections in the same way that a thief might claim ownership of stolen goods.

Credible accusations of voter fraud, election irregularities, and corrupt tabulation schemes have turned the United States into a banana republic ruled by a socialist junta. This is not new. In fact, the six previous presidential elections followed a similar pattern which goes something like this:

  1. Pre-election polling indicates that the Democrat candidate will easily win.

  2. Actual votes cast by citizens contradict the polls.

  3. In the wee hours of the morning, vote-counting is suspended.

  4. Massive numbers of votes for the Democrat candidate are “discovered.”

  5. Vote counting resumes.

Seven states flipped from Trump-leading to Biden in the early-morning hours of November 4th and these are the states that are now being contested. President Trump received a record-breaking 74 million popular votes—the largest ever for an incumbent. Media claims that the ethically-challenged Joe Biden defeated President Trump shatter the frosted lens of plausibility deniability.

President Trump has been the object of the most fierce and deceitful opposition campaign in my lifetime. For the past four years, Democrat surrogates in dishonest news media have obscured his accomplishments, made false and misleading implications of wrong, and hidden the flagrant misdeeds of his critics and challengers.

Specious CDC restrictions recommended to mitigate the Chinese coronavirus provided the opportunity for widespread election engineering through mail-in balloting. Jane Fonda, always a friend of the radical left, called COVID19 “a gift from God,” demonstrating an utter lack of either belief or understanding of the Creator.

That the American people are more deeply divided than at any time since the Civil War, is becoming a chiche´ and the cause is routinely mischaracterized as a political divide, which it is not. Americans are increasingly divided along moral and ethical lines upon which the political parties overlay their opposing sets of goals or values. Haphazard enforcement of laws from one state to another is indicative of the dangerous disunity that results from the erosion of a structural set of unifying principles.

“Truth is lying in the street,” declared the prophet Isaiah. In 2020 America, truth is not only lying in the street, it’s battered and bleeding and scarcely defended. Those who hold fast to objective truth cannot coexist peaceably in tension with others who view the world subjectively. By design, a subjective worldview creates a highly capricious government that cannot and will not perform its primary obligation to provide justice for the weak against the strong, the poor against the rich, and the oppressed against the elite.

The effects of voter fraud in the United States are costly, life-changing and potentially, life-ending. Election integrity should be universally demanded by both political parties. But when voter fraud primarily benefits one party over another and the desire to win subdues collective qualms about cheating, resistance to change is predictable and wrongly justified.

Honest Democrats (if indeed, there are any) will fiercely insist upon election integrity as forcefully as Republicans, because a victory shrouded in suspicions of illegitimacy is a hollow one that is doomed to fail. That will ultimately outweigh any short term political gain.

What can be done? Pray that God will expose the genuine outcome of the election. Demand accountability from state and local officials at every level. Voter rolls must be purged of registrations of the deceased, valid registrations must be certified, and strict identification methods established that prevent certain states from nullifying the ballots of legal voters in others.

Electronic voting and counting machines and the software that runs in them must be carefully scrutinized and tested on-line and off-line by nonpartisan or bipartisan committees. Perhaps then, the American people can once again trust that their lawful votes are actually determining the leadership of the United States government.

© Timothy Buchanan


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Timothy Buchanan

Timothy Buchanan is a US Navy veteran, a former defense contractor and broadcast engineer. He's the author of two published books and a regular contributor to BarbWire.com. Timothy and his wife live among the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.


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