Michael Bresciani
Wickedness -- an old term comes home to roost
By Michael Bresciani
December 3, 2012

Much like the TV and electronic main stream media, today's journalism has taken a dive into the spurious and doubtful. Left loonies and liberal sympathizers seem to have elevated political correctness to a level, that in some circles, seems to supplant every moral guide or ethical substructure we have ever known. The entertainment industry and Hollywood take up the rear with ever more sleaze and debauch and what emerges next is not just close to blasphemy, it is by the loosest definition, pure evil and gross blasphemy.

We have in a single generation managed to give rise to the re-birth of what the Bible calls 'wickedness.' The word evil appears in scripture over 700 times, but her sister 'wickedness' and the word 'wicked' are used 571 times in scripture. It is a word that rarely appears in today's journalism. It is the antithesis of political correctness. It is the ancient way of calling a spade a spade and identifying evil for exactly what it is. Guess what — it's back.

Yet, it is the only word that appropriately describes the evil emerging today under the banner of science, secularism, education and of course politics. One example that stands out the most is noted by Blog Talk radio host Doug Hagmann in a scathing article entitled 'Psychiatry as a weapon to silence religious and political opposition' published in Canada Free Press, August 12, 2012. Hagmann notes that the 'political abuse of psychiatry' was a major tool of the old communism in the Soviet Union for the suppression of anyone who opposed the sociopolitical ideologies of the day because of religious or moral beliefs.

Can't happen in America? The anti-gay therapy law already passed in California is coming under fire and even before that pitched battle gets the signal to begin, along comes Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) who filed a motion for the congress to denounce 'reparative therapy.' Speier thinks trying to get underage kids to give up the inclination to be gay is counterproductive and is nothing more than "quackery."

Besides being yet another intrusion into the private lives of Americans, specifically parents who want to guide their children without the meddling of government, Speier's use of the word 'quackery' is the greatest etymologic twist since the inclusion of the word 'perversion, into the English language. It is here where we are forced to insert the word 'wicked' into the narrative. It is a word that in today's politics is long overdue. Speier obviously doesn't get it, but very few politicians of the day including the President are getting it. Let's move along.

By now almost everyone in America has heard that actor Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama "Our Lord and Savior" and while it seems to have been a remark made in jest, entertainment tomfoolery is a poor cover for overt blasphemy. The other word for Foxx's blurt is of course — wickedness.

About a generation ago we dumped prayer in schools then proceeded to secularize education in total. Following that we railed against Christmas, nativity scenes in public, ten commandment plaques in court houses and various crosses and Christian symbols in military memorials and just about any other place they may be found. We rammed the gay agenda down everyone's throat from the military to the kindergarteners and we kept flailing the PC term "religion of peace" around even while hundreds of Muslims committed acts of gross terror around the world while the PC'ers coddled them and proposed anti slur laws in the UN. This too, is wickedness.

Next we hire ourselves a president with a 'Christian confession' who comes from a Muslim background. Not true to either religion, he finishes up his first term by announcing that he is OK with same sex marriage and abortion is still firmly on his agenda for the duration. Our response to this — we happily re-elect him for a second go round!

Now what we see is collective wickedness under cover of the 'will of the people.' Rev. Jerry Falwell could have never guessed that one day the nation would produce a 'moral minority' and wickedness would emerge from the pits of hell to drag a nation down to the dregs.

The rise and fall of nations is a vast subject, but a few recurrent anomalies seem to be the hallmark for all nations throughout history. One of the most notable recurrences is that when one generation emerges that either doesn't remember, or doesn't care, what the elements of success were in the previous generation — that nation begins its downward spiral. America is proving that she will not be the exception to the rule.

Youth in any generation and in all nations tend to levitate to the call of the nascent voices of the hour and like Jamie Foxx's outlandish statements about Barack Obama being our Lord and Savior, they latched on to their own saviors. Stalin's fresh communists, Pol Pot's boy soldiers, Mao's excited young Chinese and Hitler's Nazi youth all thought they were joined at the hip to the very savior of the world. Clearly Jamie Foxx wasn't thinking of this when he took to the stage at the awards ceremony — or was he?

We herald certain voices of the day as more important than others. In this day we see Hollywood celebrities, entertainers and pop-culture figures as auguries of the future, much like President Obama or Jamie Foxx and a plethora of others like them. In the end, at the very last trump, when the nations come to a grinding halt under the judgment of Christ, none of the above are mentioned as being up for any special awards. There will be no Emmy's, Oscars or Dove awards and no politician, educator, scientist or innovator, of any caliber, is given any accolades or rewards.

There are a few kinds of people and a few classes of people who are mentioned in scripture that will be rewarded for their faithfulness to God. One group mentioned is the prophets. These men and women, preachers, seers, messengers and evangelists called to speak in God's stead are mostly ordinary people with a calling on their lives who often are known for their use of the word 'wicked.' Consider this.

"And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." (Rev 11: 18)

Their voices are among the most disregarded voices on the entire planet. They would come in last on a list of others like, world leaders, scientist educator's et al. But according to God they are the most important voices on earth in any generation and even more so in the last generation. The only question remaining is — whose voice are you listening to?

They may be the only ones re-introducing the word 'wicked' back into the common vernacular, but even that is a sign that the day is approaching.

Most of the communication I receive about second coming doctrine and signs of the last days has to do with timelines and questions about when certain events should take place. While a lot of that is answerable to a degree, people seem to veer away from questions about what is causing the demise of the nation. It is again, the case of the criminal thinking of himself as just a totally mis-treated, mis-understood and sometimes mistaken person in society that people are against for no good reason at all. Put simply, it is not about the times — it is about the crimes. We are sinning at a rate fast approaching the speed of wickedness and we are just about ready to slam into the pole marked, judgment.

It is often a passage of scripture that seems totally unrelated to second coming doctrine that I lead them to, because knowing what is causing the problem, is better than discussing endless ways to avert the consequences. Assuming that the wise will sweep out the spider, rather than just brushing away the cobwebs, doesn't always work.

Scriptural prophecies could be listed here by the dozens that would prove beyond doubt that we have passed the halfway point in the 'last generation' before Christ's return, but they would all be ignored by a secular world and all but a few very well versed students of scripture. At this point we need only produce one or two passages that seemingly have nothing to do with the last days.

One verse that indirectly speaks to this generation, to this America, is not only a promise of God's disfavor, judgment and removal of his protection, but it explains just why such a response is inevitable. To wit:

"...For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." (Lk 12: 48b)

What nation on earth has enjoyed more freedom, wealth and success than these United States of America? As we plunge deeper into immorality to give a whole new meaning to the word, wickedness, is this, what we are we giving God in return? What will result from all of this — you do the math!

© Michael Bresciani


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