Michael Bresciani
America's future in prophecy -- the proof, the promise and the point of no return
By Michael Bresciani
August 26, 2012

School bells ring across the nation as students make their Pavlovian responses, cracking open the textbooks that pimp the Darwinian delusion known as the evolutionary model. They are fed on missing links, faulty science and piles of pompous prior philosophic postulation; they are offered no chance to ponder a possible alternative to the pabulum. Their god is the gaseous cloud that luckily came together to create the big bang and their instructors are the high priests of science who teach that evolution goes on forever and needs no resurrection, no creator God and certainly, no redeemer.

Along comes the Bible that proclaims a message diametrically opposite. It warns that nothing in this world or the endless realms of space in which it hangs is going to last forever, but one single thing — the souls of men. Its proof lies in the integrity of the God who proclaims over 275 times that he is the creator of all there is. But where's the proof for our eyes and our doubting hearts?

Rather than redeeming some city, monument, chapter or era of humanity's brief narrative, The Almighty speeds to the heart of the matter and resurrects the only thing he has sworn has any eternal value. He pulls his own Son out of the grip of death, presents him whole and charges the witnesses to tell the entire world what they saw, in what is called the gospel.

Sadly, he knows that they will pass by the proof and with the help of their new priests they will squander the life they have been given. All this, for the pipe dream of a gullible Galapagos galloping philosopher posing as a scientist who leaps across eight billion years of guesswork to call the God of truth a liar.

Not seeing the most incredible sign anyone could be given, even without asking for it, Christ was forced to say in a parable, "If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." (Lk 16: 31)

The sign is a larger than life promise that if ignored has eternal consequences for every man, woman and child on earth. It is bigger than religion and all the Godless meanderings of men combined. It is a promise with teeth, etched and drawn in blood. It is a promise that he will pull them all out of the clutches of death and they will stand before him to give account.

The gospel is not subject to the handicapper's odds or the gambler's hunch. It dismisses the whining of the atheist and the dopey disputations of the agnostic and arrives at its place of fulfillment quite on time at the second coming of Christ. It is our future with no possible chance of another scenario.

There will be no special star in the heavens and no humble birth in a manger, but a triumphant return that every single living soul will witness. Christ will judge and then rule for 1,000 years before eternity begins. No namby-pamby rule, but with a rod of iron

"And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God." (Rev 19: 15)

Prior to his return all nations will cross into the territory of the world's final despot known in biblical terms as the antichrist. His coming by the power of the god of this world (Satan) is as sure as the return of Jesus Christ. Prophecy is pre-written history it cannot be negated by an unbelieving world or a Homeland Security chief who has deemed it as nonsense.

Some nations will fold into his brief rule (7 years) with great enthusiasm because it offers the promise of economic salvation and world peace. Some nations will only come into the last day's governance with great difficulty and resistance. America may be the nation that offers the greatest resistance, but that remains to be seen.

For America more hinges on the upcoming 2012 elections than most Americans are willing to admit and all but a handful even know why. Regardless of which candidate comes out on top in this election, the message delivered to me over 30 years past is as sure as the rising of the sun; neither candidate has any power to change the future as it is outlined in prophecy. What is that future?

I will not reiterate the details of the message I long ago published under the title "Prophecy and the American Economy" again, but the final outcome of it is that, America will undergo a period of deep poverty. Jobs, industry, manufacturing, small business and every area of trade and commerce will decline to record lows. Following that will be a long period of scarcity. Products that rely on soy, wheat and corn will be extremely short, expensive and at times almost impossible to find. Meat and poultry will follow suit.

Leaders will be inclined to join with the antichrist's offer to save the nation by joining in the world's greatest economic system, created by him and seen to be working for many other nations. The details notwithstanding our leaders will either pull us together relying on our sovereignty and industriousness to walk through that difficult time or, depending on who is elected this November, they will hand the nation over like a wet rag and hope for the best.

Everything up to this point has been based on scripture and to a lesser degree what was revealed to me. At this point I will offer two scenarios as possible outcomes and without any doubt whatsoever I will predict the outcome, not of the election, but of the result, based on who wins.

If Mitt Romney wins this election we have a chance of surviving the troubles ahead. If Obama wins we don't stand a chance. In fact our self-proclaimed "citizen of the world" president, will most likely, hand over our sovereignty as easily as he puts out his laundry.

Having spent 40 years declaring the message of biblical prophecy and the last eight years publishing explanations and clarifications on eschatology (Second coming doctrine) along with special messages, this right in your face kind of message may seem unusual. These times are unusual and the times of skirting the issues are about to see their last days as well.

The proof of these predictions is no longer twenty years away but they are for the very near future. I make no apologies nor will I resort to hyperbole or fear. These proclamations are what you will see in the days ahead. Consider what is already happening and you will get the picture.

Over 7,000 climate records were broken this year in America and at this writing there are fires in a dozen states from Texas to Hawaii. America's breadbasket states are under severe drought and our farmers are now seeking low interest government money just to stay alive. World unrest and terrorism have spread across the globe like a cancer and the Middle East is about to trigger events that will forever change our world.

Our children are chasing sex, drugs, rock and sleaze like it was the air they breathe and the gay agenda now openly encouraged by Barack Obama is using the law, media, Hollywood celebrities and a dulled society to raise the rainbow flag over America's landscape whether we like it or not, and most of us don't. What I say is only an explanation of where all this leads. In short, using both biblical terminology and some common vernacular — it leads straight to hell.

I take no consolation in declaring that it was God, not I, who first made this pronouncement. To wit: "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." (Ps 9: 17)

We are using the term "superpower" much like the British once pridefully used the term "unsinkable." History tells us that it was the ship's owner and her captain who chose a course of action which brought the Titanic to her terrible destiny.

What would have happened if the esteemed passengers and guests had gotten wind of the foolhardy way the ship was being guided? Would they have demanded a change in course and action? Would they demand that a more conservatively minded officer take over the ship and the owners whims were superseded for their own safety's sake? Perhaps they would, but that would require a sudden change in their own behavior. Let's see.

To approach the captain and the owner they would need to do three simple things. First they would need to stop partying and immersing themselves in the ships luxury long enough see what was going on and then act as one to stop the dangerous course they were on. Secondly they would have to choose who would be in charge of guiding the ship the rest of the way. Lastly, they would have to remain vigilant to assure that the new course and manner of handling the ship was carried out.

In America's present system of government we have a constitution that not only makes such a scenario possible, but in this ship we call the United States of America, it is a God given right and responsibility. We have only to keep one thing alive and foremost in our thinking as "we the people" cruise quickly through our own iceberg laden freezing cold waters.

Superpowers are not "unsinkable"

© Michael Bresciani


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