Michael Bresciani
Obama's 'evolved' position on gay marriage -- anti biblical and anti-Christ
By Michael Bresciani
May 13, 2012

Only days after the Vice President announced he was comfortable with same sex marriages; President Obama announced his newly revised (Evolved) position on gay marriage. The debate has been whether Joe Biden forced the Presidents proclamation and boxed him in, but it may be that he used Biden to test the waters before he un-closeted his new position on the issue.

No one can argue with the polls that show that a majority of people between ages 18-29 would side with gay marriage, even as most between ages 29-60 would reject gay marriage completely. Mr. Obama is busy trying to persuade the youth who have all the PC gab and Steve Jobs gadgets to gather in his camp. Most of those in the other age group are jumping ship before it hits the iceberg at full speed. The result of this awakening in the political realm; will be made known on November 6, 2012.

It goes without saying that since there is little chance or enough time between now and November 6, to enact a gay marriage bill or executive order that Mr. Obama has managed to buy the gay community's vote for the mere price of a well timed statement.

In the realm of prophecy this is not surprising because a generation is predicted to come before the rise of all 'last days' portents that will be all but void of conscience, traditional morality and completely in rebellion against God's revealed word.

All the business of polls, trends and evolving viewpoints take nothing away from the prophetic message or the moral teachings of the Bible. In fact, they only accent and punctuate the promises that solidly declare that in the days of that generation the world will change beyond recognition, but it will not end well.

The spirit of anti-Christ precedes the coming of the man who the Bible refers to as the Anti-Christ. All this requires that a generation of militant non-believers be present to welcome in the man and willfully and exuberantly give him the rule over the entire world.

Under this man ignoring God's laws will become normal, but that will quickly capitulate to active open resistance against any that refuse to bend under the rule of anti-Christ. The troublesome non-compliant believers will eventually be put to death.

"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." (Rev 13: 7)

Even as the prophesied generation is forming; they will be denying that anything like that could ever happen — Witness today!

Like young people drawn to the noise of the party, an unsuspecting world will hear what their lack of morality falls into sync with, and will be drawn up like the sucking of a mammoth tornado.

I have warned for over half my lifetime that the generation spoken of in writ, has been forming and with the President's proclamation, there is little chance for error.

With Europe chomping at the bit for one strong ruler and America falling prey to the liberal Godless mindset in its choices for leaders, the stage is set. Time is short.

For us, what time is left will be expedited if a national law supporting Obama's recently evolved position is added to a generation long slaughter of 54,000,000 (54 million) unborn children. Our peace will be shattered by many interventions of God commonly referred to as judgments.

No nation in history has escaped God's interventional rebukes and we will be no exception. Ancient Israel, Babylon, Greece and Rome all saw the same fate and yet our perversity makes them all look tame by comparison. They may have favored fleshy indulgence, but America has long since been flaunting it.

Almost everyday someone asks me to predict how much time is left. Others ask me if I think certain leaders are the false prophet or the anti-Christ. I tell them all the same; when these people are revealed the whole world will see it together.

Only the believers will understand who they are, because they will come up through normal channels of education, political persuasion and socially acceptable backgrounds. They will not look like devils released from the pit, although that's where they will finally end up. Spiritual people will see, carnal people will move headlong down the path toward their own destruction.

There will be wars, rumors of war and social upheaval all around the world and changes and difficulties will arise faster than anyone can make adjustments. Out of the turmoil will come those who will promise better times, prosperity and peace for the whole world! But no peace will come.

This time known as the 'tribulation period' is short lived (seven years) and it culminates with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in power. He removes the rule of man from the earth and establishes his kingdom on earth.

There is no doubt that the remarks of President Obama are part and parcel to the coming world confusion. It is impossible to take a stand so diametrically opposed to the Bible, lay it on an entire nation, as a leader, and somehow be free of culpability and complicity with the thinking that brings judgment upon the entire earth.

I have been given no dates and since Christ said no man knows the day or the hour, I wouldn't accept any. But Christ warned that we should all learn the lesson of the fig tree. (Mt 24: 32) He said when the branches and buds start to come forth the last generation was at hand. At this point we have long since passed the time of buds; look closely you will see the figs!

© Michael Bresciani


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