Michael Bresciani
Top 10 most unbelievable things of 2008 -- or maybe of all time
By Michael Bresciani
January 5, 2009

Some of the most popular TV shows today are top ten lists. Everything from the top ten most deadly snakes to the top ten worst disasters is being aired. Here is a top ten list of what could be considered the hardest things to believe from the year 2008. That there are only ten is also hard to believe when in reality there are literally hundreds.

  1. That Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention have spent an estimated $1,000,000 to keep Obama's official birth certificate from being seen when it only costs $10.00 to produce it. For ten bucks it could answer the question of whether he is constitutionally eligible as a natural born citizen to assume the office of the President of The United States. So much for the lofty campaign promises of 'change' and a new open 'transparency.'

  2. Setting aside an array of questionable associations that Barack Obama had with Rezko, Ayers etc. in 2008 it is the explanation about the connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright that stretches credulity to the point of breaking. Twenty years at the feet of a pulpiter with family in attendance and no one noticed the racism? It makes the country tune about the sale of ocean front property in Arizona seem like a real estate bonanza.

  3. That California Attorney General Jerry Brown says the rights of a gay minority have been abrogated and that proposition 8 lacks justification. For 232 years the will of the people expressed in the voting majority has stood as the strength of law on both federal and state levels. Now we need the courts to decide if it's OK! It sounds so absurd that it seems quite apropos to suggest that we just let TVs Judge Judi decide the case.

  4. After a generation of teaching the evolutionary model to students in public schools still no one is offering the simplest answer to anyone who still dares to ask the question about the amazing missing links. Using simple math to count the numbers of remains that should be strewn about the earth from the purported 400,000,000 years of evolution would produce a figure that is astronomical. We should not be able to dig a tomato garden in our back yards without finding remains of our ancient relatives. Yet only a handful of so called 'missing links' have ever been found and of those almost half remain in question. With the evidence for intelligent design arising almost daily is it possible to stop this speeding train. Doesn't anyone remember the people who must have looked like flipping idiots for proclaiming to doctors of the past that blood letting was actually killing people, or that the earth wasn't actually flat?

  5. After 75 years of accelerated science discoveries and placing a man on the moon Hollywood still produces films in which sounds are heard in outer space. Films of 2008 produced a record number of noisy outer space flicks that even MIT grads thrill to without raising a single question. Rockets swoosh by and explosions ring out but there is no sound in outer space. If an explanation is needed here then how dare science teach our children about our origins? Let's get out of Disneyland long enough to clear up the sound in space baloney for our children before we tell them where they really came from.

  6. In 2008 no one has endeavored to explain to our best minds or the general public the real problem of space travel has to do with time not space. Provided men could reach speeds approaching the speed of light even a trip to the edge of our galaxy and back would find the sun burned out and the earth erased upon return. Since time decreases in equal and direct proportion to the speed of light it would take only 8 years to reach the closest star (Alpha Centauri) but on return the earth would be over 400,000 years older than when we left. Talk about nothing to come home to. As for the brain power it takes to understand this unquestionable fact of science; was there anybody home to begin with? Don't mean to put a damper on the "one giant step for mankind" thing but even modern man with all his dreams of empirical salvation might need to grow up a bit.

  7. That in 2008 Christianity which singularly taught equality and tolerance for everyone, upgraded the estate of women and helped to eradicate slavery is now the least tolerated religion in a nation and a world that prides itself for its all new penchant for tolerance and diversity. Could it be that the reason for this is that true Christianity still will not tolerate perversion, lasciviousness and immorality on the personal level? Anything other than a yes here is tantamount to a lie and if that's being intolerant I guess we'll have to live with that.

  8. That in 2008 a book (Koran) and a religion (Islam) was still touted as one of the worlds 'great religions' or even worse as a 'religion of peace.' From the destruction of 9/11 followed by hundreds of Islamically driven acts of terror to the subsequent renewal of studies and examinations of the book and the religion it is as clear as a bell that this is a religion of hatred, intolerance and death. As long as the Koran says that it's OK to kill those who reject Islam the only thing great about it is its own absurdity. Even socialists and communists have an idea that human life is to be regarded above an individual's personal beliefs.

  9. That in 2008 not one of the 'big bang' theorists has offered an explanation for where the gases and particles that allegedly created the big bang came from if they were not created. If in fact they were just there floating about without a creator could they be thought of as the evolutionist's god? Imagine that! Evolutionists still scoff at the idea that God spoke the world into existence with his word but here we have a silent and brainless god who created an entire universe without as much as a word. All that was heard was a big bang, but wait, remember there is no sound in outer space so there wasn't even a bang. The only sound here is the bursting bubble of mans intellectual pride. Explain the gases before resuming classes.

  10. That in 2008 Dawkins, Hitchens and a plethora of the 'enlightened' ones are still trying to convince us that the Bible is bunk. With a historicity that rivals any of the books of Roman history, Herodotus, Tacitus and Josephus the bible has lost nothing to the scoffers in 2008. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1948 brought the bible records of the prophet Isaiah 900 years closer to the time it was written and only five grammatical errors were found rather than whole syntactical errors. That is an accuracy rate that can only be beaten by the advent of the copy machine and even they are known to make mistakes. Then we have the prophetic record. Christ fulfilled most of the 'Messianic" prophecies (prophecies of Christ's first coming) of the old testament prophets in the last twenty four hours of his life against the odds of 53,000,000 to 1. Now the pre-millennial prophecies (Christ's second coming) are almost all fulfilled at odds far above the aforementioned. Is this the beating the bible is taking? If I could bet you know where my money would be in this contest, on the Bible.

Not everyone will agree that these are the most unbelievable things about 2008 but I'll bet there are enough who will to make this list of unbelievable things very believable.

© Michael Bresciani


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