Chuck Baldwin
More about the Las Vegas shootings
By Chuck Baldwin
October 14, 2017

My, what a difference a week makes.

Police have dramatically altered their original timeline and sequence of events, which only makes the official story regarding the Las Vegas shootings all the more unbelievable. More on that further down.

First, here are some additional questions that I did not broach in last week's column.

See my initial column on the Las Vegas shootings here:

The Las Vegas Shootings

1. Where are the hundreds or thousands of spent cartridges on Stephen Paddock's hotel floor?

In the photos of the suite that have been released to the public, we see maybe a few dozen shell casings scattered around the room (including next to the body) but nothing close to the multiple hundreds of expended cartridges that had to have been on the floor if Mr. Paddock did what authorities are saying he did.

Think about it: according to published reports, 58 people were killed in this attack, and over 500 were wounded. In order to achieve that many casualties, the shooter would have had to have fired around 1,000 rounds (minimum) in just ten minutes with a modified semi-automatic rifle (or rifles). An amazing feat. In fact, it is an all but impossible feat.

A quick note on the "bump stocks": the White House and U.S. Congress are signaling that they are going to ban "bump stocks." And, of course, the compromising NRA is supporting this additional gun control measure. But people who know what they are doing can accomplish the same result as a "bump stock" with a stiff rubber band. That's right: a stiff rubber band. What's next: banning rubber bands?

You and I both know the ultimate objective is the banning of all semi-automatic rifles. That's the goal of Marxists, globalists, and everyone within the establishment elite who desires to strip America of its independence and national sovereignty. I have said it repeatedly: the greatest deterrence to the collapse of freedom in the Western world is an armed U.S. citizenry. Take away semi-automatic rifles from the American citizenry and the entire Western world would plunge into five hundred years of tyranny – and globalist elites KNOW IT.

But back to the discussion at hand:

If Paddock was the "lone wolf" gunman, there would have to be around 1,000 shell casings on the floor of his hotel room. It would literally be almost impossible to walk around a room covered with so many casings. So, where are they?

2. Why do so many witnesses who were at the scene report shooters in so many different locations?

Those who have bothered to do more than simply sit like zombies in front of network television news reports have heard numerous – and I mean numerous – witnesses on the ground say that there was more than one shooter. I have had people write me from Las Vegas who had relatives and close friends at the concert who told me that they are swearing that there were multiple shooters. Yet spokesmen for law enforcement and, of course, the talking heads and news anchors in the national media act like these witnesses do not even exist. Why?

3. Why do so many police officers who were at the scene report shooters in so many different locations?

Not only have concertgoers and others near the concert repeatedly said that there were multiple shooters but so did the police officers who initially arrived at the scene.

Here are excerpts from the transcript of the police scanner during the first eight-plus minutes of the shooting from police officers at the scene to the police dispatcher:

[00:00:43] I see the shots coming from Mandalay Bay. Half way up.

[00:00:58] We have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds.

[00:02:58] Shots are coming for coming from Gate 7. Gate 7. Shots are coming from Gate 7.

[00:04:41] It's coming from like the uh 50 or 60th floor

[00:04:57] I'm seeing local flashes in the middle of Mandalay Bay on the north side kind of uh on the west tower but towards the center of the casino.

[00:05:39] I'm inside the Mandalay Bay on the 31st floor. I can hear the automatic fire coming from one floor ahead. One floor above us. [This is the only initial police call that identifies the shooter as being on the 32nd floor.]

[00:06:19] A flashing coming up from about a third of the way up, center tower Mandalay Bay.

[00:08:19] We can't worry about victims, we need to stop the shooter before we have more victims. Anybody have eyes on the shooter?

[00:08:26] About 15th floor on the Mandalay Bay facing a whole lot.

Hear the police scanner recording:

Initial Radio Traffic – Las Vegas,NV

Why hasn't law enforcement clarified these shooter sightings by Las Vegas police officers? Were all of these police officers saying they saw shootings where none existed? Are Las Vegas policemen that poorly trained? Is it common for police officers to say they see a shooter where no shooter exists? If that's the case, we need serious improvement in our law enforcement training procedures.

Police reported a shooter "half way up." (That would be around the 21st or 22nd floor.)

Police reported a shooter "inside the fairgrounds."

Police reported a shooter at "Gate 7."

Police reported a shooter between the "50 and 60th floor." (This officer was obviously saying somewhere at the top, which could mean the 32nd floor, as the Mandalay Bay Hotel only has 43 floors.)

Police reported a shooter "in the middle of Mandalay Bay." (That would be around 21st or 22nd floor. That's the second police officer identifying a shooter at this location.)

Police reported a shooter "about a third of the way up." (That would be around the 14th or 15th floor.)

Police reported a shooter "about 15th floor on the Mandalay Bay." (This is a second police officer reporting a shooter at this location.)

Why hasn't the mainstream media asked about these police sightings? Are they that inept about journalistic investigation, or are they just that apathetic? It's because the national mainstream media are merely propagandists for the government. That's why. But I digress.

4. Where did the shots come from that went through the front doors at the Bellagio Hotel Casino (and other casinos)?

Numerous eyewitnesses inside the Bellagio (and other hotels) said shots came through the front door. If this is true, it is absolutely impossible for any of those bullets to have been fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Police have said absolutely NOTHING about these incidents? Why not?

5. Where is the Ruger bolt-action .308 caliber rifle that Paddock purchased only a few hours before the shootings?

That rifle has shown up nowhere. It wasn't reported being in his room, in his car, or in his home. What happened to that rifle?

6. Why would Paddock need to break out two windows, including in the suite and in the adjoining room?

What's that all about? It would make sense if there was a second shooter in the adjoining room. And given how long it took police officers to arrive at the right room and that there was a separate hallway outside the adjoining room that a second shooter could have used to leave the room undetected (except perhaps by hotel security cameras – which we haven't seen), it makes almost no sense that Paddock would find it necessary to break out a window in each room if he was all by himself. No sense!

7. Why did the CEO and part owner of the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino sell off his portion of the holdings in the hotel over a couple month period just before the shootings?

And now we learn that authorities have completely changed their timeline and sequence of events.

For a week, authorities (and their toadies in the media) told us that a hotel security guard was shot through the door by Paddock when he approached the room during the firing. Now we are being told that the unarmed guard was shot a full six minutes BEFORE the shooting began.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "Officials had previously said that gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nev., shot Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos after Paddock had unleashed his deadly volley at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, an assault that began at 10:05 p.m. and left 58 people dead, with hundreds more injured.

"They had credited Campos, who was shot in the leg, with stopping the 10-minute assault on the concert crowd by turning the gunman's attention to the hotel hallway, where Campos was checking an alert for an open door in another guest's room.

"But Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Monday that Paddock shot Campos before his mass shooting – at 9:59 p.m. – and they now didn't know why Paddock stopped his attack on the crowd.

"Paddock, who had placed security cameras outside his room, shot Campos through the door of his suite, which was outfitted with a camera to survey the hallway, as was a room service cart parked outside. Police said Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway.

"Investigators previously said that the security guard was shot after Paddock had already spent 10 minutes firing into the crowd of concertgoers gathered below the hotel.

"In a timeline released last week, investigators said Paddock had stopped firing at the concert across the street at 10:15 p.m., and the first police officers arrived on the floor at 10:17 p.m. and encountered the wounded Campos at 10:18 p.m., who directed the officers to Paddock's suite.

"Police were not in a hurry to enter Paddock's suite because the security guard's arrival had halted the shooting, police implied in previously describing the timeline. Paddock had killed himself by the time officers entered the room, they said.

"In a news conference Wednesday, Lombardo said it was his 'assumption' that Paddock stopped his shooting spree because the gunman, using his spy cameras, 'observed the security guard, and he was in fear that he was about to be breached, so he was doing everything possible to figure out how to escape at that point.'

"In another news conference last week, Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Campos 'had notified his dispatch, which was absolutely critical to us, knowing the location, as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived.'

"But on Monday, the timeline changed.

"'Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,' Lombardo said at a Monday news conference.

"Police officers who started searching the hotel after the shooting began didn't know a hotel security guard had been shot 'until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator,' Lombardo said. He didn't say whether Campos notified casino security after he was shot.

"A police spokesperson did not immediately respond to several follow-up questions from the Los Angeles Times seeking clarification on the new timeline."

See the report here:

Las Vegas Gunman Shot Security Guard A Full Six Minutes Before Opening Fire On Concertgoers, Police Reveal

This new altered sequence of events changes the whole narrative completely. So instead of approaching the room after the shooting had begun, the security guard was shot a full SIX MINUTES before the shooting even started – and police DID NOT KNOW IT?

What? Is this 1817? Were there no walkie talkies, telephones, or cell phones inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel? How about a telegraph machine?

How could there be a shooting inside one of the largest and most sophisticated hotels on the internationally famous Las Vegas Strip at 9:59pm and police not even know about it until they happened to stumble upon the wounded security guard at around 10:18pm – and after the shooter had killed 58 people?

"Charles 'Sid' Heal, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff's commander and tactical expert, said the new timeline 'changes the whole perspective of the shooting.'

"Heal said that if police had known immediately that a guard had been shot, they would have rushed the room while the gunman was still firing. He said it seemed to signal a breakdown in communication."

"After Campos was shot, a maintenance worker appeared on the 32nd floor and 'Campos prevented him from receiving any injuries,' Lombardo said."

So, the security guard was conscious and alert enough to warn a maintenance worker about the shooter (and his wounds by the shooter, I would presume), but he was unable to alert hotel management? Did the maintenance worker alert hotel management? Were there no guests in the hallway that heard the security guard get shot and alert hotel management? Did hotel management get the report that one of their security guards had been shot inside their hotel and not contact police? Did police get the report from the Mandalay Bay Hotel that a security guard had been shot and not respond?

I tell you, folks, this is more than bizarre. And it flat doesn't make sense.

And what made the shooter STOP shooting? Now we are told it was NOT the security guard. He was shot six minutes before assumed shooter Stephen Paddock even started firing. What made the shooter stop? It wasn't the security guard; it wasn't the police. What made him stop?

Furthermore, why would police "not be in a hurry" to enter the shooter's room? How could they know he was dead? The official story is that police arrived at the 32nd floor at 10:17pm and discovered the wounded security guard at 10:18pm. The guard pointed the officers to the shooter's room, and officers arrived at the door moments later. The shooter had stopped firing at 10:15pm. So, officers were at the door only minutes from the time the shooter had stopped firing. For all they knew the shooter's rifle could have jammed, and he was trying to get it working or something. They couldn't know if he was alive or dead or just what was going on UNTIL THEY GOT INTO THAT ROOM. But they were "not in a hurry" to do so? Now get this: police didn't enter Paddock's room until 11:20pm – over an hour later. What? This is baffling.

In addition, what made Paddock START shooting?

"Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn said Sunday that his resorts and casinos had an extensive profile on Stephen Paddock, the gunman who killed 58 people last week in the deadliest mass shooting in American history, and that were no red flags of any kind.

"'The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine,' Mr. Wynn told 'Fox News Sunday.'

"'A modest gambler, at least by our standards,' he said. 'Nothing serious, paid promptly, never owed any money anywhere in Las Vegas. He didn't fit the profile of a problem or a compulsive gambler. ... You never, ever would stop a man like this from coming in the building.'

"Mr. Wynn, one of the most prominent figures in Las Vegas, said his properties over the past two years have instituted new security and profiling procedures, including checking on any guests who post a 'do not disturb' sign on their rooms for longer than 12 hours.

"Paddock reportedly kept such a sign on his door for several days leading up to the shooting as he prepped for the rampage."

See the report:

Las Vegas Shooter Had 'The Most Vanilla Profile,' Casino Magnate Steve Wynn Says

Wynn was also quoted as saying that Paddock never drank. Paddock himself said he never drank when he gambled. Yet the media has shown us photographs of Paddock appearing to be drinking heavily before the Vegas attacks.

Things just don't add up!

It's been well over a week since the shootings took place, and not only are our questions not being answered, more and deeper questions keep popping up.

At this point, all I can say is that I am personally convinced that there was more than one shooter. It seems virtually impossible to me that an untrained 64-year-old Stephen Paddock could have carried out these shootings by himself. In addition to the numerous eyewitness testimonies of there being multiple shooters, Las Vegas police officers at the scene thought so too. If you keep listening to the police scanner recording that I referenced above, at the 44:50 mark, a Las Vegas police officer says, "Confirming the Mandalay Bay and Ali Baba and Giles are the 2 shooting locations. Do we have a third?"

I also invite readers to watch this compelling acoustic analysis of the shooting that seems to prove the existence of multiple shooters:

EXCLUSIVE: Forensic Acoustic Analysis Confirms Existence (And Range) Of Second Las Vegas Shooter

If there was more than one shooter, the only thing that makes sense to me is that it had to be a professional dark ops government action. "Whose government?" you ask. There are only three governments that have the resources to successfully pull off a shooting of this magnitude and completely escape detection inside the continental United States – only three: America's CIA, British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad. That's it. Plus, the presence of "spy cameras" in Paddock's room strongly indicates the presence of spooks. This is almost standard procedure for covert ops and suggests a degree of sophistication in this operation that I cannot imagine Stephen Paddock would have. Forget ISIS and all that claptrap. If there were multiple shooters (of which all but one have completely disappeared, and no one in law enforcement is even looking for them), it could only be carried out by one of – or a consortium of – these three governments.

I realize that it is extremely difficult (and uncomfortable) for people to accept the possibility that elements within our own government could be capable of such an atrocity as the shootings in Las Vegas. But any government that has no qualms about murdering tens of millions of unborn babies; any government that has no qualms about murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world in unprovoked, preemptive drone attacks, missile attacks, bombings, assassinations, and illegal dark operations; and any government that would callously send young Americans into these battlefield meat grinders to fight and die for the sake of wars for profit, nation-building, and political power-brokering is capable of ANYTHING.

No, this doesn't mean that your congressman or senators (or mine) or the President of the United States or even the Pentagon knows about it – although any one or several of them MIGHT. But it does mean that there is an illegal nefarious dark side of government that surreptitiously carries out the most evil and unspeakable acts of violence against the most helpless and innocent of people ALL OF THE TIME. To monsters this wicked and vile, the lives of 58 innocents in Las Vegas is just another day at the office.

When the American people can come to grips with the distinct possibility of what I am saying, then we can have an intelligent conversation about what to do about it. But until people (including local police officials) are willing to entertain this potentiality, any conversation on the subject is moot. And dismissing what this author is saying as being nothing but a nutty conspiracy theory only ensures that, if there are such people behind these kinds of mass shootings, we will never be able to get to the crux of it, and it will only continue – which is what is happening, isn't it?

But it should be obvious WHY a dark side of government would want to do such things. As I've already noted, the ultimate goal of America-haters is our disarmament. And since no one in law enforcement, government, or the media is willing to delve into this possibility, these kinds of shootings only worsen over time. The next shooting (and there will be another one) will be worse than Las Vegas. They will not stop until America is disarmed OR until the American people awaken to what is happening and demand that the light of truth start shining on the dark forces behind these atrocities.

Of course, the other thing these mass shootings accomplish is to put America deeper and deeper into a cage. You can bet that from now on getting into a Las Vegas hotel casino will be like boarding a commercial airliner – or worse. Larger cities across America will enact stricter and stricter security measures in more and more places, which means our liberties will go down the toilet even faster. Plus, don't forget that numerous insider security peddlers, such as former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security under President G.W. Bush (and co-author of the Patriot Act) Michael Chertoff, are going to make billions of dollars promoting the security industry.

The more we are told about the Las Vegas shootings, the less believable it is.

Given the utter apathy of the national news media for truthful investigative reporting, and given the gullibility of so many Americans to swallow the mindless propaganda from the national news media, and given the unwillingness of local law enforcement agencies to challenge the narratives from the federal government, I guess Stephen Paddock is destined to go down in history alongside Lee Harvey Oswald as the "lone shooter" in one of the worst killings in America. And we all KNOW that Oswald acted alone, don't we?

P.S. One more time, let me remind readers about our book on why no one, especially Christians, should allow themselves to be disarmed – and specifically why they should never allow their semi-automatic rifles to be taken away from them.

The Las Vegas shootings have only invigorated the gun-grabbers (and spineless jellyfish) in government to pass additional gun control laws. And, sadly, a host of pastors and churches are telling their congregations that Christians are obligated to surrender their firearms should civil government require them to do so. Furthermore, many are saying that banning semi-automatic rifles is "reasonable" and is not actually disarming us. They could not be more WRONG. Plus, such teaching is an egregious violation of the Word of God.

Written by my constitutional attorney son and me, "To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns" is a CLASSIC defense of the right to keep and bear arms – not just from a Constitutional perspective – but from a Biblical one.

Order "To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns" here:

To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns

© Chuck Baldwin


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