Chuck Baldwin
Economic bad times just beginning
By Chuck Baldwin
September 30, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to attend a private gathering of influential conservative leaders just outside Washington, D.C. While many differences of opinion were expressed on a variety of subjects, there was one subject on which every single attendee was unequivocally united: the US economy is soon going to tank! As one man said, "In a couple of years, these could be the 'good old days.'" Another thing the august assembly was agreed on was that the only Presidential candidate in the two major parties who would actually have the guts to do what needs to be done is Congressman Ron Paul. And the national press corps (including FOX News) is doing everything in its power to make sure that the American people do not hear much of what Dr. Paul has to say for that very reason.

Neither the Democrat nor Republican parties in Washington, D.C., have any intention of addressing the real reasons why the American economy is on the verge of collapse. The only thing the two major parties — and the elites who dominate them — can see is the next election. The lust for power is the one thing that both the Donkeys and the Elephants share in common. And neither party is willing to disappoint their constituents who are feeding at the teat of that fat hog known as Washington, D.C.

Democrats want to extend Washington's insatiable appetite for deficit spending in order to promote the Welfare State. And Republicans want to extend Washington's insatiable appetite for deficit spending in order to promote the Warfare State. Conservative or liberal, hawk or dove, Christian or secularist, Democrat of Republican: they all are lining up at the back door of Uncle Sam's kitchen begging for a handout!

Except for Ron Paul, no one is giving more than ten-second sound bites of lip service to what is necessary to conquering the real culprits of America's economic malaise: expunging the fiat money system and returning America to hard money principles, dismantling that cabal of international criminals known as the Federal Reserve, returning America's foreign policy to its constitutional parameters of non-interventionism, eviscerating those federal programs and entities not prescribed by the US Constitution, getting rid of the income tax, and taking the United States out from under the power and influence of the United Nations. No one else has the guts to even seriously talk about these issues, much less to actually do something about it! And if the "powers that be" successfully defeat Dr. Paul's candidacy, it won't matter to a tinker's dam who gets elected President in 2012 (that is, unless a constitutionalist third-party candidate miraculously wins the Presidency)! Republican or Democrat, it will be business-as-usual. And that means this house of cards that these corrupt politicians and bankers have been playing with all these years is going to come crashing down. In fact, the signs are ubiquitous that the crash has already begun.

Writing for, Michael Snyder has recently produced two trenchant reports that show the handwriting on the wall for America's financial future. Snyder begins this first report saying, "Goldman Sachs is doing it again. Goldman is telling the public that everything is going to be just fine, but meanwhile they are advising their top clients to bet on a huge financial collapse. On August 16th, a 54 page report authored by Goldman strategist Alan Brazil was distributed to institutional clients. The general public was not intended to see this report. Fortunately, some folks over at the Wall Street Journal got their hands on a copy and they have filled us in on some of the details.

"It turns out that Goldman Sachs secretly believes that an economic collapse is coming."

Snyder concludes his report saying, "Sadly, the 54 page report mentioned above is right — we really are facing a global debt meltdown and we really are heading for an economic collapse.

"You aren't going to hear the truth from the mainstream media or from our politicians because 'keeping people calm' is much more of a priority to them than telling the truth is.

"The debt crisis in the United States is unsustainable and the debt crisis in Europe is unsustainable. Right now we are in the calm before the storm, and nobody knows exactly when the storm is going to strike.

"But let there be no doubt — it is coming.

"The amazing prosperity that we have enjoyed for the last several decades has largely been a debt-fueled illusion. It was a great party while it lasted, but now it is coming to an end and the aftermath of the coming crash is going to be absolutely horrific.

"Keep watch and get prepared. We don't know exactly when the collapse is going to happen, but it is definitely on the way and now even Goldman Sachs is admitting that."

See Snyder's report at:

And in a second report, Michael Snyder writes, "If you think the U.S. economy is bad now, just wait for a few months. Things are about to become absolutely nightmarish. None of the long-term economic trends that are hollowing out our economy have been addressed and more bad economic news seems to come out virtually every single day. Now there is constant talk of the "next recession" in the mainstream media. But did the last recession ever truly end? The number of good jobs continues to decline, more stores are closing, incomes continue to go down, credit card debt and student loan debt are soaring, the housing market resembles a corpse, the number of Americans living in poverty continues to rise and government debt is at unprecedented levels. We are losing blood fast, and almost all of our leaders are either too corrupt or too incompetent to be able to do anything about it. The U.S. economy really and truly is about to go into the toilet, and if something is not done very quickly we are going to experience a complete and total economic disaster in this nation."

Snyder then goes on to highlight 30 signs that the US economy is about to go down the drain. Read his report at:

And for those of you who believe that such talk is just "Chicken Little" déjà vu, you need to know that many economists, politicians, and even federal police agents are personally preparing for a prolonged economic collapse. And if you're not preparing, you're either not paying attention or you're preferring to ignore the warning signs. Neither option is healthy.

I have told readers before of my friend Chuck Coppes' phenomenal book, "America's Financial Reckoning Day." Once again, I urge readers to obtain this book. I further follow Chuck's recommendation that you seriously consider getting as much as you can of your fiat paper currency converted into hard assets ASAP! The gold and silver markets are being manipulated downward, but these tactics will not last forever. When the crash occurs, hard assets will skyrocket! That's what virtually every economic forecaster that I have any confidence in is saying. And I believe them!

To obtain Chuck Coppes' book or to contact him regarding obtaining precious metals, go to:

So readers will know up front, Chuck has felt led to support my work, and I am equally enthusiastic about supporting his work. I personally know Chuck, as he moved his business from his home State of Arizona, and has joined with us here in the Flathead Valley of Montana. (And we need many more businessmen to consider doing the same!)

As an aside, for those of you who are considering joining us here in the Flathead Valley of Montana, here is the email address of George Hudson, who, himself, "escaped" from California to join us in Montana. George has taken it upon himself to help people with the information and resources they might need to help relocate to the Valley. His email address is:

An old maxim says, "Forewarned is forearmed." Ladies and gentlemen, we need to prayerfully and seriously weigh the evidence that is before us and make decisions NOW to prepare ourselves for the days to come. We need to heed the words of Scripture that twice say, "A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished." (Prov. 22:3; 27:12 KJV)

I further highly recommend that people who are serious about preparation, relocation, and related matters glean heavily from the works of James Wesley, Rawles and Joel Skousen.

Rawles' web site is:

Skousen's web site is:

After having attended the above-referenced meeting near Washington, D.C., I am more convinced than ever that we did the right thing in relocating to the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana. I also came away from that meeting with the firm conviction that my friend was right when he said, "In a couple of years, these could be the 'good old days.'"

P.S. To be sure you have my up-to-date contact information, please refer to this web page:

© Chuck Baldwin


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