Chris Adamo
America at the midnight hour on immigration
By Chris Adamo
June 20, 2013

With the Supreme Court's June 17 decision prohibiting the state of Arizona from verifying the citizenship of voters, the reality behind the government charade of preserving the integrity of the nation (one of its primary constitutional mandates) is coming unraveled. On the surface, it does appear that the high court has grounds to claim that it is merely abiding by the hierarchy of governing authority as stipulated in the Constitution. However, that assertion must completely ignore the actual conduct of the federal government, which has been to abdicate such responsibilities and thereby flagrantly facilitate vote fraud by non-citizens on an unprecedented scale.

Had the federal government been duly enforcing laws which already exist, the good people of Arizona would never have instituted Proposition 200, the 2004 ballot initiative by which their state sought to confirm the identity and citizenship of those registering to vote in their elections. Sadly for Arizonans, and for all Americans who wish to keep their country, a decision was made many years ago at the highest levels of the U.S. government to turn a blind eye to illegal border crossings, the establishment of false identities by which to freely operate within the United States, and even their seditious involvement in the governing process. At every juncture, the American people have been betrayed by the political class, amid promises that the glaring problems of illegal immigration will somehow be completely remedied by the next legislative sellout.

The latest United States Senate attempt at amnesty for illegal aliens S.744, is more of the same. From start to finish, it is saturated in fraud and treachery, the only purpose of which is to convince enough Americans to accept its passage to make it the law of the land, after which complaints and concerns about its "unexpected" repercussions will be deemed inconsequential and thereafter ignored. It does not matter that the bill seems to be gaining support from "Republicans," some of whom claim to be conservatives. The glaring inconsistencies with which it is being promoted are too stark to have gone unnoticed. Rather, they reveal the consuming arrogance of the "Ruling Class," and its contempt for the American people who live and work on Main Street.

For starters, consider the number of 11 million being bandied as the total illegal immigrant population. Senators on both sides of the aisle, and particularly within the "Gang of 8" invoke that figure with absolute authority, and in truth, too much authority. It is incessantly presented to the American people as if the Census bureau diligently went to every corner of the nation and tabulated the total population of border breaching foreigners with unassailable precision. Yet every American who has ever visited a shopping center cannot doubt that many more than one in thirty of the people they encounter are hardly lifelong Yankees.

Of course the very mention of such things is deemed "politically incorrect" and "offensive," which is merely another liberal tactic to suppress the truth. Yet in the same manner that the implementation costs of Obamacare were eventually admitted by "surprised" high level government accountants to be several times the paltry trillion dollars originally promised, once amnesty happens, the bogus "11 million" will suddenly swell to several times that number.

Of course the immediate excuse will be that no one could possibly have known for sure how many illegals were living in the legendary "shadows" about which we have lately heard so much. Yet from its onset, this discussion has clearly been riddled with malicious deceit, which is standard practice for advancing the liberal statist agenda. On the one hand, Barack Obama regularly makes reference to these elusive "shadows" in a shameless ploy to invoke sympathy for those fearful huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Meanwhile, Republican amnesty poster boy Marco Rubio just as matter of factly asserts that the current situation already amounts to amnesty, and that only its legal codification can assuage the rampant lawlessness that created it in the first place. And if such "logic" sounds deliberately convoluted and evasive, it should.

No less an insult to the intelligence of the American people is the entire discussion of securing the nation's southern border. Those who seek to legitimize, and more significantly, empower, the current influx of illegals have no more intention of ever securing the border with this iteration of amnesty than they did during the disastrous and fraudulent "Simpson-Mazzoli" amnesty bill of 1986. Touted back then as the all-time fix to the problem of approximately 3 million illegals in the country, a secured border was promised as an essential component of that measure, and likewise never happened.

Amnesty advocates are already telegraphing their underhanded intentions of abandoning border security the moment S.744 becomes law. Senator Charles Schumer (D.-NY) has decried the ostensible time needed to secure the border, rendering it infeasible for inclusion in the law. But this is just a smokescreen. In May of 1961 President John F. Kennedy committed the nation to a monumental undertaking. His goal was not to build a fence or start enforcing laws that were already on the books, but to land an American on the moon. Eight years and two months later, that dream was realized. To allege that, forty four years later, the mere construction of a barrier between the United States and Mexico is too great of a logistical and technical challenge for the United States of America is another outright lie.

Contrary to the vile and coordinated attacks from the liberal political establishment and its foot soldiers on both parties against Americans who oppose amnesty, opposition to S.744 is not rooted in irrational bias against people who, according to Obama's condescending sanctimony "aren't like them." Rather, Americans properly foresee the ramifications of a fully legally empowered invasion of foreigners with no ties to their nation's past, and no interest in its future, and what such an upheaval will mean to those currently living here.

Border enforcement is not part of the plan, nor is the reestablishment of a great nation in which all of its inhabitants can flourish and fulfill their dreams. And assimilation is nothing but a pipe dream. If amnesty passes the Congress and is signed by Barack Obama, does anyone doubt whose flag those illegals will be flying the next day in celebration? A fractured and struggling nation with a permanent underclass is beneficial to a government that thrives on the perpetually troubled and "needy" condition of its subjects. From the disastrous economic downturn of the past four years (and counting) to the vast expansion of the welfare state, to the imposition of socialized medicine, every policy of the Obama White House has been directed toward this end. The results have been undeniable, and if amnesty passes, things will only get worse. It is indefensible for any cognizant politician to claim otherwise.

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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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