Chris Adamo
Post election overreach by Obama and Democrats
By Chris Adamo
April 11, 2013

Clearly America's leftists think that the 2012 elections were a blanket endorsement of liberal ideology. Or at least that is the conclusion they want America to reach. But while the electoral statistics reflected a general lack of enthusiasm for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, much the same could be said of the nation's reaction to Barack Obama, who netted nearly four million fewer votes for his second term than he did in 2008. No matter, the Democrats and liberal media want to believe that America is lurching to the left, so, as is the case with global "climate change," they will incessantly assert their viewpoint as uncontested truth.

Based on this wholly flawed premise, they now behave as if they have a mandate to employ every possible means to eradicate Real America and supplant it with their collectivist/statist utopia. With one outrageous assault after another, this is the sinister cause to which they have devoted themselves ever since the results were tabulated in November. Having wholly misconstrued the real sentiments at the grassroots, they now move boldly forward, trampling and denigrating any vestige of the American ideal to which they take objection. But although they are indeed advancing, the basis of their onslaught is deeply flawed, and shows definite signs of an imminent collapse.

The 2014 mid-term elections are less than a year and a half away. And historically, the party holding the White House does not fare well at this juncture. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is plowing relentlessly ahead with his coordinated attack on every pillar of American tradition and virtue that has made the country the powerful, prosperous and bastion of freedom it was. In Obama's mind, Mitt Romney was the embodiment of those things, and if he could be taken down, so can everything he ostensibly represented. So look out Main Street, you are next.

Add to this the fact that extensive and carefully choreographed "polling data" has been compiled to reflect a drastic liberal shift in the electorate, and in the minds of the Beltway insiders, nothing remains to prevent them from fast tracking their radical alterations to the fabric of the nation. Predictably, the invertebrate wing of the Republican Party stands ever ready to concede the point, aiding and abetting the crime through "bipartisanship" and "finding common ground" with those devoted to the morally bankrupt and collectivist overhaul of America.

However, although the actual implementation of such a dangerous and destructive agenda would bode extremely ill for the nation, it is not entirely a bad thing that its foot soldiers have become so bold at this time. While their seditious efforts must indeed be stopped, the silver lining in this putrid cloud is that in their blind arrogance, both the far left Democrats and their enabling "moderate" GOP cohorts are now so brazen and overconfident that grassroots conservatives are finally able to see where their real affections lie. The descriptor of "Ruling Class," once only directed at tyrannical foreign regimes, increasingly applies to Washington elitists who clearly view themselves as superior in intellect and privilege to the rabble and peasantry. Sadly, this sordid phenomenon crosses party lines.

In his massive push for amnesty for illegal aliens, Barack Obama believes he can recast the debate entirely as a matter of race, and thereby sufficiently stoke Republican fears of being branded "racist." Typically the result would be that the party completely capitulates, and thus sanctions the import of at least nine million new Democrat voters. Meanwhile, the conservative and pro-America GOP "base" is likely to be so thoroughly disenfranchised by this betrayal that many will abandon the party in disgust, further enlarging its electoral deficits for the foreseeable future. In consideration of similarly monumental past Republican strategic blunders, this scenario is clearly within the realm of possibility. Yet if reason prevails and Republicans maintain their commitment to the integrity of the nation, the threat of so vast an insurgency from the southern border could indeed rally the base and provide a stunning political recovery next year.

Ultimately though, it is the issue of "gun control" that has most starkly delineated between the underhanded and truly menacing efforts of the liberals to render the nation defenseless and subservient, as opposed to those on the right who unwaveringly stand against so flagrant an effort to emasculate "We the people" and force them into helpless servitude. While those on the left deceptively claim that their intentions are to ensure safe schools, and the "me too" wing of the Republican Party may likewise seek to partially comply, in order to dodge accusations of indifference to those vaunted children, the real issue at stake is as inarguable and defining as the irrefutable pages of human history, whether a people will remain free or be crushed into submission.

For years, the elimination of private ownership of firearms has been one of the left's driving obsessions. But ever since the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Barack Obama and his standard cadre of hard-left Democrat parrots have sought to shamelessly exploit that horrific event as an uncontested green light for their gun grabbing agenda. In its immediate aftermath, they believed that the nation's horror and mourning provided them a window of opportunity to quickly trample the Second Amendment into oblivion before reason and logic might override the raw emotion of the moment.

Ominous as that prospect may be, the unexpected (at least among liberals) repercussions of their latest onslaught against gun ownership have proven to be a major benefit to pro-America traditionalists. No other issue has so clearly delineated the chasm that separates those who affirm and uphold the Constitution from those who do not. Any feeble attempts by "moderates" to thread the needle between appeasing the liberal statists and maintaining constitutional rights instantly relegates them to the ranks of waffling and untrustworthy political hacks. Absolutely no shred of commonality exists between those who respect individual liberties and those who would happily seem them destroyed.

Lately, Obama has resorted to unleashing his "Organizing for Action" Brownshirts to drum up public support for a gun control measure now being ramrodded through the Senate. In addition, he has despicably paraded family members of Sand Hook victims in front of the cameras like trophies, while frantically claiming that this macabre circus "isn't about politics." Furthermore, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-NV) has been forced to significantly dilute the bill in hopes of garnering the votes needed to carry it. In essence, the supposed national mandate for gun confiscation, so adamantly asserted in days following Sandy Hook, is proving no more popular than any of the other leftist usurpations of individual rights and freedoms by which this White House and its Democrat minions on Capitol Hill regularly threaten America.

Having lost credibility with the American people with all of his hysterical doomsaying over the sequester, Barack Obama cannot afford for the Republicans and the public to stridently rebuff yet another of his attempted power grabs. Despite claiming the moral "high ground," it is clear that Obama is desperately engaging in damage control. He may have been successful in his character assassination of Mitt Romney last fall, but to triumph in next year's elections, he would have to be equally successful slandering conservatives in every congressional district across the nation. His "political capital" to the extent that he ever had any, appears to be rapidly dissipating.

© Chris Adamo


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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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