Chris Adamo
"Occupy" movement: welcome to liberal utopia
By Chris Adamo
November 17, 2011

For all but the most blindly dogmatic, any former "bloom" has long since left the rosy facade of the "Occupy Wall Street" phenomenon. Though the liberal media have been working overtime from the beginning to maintain the fantasy that the protesters embody the concerns and aspirations of Real America, and despite their best efforts to frame any discussion of the movement as a noble endeavor propelled by unfettered idealism, its sheer ugliness is daily becoming more apparent and inescapable.

Increasingly, "Occupy" events throughout the nation are becoming anarchistic zones of unchecked assault, robbery, rape, and even murder. Reports of spreading diseases, in one instance even including a particularly virulent form of tuberculosis, are ever more common at the protest gatherings. And in general, the lofty and pious rhetoric of the protesters is rendered completely implausible by the abhorrent filth and squalor in which its participants are willing to subsist.

Nevertheless, these brave and principled individuals, we are told, constitute a shining army of visionaries who have dedicated themselves to the establishment of a proper and decent America. The future of the nation is firmly in their hands, and we can all rejoice at the plans which they have conceived for us. And herein lies the one critical warning to be gleaned from this debacle by a vigilant America. From its inception to the appalling manner in which the "Occupy" movement is being advanced, it does indeed represent the grim fate awaiting the nation if a drastic course correction is not implemented soon.

To begin with, this was no uncoordinated groundswell of like-minded individuals sharing a collective yearning to establish justice and promote the "general welfare" of their fellow citizens. Despite all of the propaganda seeking to create parallels between the "Occupy" and Tea Party movements (aided and abetted by the entire liberal/Democrat political machine up to and including the Obama White House), the foundations and methods of the organizations could not be more disparate.

While the people of Heartland America did indeed rise up spontaneously in the spring of 2009, taking time off from their jobs and voicing their opposition to the decimation of their country occurring at the hands of the hard-left, the "Occupy" movement was hatched and nurtured from the top-down, ACORN style, and facilitated through enormous outside funding. These "Occupy" players are simply incapable of autonomously generating and supporting an effort of this scale. On a continual basis, they are being resupplied and underwritten from the outside through Soros style backing, which is the only reason they can maintain their noxious presence on public property while the nation's adults accept their responsibilities and go to work each day.

Here again the situation is an excellent representation of the liberal economic model. A bunch of idle loafers gather together and engage in an orgy of narcissism, while their basic needs are met by donations made from the outside. On the same day that they stop receiving the sustenance garnered from the labors of others, the "Occupy" protestors will grow hungry and go home.

Obviously some unnamed and intellectually vacant do-gooders have decided of their own free will to bear the cost of this inane exercise. But for it to ever ensue on a societal scale as imagined by the protestors and their simple-minded benefactors, the rest of the nation would be required to foot the bill. Someone would always be forced to pay for such unproductive and ultimately fruitless endeavors as sitting in a public park, languishing in a mire of refuse and human waste, and complaining about the injustices of life.

However, that depressing bit of truth is only the beginning. Even within their phony environment of endlessly taking and consuming with no thought of repayment, the very nature of their artificial communities is predictably degenerating. In stark contrast to the affluent cities and great promises of the nation that surrounds them and endures their silliness, the "Occupy" camps are rapidly descending into nightmarish microcosms reflective of the worst regions of the third world.

One can only hope that, after the atrocities suffered by many of the female protesters, a reality is beginning to dawn on them that these sub-human conclaves are not the best places to be. In stark contrast to the abuses inflicted on them by this bunch of effeminized misogynists claiming to be their ideological kindred, real men do not abandon their women to being raped and victimized in tents, but instead build houses in which they can reside in safety. Nor would those who ascribe to traditional morality ever willingly cover the tracks of the rapists, as has been so typical among the "Occupy" organizers.

Like any tiny fringe living in fear of being revealed as such, the "Occupy" crowd relentlessly seeks to create an image of being much larger than it is. But considering the volume of filth and foulness these diminutive gatherings create wherever they take root, thank goodness they represent only a tiny fraction of the nation's population. Otherwise the disease, waste, and other maladies of their existence would be reaching truly epidemic proportions.

Nevertheless, as evidenced by their increasing animosity and belligerence towards the nation that is generally seeking to go on about its business, the disruptive actions of the occupiers signal the end game of "community organizers" and subversives throughout the country. Since they know they can never gain the concurrence of Real America, they will work to dismantle and recreate it in their sordid image through force, confrontation, and violence. Despite having had their ideology soundly rejected by voters in the 2010 elections, they remain determined to metastasize into an "Occupy America" army in 2012.

The nation needs to get a good look at the escalating savagery and chaos going on in every "Occupy" event from Zucotti Park to Oakland. This is the modern Democrat Party vision for America's future. Next November, you can vote to institute it on a national scale.

© Chris Adamo


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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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