Chris Adamo
What America needs from the 2012 elections
By Chris Adamo
October 20, 2011

Assessing the sum total of the latest news, one is left wondering whether to laugh or be seriously alarmed. Those pathetic bands of shiftless loiterers on Wall Street and in prominent locations across the nation, while hardly overwhelming in number, nonetheless represent the latest iteration of the Obama/Alinsky "community organizing" antics. But despite the liberal media relentlessly trumpeting the far-left agenda and supposed strength of the Wall Street itinerants, few Americans are overly impressed with them or interested in listening to their loony advocacy of undiluted collectivism.

Sadly however, the usual suspects within the "me too" wing of the Republican Party are already telegraphing their intentions of eventually running for cover, or at least granting a little validity to the protestors and their demands. Clearly they hope to dodge any arrows from the liberal "analysts" on the nightly news and weekend "roundtable" shows. It is obvious that no ideological precept held by the leftists is ever too extreme or deranged to garner some degree of philosophical concurrence from the Republican establishment. And the latest GOP nod towards the collection of misfits on Wall Street is no exception.

So ultimately, the "Inside the Beltway" crowd is essentially conceding that it has no intention of inflaming liberal sentiments by curtailing the outlandish spending binges of the past three years. A new annual deficit "baseline," adding well over a trillion dollars in new debt every year, was established in the early days of the Obama administration. Accordingly, from here forward any minuscule trimming of that unimaginable bloat will be decried as "draconian cuts" and condemned as further examples of callous indifference from those "mean spirited" Republicans.

Throughout Europe, the spurious and unsustainable promises of socialist utopia, Ponzi schemes all, are collapsing, leaving entire segments of the population in the throes of riots and revolt. The few remaining adults on the continent are faced with the reality that the massive funding needed to prop up the sham was bound to eventually run out, and now no longer exists. As a result the dream of socialist beneficence simply cannot keep going, no matter how hysterically the short-sighted and morally vacant masses demand it.

While America was once safely insulated, both culturally and geographically, from the downward spiral of European nihilism, the unceasing corrosiveness of the American counterculture, culminating in the electoral success of Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2006 and again in 2008, has facilitated an incredible degree of destruction on this continent as well. The inherent strengths and traditions of Americanism, so critical to resisting the leftist onslaught, have been systematically marginalized and dismantled by the current administration and its collaborators in Congress. As a result the nation is not only suffering economically, but unraveling culturally as well. The only hope of avoiding total societal collapse lies in the possibility of an immediate and drastic change in the national leadership in next November's elections.

However, if the current regime is merely supplanted by an insipid or unremarkable Republican, America will simply languish for a while amid the horrendous damage that has been perpetrated over the past few years, awaiting the eventuality of the future Democrat who will simply continue the process. So just what must any aspiring successor to Barack Obama bring to the political table in order to have any hope of properly changing the nation's disastrous present course? The answer is concrete and unalterable.

For starters, the scope of the problem must be recognized and assessed with brutal honesty. Otherwise, the glaring deficiencies of any partial answer will more than negate attempted improvements. Despite the frantic attempts by establishment Republicans to avoid dealing with the moral and cultural condition of the nation, the problems it faces are not confined to its economics. Thus, any answer limited to strictly financial concerns will be horribly inadequate and ultimately ineffective. America did not get into this mess solely though its fiscal blunders. Thus, the mere accretion of federal monies will not right the wrongs presently dragging the nation down.

America urgently needs a leader who can rally it from the despondency and bleakness of its current state, and the lackluster future awaiting it if it remains mired in Washington "business as usual." Having been degraded and humiliated both financially and spiritually on the world stage by a leader who clearly disparages everything worthy in its foundations and heritage, America must once again enjoy the inspiration of a leader who, instead of focusing endlessly on its imperfections, loudly and unabashedly trumpets its strengths and promises.

Nobody can honestly deny that Barack Obama's allegiance to those fringe leftists of "Occupy Wall Street" has had an invigorating effect on their sorry escapade, or that others of their twisted ideological alignment throughout the nation are likewise emboldened and encouraged by the knowledge that their liberal mascot in the White House is on the team. Conversely, if next November's elections go to a truly conservative Republican who is unafraid to stand tall, and willing to applaud the principles that made the country great, a resurgent groundswell of national morale in the Heartland will ensue.

Americans need to know not only that the national treasury will no longer be pillaged and squandered by a careless and self-serving federal government, but that the great promise of opportunity that this country has always represented will once more be attainable by those citizens who have the diligence, drive, and vision to pursue them. No longer should the people on Main Street accept any version of the Washington status quo and its sad adoption of the notion that the nation's downward spiral is inevitable. The beginning stage of a big change was instituted last November, and if the country is to be restored, the movement must continue.

No amount of political "polish" or "spin" can substitute for a principled and courageous effort to admit and confront the problems facing the nation. If "We the People" are going to get the nation back, it will require the election of a principled leader who understands the enormity of the task, and is willing to judiciously and fearlessly tackle it. When assessed in this manner, the field of worthy Republican candidates narrows significantly.

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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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