Chris Adamo
Obama policy promotes Marxism in Honduras
By Chris Adamo
July 9, 2009

Among the most misbegotten blunders of the period leading up to the Second World War was that of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Remembered for disastrous misjudgments during "negotiations" with Adolph Hitler, culminating in his almost comically ironic "Peace in our time" proclamation of September 1938, Chamberlain desperately sought to avoid direct conflict with Germany by appeasing the Nazi regime at any cost. In so doing, he exposed a weakness of personal fortitude and national will that only served to embolden the Reich.

No less despicable was that, as a result of Chamberlain's frantic negotiations, the nation of Czechoslovakia was sacrificed into the gaping jaws of the Nazis. Under the courageous leadership of Edvard Benes, Czechoslovakia had initially been willing to unilaterally face down the Reich, and in so doing, may well have prompted the humiliation and collapse of Hitler's regime. In deference to the Fuhrer however, England, France, and Poland put enormous pressure upon the Czechs, ostensibly to repatriate the Sudetenland, a border region that was heavily populated with Germans.

Ultimately, the entire Sudetenland controversy was revealed as a ruse by Hitler to justify his takeover of the heavily industrialized Czechoslovakia. Consequently, Chamberlain ensured that Europe would indeed be immersed in war, but with a much more militarily fortified Germany. The horror and bloodshed of World War II, which might have been totally avoided or at least minimized by a united allied opposition to the Nazis, was instead guaranteed. Chamberlain's flawed strategy of appeasement proved to be the surest catalyst for eventual confrontation and carnage.

This tragic episode of Western history should provide innumerable lessons for all who followed. Negotiating with tyrants will inevitably fail. Appeasement will ensure a strengthened and emboldened opponent.

The abundance of historical parallels between pre-war Europe and modern day South America may give cause to wonder why, in seemingly similar circumstances, Barack Obama is embarking on such a destructive and futile course. Present circumstances in and around Venezuela clearly bear a grim resemblance to the German military build-up preceding the onset of hostilities in Europe.

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's power crazed ruler has made no effort at hiding his agenda of forcible conversion and eventual takeover of surrounding nations. In the midst of this growing Marxist shadow, the people of Honduras have chosen to remain sovereign and free, asserting the primacy of their nation's constitution over the grandiose visions of Chavez. To this end they took the drastic action of ousting President Manuel Zelaya who, following in the footsteps of Chavez, sought to emplace himself as president for life.

A sovereign Honduras, returned to the justice and the stability of its constitution, would provide a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples of the region who increasingly fall under the grip of Chavez. As such, he cannot allow the action to stand. So he has enlisted the aid of fellow Marxists Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega to intimidate the current Honduran leadership into acquiescence. And in their midst proudly stands America's appeaser in chief, Barack Obama.

The parallels between this situation and Chamberlain's fawning before Hitler are chilling. Honduran sovereignty is being breached, and if it folds under pressure and returns Zelaya to power, the totalitarian Chavez will be inspired to continue his imperialistic advance towards total regional dominance. Given that he is stridently anti-American, this cannot be a good thing.

Chavez has already been befriending and encouraging every enemy of freedom from his own continent and throughout the world. He strengthened ties with middle-Eastern Islamists and armed the drug cartels that are working to overthrow the pro-American government of Columbia. Eventually, for the sake of its own safety and security, America will be forced to confront Chavez. Yet Obama cozies up to this monster, renounces efforts of the previous administration to keep Chavez in check, and arrogantly declares his own rendition of "peace in our time" by virtue of his presumed diplomatic expertise.

While it would be bad enough for Obama to follow in the foolhardy path of Chamberlain, the situation gets worse still. Ultimately, it is the manner in which Obama's effort does not mimic the British Prime Minister that is most disturbing. For although Chamberlain was horribly mistaken, no one can doubt that his goal was in the best interests of England. Here, any similarities between the two situations break down.

With each passing day, the evidence mounts that Barack Obama regards real America as his enemy. Thus, any international situation that might bolster the traditions and ideals on which this nation was founded must be undermined and neutralized. With no less zeal than that by which he is systematically destroying the American business sector, Obama seeks to dismantle this nation's former alliances with other free nations, and supplant them with an entangling web of fellow Marxists. Clearly, to remain consistent with this program, Honduras must be brought back into the fold.

So Barack Obama has joined the ranks of Castro, Ortega, and Chavez, with the ultimate goal being the destruction of Honduran efforts to reestablish its constitutional rule of law. Following in the footsteps of Congressional leftists during the 1980s, who undermined President Reagan by making side deals with Nicaraguan communists, Obama is working hand in hand with Chavez to solidify the Marxist stranglehold on South America. As it was with Czechoslovakia in 1938, a nation of free people is being bludgeoned into subjugation under a ruthless tyrant. And Obama's America is leading the way.

Though some clashes between Honduran factions have occurred, overwhelmingly the people of Honduras are unified in recognizing the gravity of the situation facing them. Drastic and immediate action was required to expunge the corrupting influence of Zelaya lest the opportunity to restore their constitutional government might be lost forever.

© Chris Adamo


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Chris Adamo

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years.

He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America's seniors, and for all Americans.

His contact information and article archives can be found at, and he can be followed on Twitter @CGAdamo.


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